truck crushes mans legsAn elderly man in his 70’s will no doubt lose his legs after he was hit and his legs were crushed by a large tractor trailer truck on 168 St right near the 103rd precinct. Even though 168 (a narrow street to begin with) is considered a truck route, this heavily pedestrian traveled stretch by people from kids in strollers to elderly going to banks and stores SHOULD NOT be a truck route. This was always an accident waiting to happen and now we have an elderly man whose only crime was going to the bank, will lose both this legs.

In the meantime these large trucks still travel on residential streets like 170th and Foch Blvd with abandonment. While a big crackdown has definitely slowed many of these trucks from using it, many local private waste trucks still blatantly use these streets.

trucks and garbge7.9.16 001trucks and garbge7.9.16 002trucks and garbge7.9.16 003 trucks and garbge7.9.16 004

In the meantime, even after the NY1 story aired about illegally parked trucks inside Jamaica’s LIRR overpass tunnels (and on streets with no parking signs) and after my several 311 complaints about one particular truck parked in the Merrick LIRR Tunnel, weeks later show is still sitting their with another trucks two blocks away parked on a NO PARKING ANYTIME area. Also notice the garbage dumped in the Merrick Tunnel, which was reported to 311 and not removed and in the meantime, more garbage has been illegally dumped there.

Jamaica5trucks and garbge7.9.16 011 trucks and garbge7.9.16 009 trucks and garbge7.9.16 012

That horrible poisonous Royal Waste company still amazed me that a couple of decades ago they were given the green light to put their polluting thug place in a area, where just a block away are residential houses, a NYCHA Senior Citizen apartment building and Detective Keith Williams Park is directly across from this poison on Liberty. Beside all the noise from Royal Waste and the trucks polluting the air with all their diesel fueled trucks, the awful stench from this facility can be smelled for blocks and blocks north, south, east and west and all of this right near downtown Jamaica.

trucks and garbge7.9.16 006trucks and garbge7.9.16 007trucks and garbge7.9.16 008

So exactly WHAT is being done not only with all these trucks driving and parking illegally and a facility that is god knows the health effects on people including children and elderly, but WHAT is being done about all these auto shop places that have turned city and residential streets and sidewalks into complete junkyards. WHY are not these issues not only being addressed, BUT something concrete being done about them. So elected officials WHY are you not addressing these ISSUES or are the street naming ceremonies taking up too much of your time.

Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 023

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 115Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068

In the meantime take a good look at this graphic photo of this poor elderly man.


truck crushes mans legs


From The Daily News:

Tractor trailer crushes elderly man’s legs in Jamaica Hills, Queens


truck crushes mans legsElderly man is pinned after being struck by a dairy truck in Jamaica Hills, Queens.

(Abbas Fayezi/Abbas Fayezi)

A tractor trailer struck an elderly man in Queens Friday afternoon, crushing his legs under the big rig’s wheels, officials and horrified witnesses said.

The unidentified victim, who is believed to be in his 70s, was crossing Jamaica Ave. near 168th St. in Jamaica Hills around 12:15 p.m. when he was hit by a dairy truck, witnesses said.

“I saw the man laying down in the street. One leg was under the wheel,” said Abbas Fayezi, 47, owner of a clothing store near the accident scene.

First responders used an air bag to lift the tire off the victim, who was rushed to Jamaica Hospital with massive leg injuries. He was expected to survive, officials said.


truck crushes mans legs2Bloodied sneakers of a pedestrian pinned by a dairy truck can be seen on the street.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

“I feel so bad for the guy,” Fayezi said about the victim, who he’s seen around the neighborhood. “He’s an old guy. He was just on his way to the bank.”

The driver of the dairy truck remained at the scene. No charges were filed.

“The driver was so nervous and screaming,” Fayezi said. “He was freaking out.”




