Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

I mean REALLY, only The Daily News, no Times Ledger, No Queens Tribune, No WPIX, No Help Me Howard, No Gothamist, No NY1,  I mean what folks, this is a big story considering the lack of enforcement on truck driving in Jamaica and the dangerous situation that has been documented for years, even by some of the above. Are you all afraid to do real investigative reporting and dig deep into a corrupt system. This is not just an isloated accident. This is from years and years of neglect from the city and elected officials and poor planning on the part of DOT about a dangerous situation that all has known about but no one has the balls to step up to the plate. No Comrie, No Meeks, No Miller, No Wills, No Hyndman, No Adrienne Adams from Community Board 12, No Rev, Flake, No Yvonne Reddick, No Melinda Katz, No Letitia James.

Rachel Maddow, where are you???????????



From The Daily News:

Tractor trailer crushes elderly man’s legs in Jamaica Hills, Queens


truck crushes mans legsElderly man is pinned after being struck by a dairy truck in Jamaica Hills, Queens.

(Abbas Fayezi/Abbas Fayezi)

A tractor trailer struck an elderly man in Queens Friday afternoon, crushing his legs under the big rig’s wheels, officials and horrified witnesses said.The unidentified victim, who is believed to be in his 70s, was crossing Jamaica Ave. near 168th St. in Jamaica Hills around 12:15 p.m. when he was hit by a dairy truck, witnesses said.“I saw the man laying down in the street. One leg was under the wheel,” said Abbas Fayezi, 47, owner of a clothing store near the accident scene.First responders used an air bag to lift the tire off the victim, who was rushed to Jamaica Hospital with massive leg injuries. He was expected to survive, officials said.

truck crushes mans legs2Bloodied sneakers of a pedestrian pinned by a dairy truck can be seen on the street.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

“I feel so bad for the guy,” Fayezi said about the victim, who he’s seen around the neighborhood. “He’s an old guy. He was just on his way to the bank.”

The driver of the dairy truck remained at the scene. No charges were filed.

“The driver was so nervous and screaming,” Fayezi said. “He was freaking out.”


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