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Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

While I am  not a big fan of Rudy Giuliani, his comments on Sunday on Face the Nation, were for the most part truth, something that for some reason, the white liberals don’t want to hear, the liberal media does not want to hear and many in African-American communities do not want to hear, so it was refreshing to read a comment by an individual in The Daily News Op-Ed section.

Of course deterioration and violence in a community is brought on by poverty and high unemployment, which unfortunately is in many African-American communities across the country, so yes, when the conversation comes up, those communities will be at the fore front. It may not be a race issue more than it is an economic issue, but bottom line African-American communities tend to be affected by this and as I have said many times over, a big part of this is how those communities have been continually treated by the government, city agencies and elected officials, especially black elected officials in those communities who have not only turned a blind eye to so many quality of life issues in said communities, but their continual corruption, like in Jamaica, is totally appalling and a big smack in the face. These folks are to be the voice of the community, but instead many have turned their backs on their communities they are supposed to represent.

I cannot speak for all of these communities across the country, but I certainly can speak (and the TRUTH) for the Jamaica community, a terrible community that I have lived in for five years and have been so appalled by what I see, not only by the acts of some of the residents, but they way elected officials continue to ignore blatant and dangerous quality of life issues and do nothing about numerous complaints brought to their attention year after year.

Do you think in Forest Hills or a predominately white community that a poisonous waste transfer station would be placed in a residential area right near the heavily shopping district, which also has dangerous huge tractor trailer trucks zooming by 24/7?  What about the illegal parking of large commercial trucks taking up parking spaces in residential areas?  What about homeless shelters, do you think dozens of them would be placed in those communities? What about thug auto body shops that turn sidewalks & streets into their own personal junkyards? What about illegal garbage dumping? What about loud annoying noise from constant blaring of ice cream trucks at all hours of the night to banging of drums for an entire weekend for Hindu weddings to blasting of music from cars parked near apartment buildings? Really think any of that would take place in those communities.

Yet in Jamaica all of those horrible quality of life issues (AND MUCH MORE) not only are allowed to happen regularly, but a complete lack of enforcement exists, while elected officials year after year dismiss resident’s complaints of such issues over and over again. I mean, this blog is a perfect example of that, same shit, different day with no end in sight.

So yes, when police enter an African-American community, they no doubt are more on edge than if they enter an all white community that has not deteriorated, just like us as regular folks do when we enter South Jamaica as opposed to Forest Hills.

Uncouth residents are no better with complete lack of respect for neighbors, their community and their environment that they would just dump garbage on sidewalks, streets, yards and parks. Or blast music late in the night from cars or outdoor speakers in back yards.

But when a community is allowed to fall apart, as it has been in Jamaica, then people no longer give a shit and this is what has been brewing for decades in Jamaica due to the poor leadership and disrespect from elected officials and city agencies.

You have all created the ghetto Frankenstein monster and now it is tough to rein it.

COMPLETE NEGLECT and you ALL are to blame for this, residents, landlords, elected officials, community board members and church leaders.

So next time the truth is told about African-American communities, just don’t dismiss it as “lies” or “racism”, when in fact it is REALITY, a reality I see every single fucking day.


From The Daily News Op-Ed Page:

Rudy, race,  rights and wrongs

Brentwood, L.I.: Let me start off by saying I can’t stand Rudy Giuliani, and I happen to be black (“Is she likely to kill, Rudy?” July 11). However, I watched his interview Sunday, and Giuliani never said all black kids are murderers.

He said that in reality black kids are far more likely to be killed by another black kid than by a cop. That statement is 100% correct and the Daily News knows it!

When did truth become out of fashion?

How can a newspaper print a flat-out lie that it knows will stoke anger? When did it become the job of American news organizations to create or drive stories instead of reporting facts?

What I find racist are white liberals and white institutions like the Daily News not allowing an honest discussion about what really ails the black community, which allows the horrendous black on black murders to go on unabated. I know you folks will feel no shame, but you should. Anthony Johnson



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