  1. With the building, demolition, waste-hauling season in full swing, these criminals: both the carting companies and the people hired to drive them – have been on a damn rampage.
    I was trying to talk to a sr. citizen exiting the Apple Bank (Emigrant) branch on the S. side of Hillside steps away from 169th St yesterday morning, and when this truck downhifted to make the turn south, it sounded as if you had an unmufflered Harley a few feet from your ear.
    And this shit is legal? Exhaust pipes close to ~ 1 ft in diameter – with no seen anywhere – can pass NY State Truck Inspection?
    Money is passed, bribes are paid: you think they give a F–k about traffic laws, the right-of-way of pedestrians?
    Last night they were roaring up and down my street – just to the north of Hillside – at ~ 3, 4 AM: they do this anytime, anywhere without any fear whatsoever.
    In a just world, the son of a bitch that ran over the senior would do a stint in jail, and lose his commercail license for five years.
    I wonder what mickey-mouse violation he will get for destroying someone’s life.
    The companies need to know that people see how their trucks are operated:
    note their addresses/tel numbers, call them up, ask them why they are breaking the law and causing holy hell in the neighborhoods they driver through!


  2. ‘No MUFFLER seen anywhere’: these trucks have STRAIGHT PIPES only, like you might see on a chopper motorcycle.
    Mufflers are REQUIRED on all cars, motorcycles and TRUCKS, but WHERE are they on these rigs?
    What is the point, why do these companies set their cabs up this way?
    To TERRORIZE surrounding traffic and the people whose neighborhoods they (illegally more than not) rip through!


  3. Wow, this has got to be the fucking tipping point with all the leeway for derelict truck driving and parking

    This is not only shocking but that picture may be the definitive portrayal of the way this city is being run right now.

    Oh, where is gothamist on this? If this is going to get the proper attention and universal condemnation it deserves and maybe shine a light on the biggest scourge going on in the dirty southeast it’s this display of criminal negligence (or does that even exist anymore?, re: Manifest Hillary and Bill De Faustio)


    • This is right next to the 103rd precinct, the speed limit is 25 and a straight road with nothing blocking your sight, How the hell did this truck NOT see this elderly man, not only to hit him, but then run over his legs. This happened Friday afternoon, yet except for The Daily News, no one local outlet picked this up, NOT ONE. And where is Letitia James, Public asshole Advocate. She know how to come out here for that bullshit anti-Muslim bullying in schools that is some made up farce. You would think she would be front and center demanding changes in our streets here or any of those useless corrupt local leaders, BUT NOT A DAMN PEEP from them.


  4. Oh BJK, what you’re witnessing is the same brand of reckless unbridled wanton impunity that is going on in downtown goddamn Brooklyn at the Pacific Park Project.

    This city is building new cities on top of existing cities. It’s for revitalization. Since people who live here aren’t good enough and don’t spend enough or are too old. Adapt or get crushed or die.

    You know, it looks like the rig was driving straight. I wonder if the driver was distracted.


  5. I thought this road look straight. And with the addition of the actual police station there, this fucktard still hit a 70 year old man with a cane.

    I bet this fucking fuck ran the red light before him.

    And where is the post and the times and dnainfo? Where is Mayor Big Slow? For this is a blatant disregard and violation of his Vision Tunnel I mean Zero program.

    Every post on this site, with the subtlety of a jackhammer, has focused on this scourge and the bizarre indifference and non-enforcement of the NYPD on this. Well the inevitable just happened. I guess the only reason this is getting blown off is because this guy survived.


  6. When are we going to hear about the outcome of this ‘accident’ for this poor man?
    Did he lose his legs? Will any of the initial ‘reporters’ do a follow-up story?
    If his family decides to sue the trucking company/driver and the city, they will have approx 2 years worth of non-stop documentation of constant daily violation of traffic law by these rigs, and NO enforcement by the NYPD.
    Reckless, illegal, hazardous driving has become the NORM in this city, despite all this absurd ‘VisionZero’ propaganda.


  7. I sent the link to Gothamist. Let’s see how fast they post this. They specialize in what they call “clickbait” and they do a lot of stories on accidents involving bike riding,(not to diminish the severity of this terrible and avoidable incident and what a stupid dumbshit that driver is.)


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