I hear people in the community all the time bitch about the awful conditions in Jamaica and how the local elected officials don’t do shit. Well, today (6.8.16) is your chance to vote against the status quo, entrenched long time corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks and vote for  Ali Mirza. It is the least you can do, get your ass out to the primary today.

First off it is rare that these crooks actually have another DEM running against them in the primary, they usually have no challengers or they tend to knock challengers off the ballot thru the form of voter suppression known  as petitioning signatures.

Now you know damn well that Meeks and all the questionable “preachers” in the community are going to have their sheeple come out and pull that lever for Meeks to keep the corruption cycle going here in Jamaica.

Look how DNAInfo in the title of the article mentions Meek’s name but not Mirza. Fair & Balanced. HELL NO. Journalism, NOT. Shame on you Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska.

I mean Meeks is lying on his website saying that President Obama endorses him for Congress ( Yeah, a long time ago, when Obama was a senator,  not as the President. How low can you go. Not low enough for the Jamaica Ebony Clown Possee.


From DNAInfo New York:

Incumbent Gregory Meeks to Face Elmont Businessman in Democratic Primary

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 27, 2016 7:29pm
 Rep. Gregory Meeks (L) will face off against Ali Mirza (R) in the June 28 District 5 congressional primary.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (L) will face off against Ali Mirza (R) in the June 28 District 5 congressional primary.View Full Caption

Gregory Meeks/Facebook/

QUEENS — Longtime Southeast Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks will face off against Ali Mirza, a Pakistani businessman of Elmont, Long Island, in a Democratic primary in the 5th Congressional District Tuesday.

Meeks, 63, was first elected to Congress in 1998 and his current district covers the entire Rockaway Peninsula, a number of Southeast Queens neighborhoods, such as Jamaica, Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village and St. Albans, and well as a potion of Nassau County, including Elmont and Valley Stream.

Initially, State Sen. James Sanders was planning to challenge Meeks, but dropped out of the race in March to run for re-election to his seat instead.

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Meeks, who sits on the financial services and foreign affairs committees, has supported of Obamacare. He’s also fought to protect Social Security and Medicare.

Over the course of his career, Meeks has faced several federal investigations, including for his connections to a nonprofit raising funds for Hurricane Katrina victims, but was cleared by the The House Ethics Committee.

“Today, Congressman Meeks fights, first and foremost, for policies that strengthen America’s working families,” such as tax relief for working families and an increase in the minimum wage, his campaign website reads.

Meeks’ challenger Ali Mirza, 57, owns a PR and consulting company.

Mirza, who immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan more than two decades ago, said on Monday that if elected he will try to “end political corruption” in the area.

He would also seek to reform criminal justice system, which he says discriminates against minorities, make sure that future students loans will be interest free, crackdown on illegal guns, and fight for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.



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