I just don’t trust politicians, since there is always a string attached. Or are they really just being good public servants since there have been so many complaints regarding illegal commercial truck parking.


From Queens Chronicle:

NYPD off the hook for tow truck funds

Katz, Comrie secure $450K; want a dedicated Queens heavy wrecker

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 10:30 am

Two complaints that nearly every NYPD precinct commander in Queens hears all the time involve loud music from parties and tractor trailers parking overnight — or longer — on residential streets.

With summer in full swing, cops on noise detail already have their chronic offender lists and are checking them twice.

But help also may be on the way for neighborhoods burdened with the big rigs.

Borough President Melinda Katz and state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) have secured a total of $450,000 to help the NYPD purchase a heavy-duty tow truck specifically to target truck violation enforcement in the borough.

“Borough President Katz has allocated $350,000 in Fiscal Year 2017 dollars to cover the full cost of the purchase of one heavy-duty NYPD tow truck that will be dedicated to Queens and give the NYPD an enforcement tool they need to specifically address the particular problem of illegally parked tractor trailer trucks,” said a spokesperson for Katz told the Chronicle in an email on Thursday.

Comrie confirmed earlier in the day that the Legislature late Wednesday night passed a spending measure that included $100,000 he requested for a heavy wrecker as it ended this year’s session in Albany.

The trucks, usually longer, heavier and some with one more axle than a standard non-flatbed tow truck, are useful for removing 18-wheelers — when one is available.

The Traffic Safety Unit from the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica conducted a heavy tow operation on May 24 in the area of 202nd Street and 99th Avenue that resulted in two trucks being towed, while four others were booted, along with the issuance of 30 summonses

But precinct commanders often are forced to give residents bad news at meetings of their community councils — the few tow trucks they have are hard to schedule.

“We have so many complaints about tractor trailers in residential areas and there are only about two tow trucks in the entire city,” Comrie said Thursday in a telephone conversation from his district office.

“The community needs those trucks. It’s a quality-of-life issue,” Comrie added. “I know the NYPD has a budget — still we can try and help out.”

The Chronicle was not able to reach NYPD officials at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan for comment on the procedure for accepting such funding, or if they would consider accepting a truck dedicated to one borough.

But some commanding officers from Queens said they would love to have a wrecker based within the borough if the details can be worked out.

“That is great news for the 105th Precinct Community as well as the rest of Queens,” Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, the 105th’s commanding officer, said in an email to the Chronicle. “We are already requesting to be to be the first precinct to utilize it!”

Schiff, whose command has its headquarters in Queens Village, may have some competition from Capt. Robert Ramos, his counterpart in the 112th Precinct in Forest Hills.

“It’s great,” Ramos said. “We definitely could use it. It’s definitely a problem. That probably is the number 1 traffic concern here. Coming in for the Memorial Day Parade, getting off at Jewel Avenue, it looked like a truck stop.”

Ramos is not insensitive to the needs of his fellow precinct commanders and the residents they serve.

“I would like it to just be assigned to the 112th Precinct for a month,” he said jokingly. “But I guess we’ll have to share.”

Associate Editor Christopher Barca contributed to this story.



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