truck bombGarbage and Trucks6.24.16 005Garbage & Cars6.18.16 003garbage7.21.15 003garbage7.21.15 005YES, that can be a future headline, when issues such as illegal placement of huge tractor trailers, tractor trailers containers and several bags of garbage and unknown substances are ALLOWED to be placed in Jamaica’s LIRR Tunnels (170th, 168 and 165)  or anywhere else in this community (and that goes for the hundreds of abandoned vehicles dumped in this community) under the watch eyes of the powers that be and nothing is done. Actually NO VEHICLES of any kind should be able to park in a LIRR Tunnel, that is just common sense.  And since we all have in our head, like the constant annoying Mister Softee jingle:


Whenever you ride an MTA bus, subway or
railroad, be on the lookout for:

  • unattended packages
  • suspicious behavior
  • people in bulky or inappropriate clothing
  • exposed wiring or other irregularities
  • anyone tampering with surveillance cameras or entering unauthorized areas

If you see something, say something.

As soon as you notice any potential danger, tell a cop or MTA employee,
or call 888-NYC-SAFE (888-692-7233).

Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 005

6.24.16 at 11:00AM

But then when I reported a tractor trailer parked illegally inside the 170 St LIRR Tunnel yesterday (6.24.16) at 11:00AM (last weekend I reported several in the 168 & 165 LIRR tunnels that had been sitting for the entire weekend, while NYPD just casually drove by) and you get this message from your 311 complaint:

Service Request #: C1-1-1269576281
Date Submitted: 06/24/16 4:37:11 PM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary

And then you check the location again at 4:00PM and see even more, well something stinks very badly. Something is VERY WRONG in Southeast Queens and this is not an isolated incident, this is a constant ongoing problem that is not being properly addressed. I am sure the FBI/homeland security will be very interested in this.

Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 030

6.24.16 at 4:00PM


Maybe the new motto suggested by a reader should be “If you see something suspicious, say something and NOW go fuck yourself.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 017

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 131

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Trucks6.19.16 007Trucks6.19.16 003

Talk about a story that the Media SHOULD BE COVERING. And elected officials, THIS SHOULD BE PRIORITY.

The next sound you here may be KABOOM!



  1. Great collection of photos/vid game screen-caps that you put together: I hope they don’t become a reality here, as in so many other places already.
    I hope you got the attention of someone who actually thinks for a living, at the FBI, and that the idiots who decided that something like this doesn’t warrant ‘further police action’ get some well-needed retraining in security.
    Does anyone really believe that among the tens, hundreds of thousands of Muslims living here and in other such communities, there are NONE that are looking for potential ‘weak targets’, perhaps even this very LIRR overpass tunnel, as perfect locations for their next ‘pyrotechnic adventures’?
    I hope some damn heads roll as a result of your reporting this to the Fed.


  2. Not to worry, folks. The United States Congressman, Gregory Meeks, has just woken up (after his strenuous House sit-in) and been informed of this dangerous issue on Joe Moretti’s sterling blog site.


  3. Isis not too long ago said to their followers and fans all over the world that they should take advantage of our irrational gaping loophole involving gun selling, buying and possessing. Well, if they ever take a gander here they might offer the same demonic advice to their minions to take advantage of NYPD indifference in blighted towns.

    Who needs airplanes to crash into buildings when you can just park a big rig under an LIRR underpass. These fuckers love soft targets you know.


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