Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 005At around 11:00am I saw a large tractor trailer waste trucks parked in the 170 LIRR Tunnel. I reported it to 311 and eventually go this response:

Service Request #: C1-1-1269576281
Date Submitted: 06/24/16 4:37:11 PM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary.

Which is funny because around 4pm, when I went by, the same truck was there without the cab, so there was just an abandoned container and another tractor trailer waste truck parked right behind it. This blatant illegal activity is going on with all of the LIRR Tunnels in the downtown Jamaica area. I guess if terrorist wanted to blow up the LIRR some day, just come out to Jamaica, put a truck in one of these tunnels with explosives and have a field day, because no one is going to stop you from parking a large truck there.

Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 030Garbage & Cars6.18.16 022

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

So what is the point of reporting anything anymore if nothing is going to get done. None of this bullshit would be tolerated in Forest Hills. And you so-called elected officials, I mean what the FUCK are you doing about any of this nonsense in this community. And media, why aren’t you reporting on the how the powers that be are allowing this bullshit to take place without holding them accountable or is someone pulling your strings as well.





  1. If this wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious, like a bad joke in some bizarre, futuristic movie.
    We’ve been pounded – non-stop – with ‘if you see something, say something’ for the last few years by the NYPD.
    Well, there sure as hell is something – something damn big – parked not in some dead-end somewhere in Far Rockaway, but under the goddamn LIRR tracks that serve hundreds of thousands a day.
    We’ve seen recently what ‘shit happens’ when due diligence – in this case active policing of what is under and near key mass transit routes – doesn’t happen: the disaster in East Harlem a few weeks ago when some propane tanks exploded under the MetroNorth Harlem line, damaging support beams and messing up service for days.
    Since you filed the original complaint, why not call the NYC FBI office with what you’ve observed and how the NYPD determined that ‘no police action was necessary’?
    BTW, there are agencies – I don’t know if the NYPD is responsible – that are concerned with the LIRR tracks that are above ground in Queens: you can see helicopters every Friday afternoon during rush hour flying low directly above the tracks, back and forth, from downtown Jamaica.
    Some one is going to take advantage of this stupidity in the not so distant future, and all hell is going to break loose again.


    • Thanks for the FBI thing. I just filed online with them. This is crazy, considering all that is going on today. I mean how you not do anything about those trucks parked in those tunnels and then parked illegally.


  2. Since 9/11, anyone who does even moderate travelling involving crossing almost any bridge, will have seen at least once, a tractor trailer like this pulled over to the side and undergoing a full inspection by special anti-terrorism units of either the NYPD or the Port Authority NY/NJ Police.
    Comparatively, there is some kind of fucked-up mentality at work here in SE Queens – on the part of BOTH residents and those in ‘authority’ – which, unconsciously almost, seems to state: ‘Jamaica is a hell-hole, nothing important ever happens here, no one of importance lives here, this problem isn’t worth our time, this area isn’t worth our time.’
    That’s how ‘shit happens’, namely the destruction of the Murrah Federal Bldg in Oklahoma City, which involved a truck 1/3 the size of this rig filled with ammonium nitrate/fuel oil explosive.
    No one knows who drove the truck under the LIRR tracks or why they seemed to have abandoned the trailer.
    No one has bothered to open the trailer to check on the contents, or find out where it came from, and to all this the NYPD says: ‘no further police action necessary’.
    There is a reason for the expression: ‘you get the government (and the police departments) that you deserve”
    There’s a reason that nonsense like this would never be seen in Forest Hills or Riverdale or Great Neck: the first sighting of something like this would generate such a shitstorm of complaints that the Councilmen, State Reps, Community Board and assigned Pct’s would be ‘running for cover’, begging for forgiveness and correcting the problem – fast.
    This doesn’t and has never happened, anywhere in SE Queens, so these criminals feel emboldened to do ‘whatever the fuck they want’, untll they are caught, fined, arrested, and maybe imprisoned.
    The only thing that motivates real change is pain, and it’s finally time some real pain was applied to these fucks.


  3. Remember this overreaction and over-deployment from a few months ago

    This is all about optics. Well, more like showing off, but I don’t they aren’t mutual anymore. You should see what is going on in the Village by Stonewall. They have 5 local cops dressed to the nines in military gear toting M-16s by there. And they 4 local cops in the same getups and weapons by the recruiting station in Times Square. I was about to take a picture of them but suddenly felt apprehensive since Bratton declared that smartphone filming of cops is an epidemic.

    I may have veered off topic here, but this homeland security thing here is a load of bullshit. And it’s being used selectively, unnecessarily and in general irresponsibly.

    Then you have something like this truck, which for the life of me I wonder how that dick squeezed that thing in there like that. How can than those cops who went in that underpass and the NYPD in general not react with the same zealotry that they do like they did when they found that truck with that radio shack accessory in the cabin or when a group of people organize a protest against any type of ingrained injustice like police brutality or widening income disparity.

    Because this is intentional. That way more blight is produced and the area becomes cheaper for the taking. This is clearly coming from the higher ranks of the area precinct, which should not be a shock considering the recent arrests of higher echelon officers and their developer and investor ties in Brooklyn. That this lack of enforcement is in concert with recent development and speculative market interest should open some eyes in the A.G’s office.

    And Bratton has to resign.


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