Assembly District 33, which became vacant with the death of Barbara Clark, is seeing several people and young people putting their name into the hat. Besides Roy Paul, Clyde Vanel, Leroy Gadsen, Jamal Wilkerson, add youthful Nantasha Williams to the list. Williams is an active member in Queens County Young Democrats.

But my question to the Queens Young Democrats and others in the community, why are you NOT going up against the big problem in this community, the entrenched useless, corrupt leaders like Senator Leroy Comrie, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Assembly Member Vivian Cook, Senator James Sanders. Are you afraid, do you not want to rock a crooked boat that needs majorly rocked. WHAT? Explain.

Totally useless Leroy Comrie, has not one Dem challenging him for his seat. Republican Jarret Freeman is the only challenger (and we know how Republicans fair in this backwards community). Meeks only challenger is Ali Mirza, who is not very known to the majority of the community. Senator James Sander who originally was challenging Meeks for his Congressional seat, pulled out and Community Board President Andrienne Adams (backed by the crooked SE Queens Dem machine) put her name on the list for that district’s Senate, but ONLY when Sanders announced he was going for Meek’s seat. So far there is no talk of any challengers for the totally useless Vivian Cook’s seat, who may again run unopposed. When Alicia Hydnman (backed by the crooked machine), ran for crooked (and in prison) William Scarborough’s Assembly seat she ran unopposed in the primary and her only challenger in the general was Republican Terry DeMendonca.

AND you wonder why things don’t change. Sure the crooked Democratic Machine in Southeast Queens makes it very hard to challenge their crooked entrenched folks by tossing folks off the ballot, etc.  BUT still, all these young folks who say they want to make a difference, why aren’t you going after the major problem in the community, these entrenched crooked and useless leaders who have done nothing at all for this community except stupid street naming ceremonies, photo-ops and talking to various groups about nothing.

Senator Bernie Sanders has told his young people to start running at the local level. Obviously that memo did not get through here in Southeast Queens.

And so it is the continuation of the dirty Southeast Queens bullshit.

Bad, Badder & Worse. Crooked active Wills, out of prison Huntley & in prison Scarborough.



From Queens Press:

Nantasha Williams Joins Assembly Race


As the September primaries draw closer, yet another Southeast Queens native and political hopeful has entered the race, launching her campaign to become the next State Assemblywoman of District 33.

Nantasha Williams will be running alongside four other candidates for the seat once held by the late Barbara Clark. Photo Courtesy of

Nantasha Williams will be running alongside four other candidates for the seat once held by the late Barbara Clark. Photo Courtesy of

On Thursday June 23, local official Nantasha Williams, a lifelong resident of Cambria Heights scheduled a press conference to announce the start of her campaign. The event was held just outside the office of former Assemblywoman Barbara Clark, who held the seat for nearly 30 years before her untimely passing earlier this year. Williams praised Clark for her selfless and compassionate leadership and “unwavering commitment to our local schools and children.” Williams is running on various platforms including improving public safety, protecting seniors as well as transforming the education system through the expansion and funding of community schools, fixing Common Core testing and teacher/student evaluation and comprehensive after-school and summer enrichment learning programs.

“Through boots on the ground and transformative action I will work tirelessly to increase the quality of life, for a better community,” said Williams.

Currently serving as Chief of Staff for Assemblywoman Diana Richardson, Williams recently served as Executive Director for the Black Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus. She is considered a well respected political strategist and community advocate.

Other than her work in government, Williams, a member of various community organizations and an active member in Queens County Young Democrats, American Society for Public Administration, National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and United for Progress Democratic Club.

In 2015, Williams was honored as one of ‘Albany’s Rising Stars Top 40 Under 40’ by City & State.

Alongside Williams are four other Southeast Queens individuals who have announced their bids for the assembly seat: board member of the Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults (JSPOA) and resident of Queens Village, Roy Paul, former Chief of Staff to Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-South Ozone Park) and attorney Clyde Vanel, President of the Jamaica branch of the NAACP, Leroy Gadsden and Southeast Queens native and former President of the Queens County Young Democrats Jamal Wilkerson.




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