So it is not just Jamaica that has big problems that never get solved, but many communities deal with crap due to poor leadership beginning with the Mayor to a useless Public Advocate and lousy Borough Presidents to waste of money local elected officials.

When I read this article, the biggest thing that jumped out was NO ONE and I mean NO ONE gave any indication what to do about this major problem. I mean how can that be. You have a problem, you look at various solutions and then you put the solution or solutions into effect, but here NOTHING. Nothing from the city, nothing from elected officials, nothing from city agencies. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So pretty much this was a BIG FUCK YOU.

Now I don’t know if this was just shitty reporting by Queens Courier that did not ask the right questions or the fact that New York City is pretty much fucked up and Queens is majorly fucked up.

BUT really, not one answer, not one solution. And Middle Village is no ghetto like Jamaica and the people who live there actually take pride in their community as opposed to most in Shitty Jamaica.


From Queens Courier:

Photos via

Photos via
Trains filled with uncovered garbage were left behind homes in Middle Village over the Fourth of July weekend.

As most Americans were enjoying the smell of hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend, some residents in Middle Village were forced to put up with the stench of open gondolas full of garbage parked behind their homes.

Many people complained when New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA), the company that operates out of the Fresh Pond Rail Yard — which runs through portions of Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood — left train cars of rotting waste behind their homes from July 3 to July 5, disrupting their holiday weekend.

“We got reports of foul odors,” said Mary Arnold, co-chair of Civics United for Railroad and Environmental Solutions (CURES). “People have pride in their homes and they have their families over for the holiday and they have this. It’s just insulting. The way [NYA is] acting, it’s unfair, it’s unhealthy, it’s filthy, it’s un-neighborly and it’s totally unnecessary.”

According to CURES, the train cars were slated to be moved out, but due to the long holiday weekend, pickup of the trash wouldn’t occur until after the Fourth of July.

“They park over the holiday when they know they aren’t going to get a pickup, and they take it anyway and bring it into Queens,” Arnold said.

Photo via

Photo via

This practice of leaving train cars filled with waste in Middle Village is nothing new to the residents of the neighborhood.

“NYA has been parking trains behind the homes in Middle Village for years and they have one excuse after another as to why they do it,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA). “I remember a few years ago they parked trains loaded with solid municipal waste during the long Thanksgiving weekend. NYA is the quintessential bad neighbor, a company that does as they please with no regard for the community.”

One local elected official reached out to the train company to find out why the train cars were parked in Middle Village for the weekend.

“My staff was contacted regarding railroad cars full of garbage being left on the tracks over the July Fourth weekend. We immediately contacted New York and Atlantic Railway,” said Assemblyman Mike Miller. “The explanation that my staff was given regarding this situation was there was a new crew working that weekend. New York and Atlantic Railway decided that leaving garbage behind residents’ houses during the July Fourth weekend was acceptable. Residents had to deal with that foul smell while trying to enjoy their backyard for a holiday weekend. It’s unacceptable that this company continues to [disregard] the community’s quality of life, especially on a holiday weekend. After seven years, you would think that New York and Atlantic Railway could get it right just once.”

QNS has reached out to NYA for comment on the situation and is awaiting a reply.




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