Myself and others get tired of hearing NYC inept, useless and corrupt City Council stick their damn nose into NYPD business that they know absolutely nothing about, hell, that motley crew does not even know what their damn job is or how to properly do it. How about focusing on what you should, the quality of life in this city, that most of you do absolutely nothing about from illegal truck driving on residential streets to the dumping of poisonous waste transfer stations in communities of color and everything in between.

The case of NYPD brutality or questionable tactics are actually very small compared to how the media tends to play it out. Most NYPD officers are very good at their job and actually protect and serve the communities with lousy pay and a small budget (compared to other agencies) and less manpower and that is considering some of the awful communities they have to serve, like Jamaica and all of the bullshit and nonsense that goes on here. The precincts in the Greater Jamaica Area (especially the extremely hardworking and overworked 103rd) do an amazing job considering what they have to work with.

Tell me exactly how many cases in Jamaica of questionable police tactics or brutality in the last 20 years, very little. Now tell me how many corruption cases by local elected officials. Well, let me tell you.

  1. Senator Shirley Huntley: sent to prison of fraud and stealing money
  2. Senator Malcolm Smith: sent to prison for bribery and corruption
  3. Assembly Member William Scarborough: sent to prison for fraud
  4. Congressman Floyd Flake: questionable actions as both a politicians and Reverend
  5. Congressman Gregory Meeks: questionable actions
  6. Councilman Ruben Wills: several corruption charges
  7.  Assembly Member Vivian Cook: questionable actions

This is all within the last couple of years and this does not even take into account the total useless elected officials like Leroy Comrie, Archie Spigner and other shit heads who have done NOTHING for this community except street naming ceremonies and photo-ops. And this is just in Jamaica alone, you can fill up an Olympic size swimming pool with corrupt NYC elected officials, many of them City Council.

In the meantime NONE OF YOU Council Members have spoken out about the elderly man with a cane who had his legs crushed by a dangerous tractor trailer in Jamaica at 168 St and Jamaica Avenue or have addressed the dangerous conditions of all these trucks, many that illegally use residential streets and park on our streets or the fact that poisonous waste stations are dumped in communities of color. Fucking hypocrites with your 32% raise for what amounts to a part-time job that a 6th grader could do better.

Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

So City Council, go FUCK YOURSELF and leave the folks who are actually doing their jobs and putting their lives on the line for us alone. So asshole City Speaker Mark-Viverito, should you ever find yourself the victim of a crime (and not political)


The Daily News:

Let the cops be cops: The City Council pulls bills imposing unneeded mandates on the NYPD


They know what they’re doing

(Paul Taggart/Bloomberg)

The tabling of bills that would have imposed legal mandates on how NYPD officers interact with the public must mark the end of the City Council’s drive to micromanage policing in New York.

Many on the Council are reportedly angry that Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito squelched the legislation without a vote.

She did the right thing, because undoubtedly the unnecessary and destructive measures would have passed, forcing a confrontation with Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Unlike President Obama, who on Tuesday extolled the courage and hard work of America’s police forces, too many council members persist in viewing the city’s cops as enemies.

Their attitude blinds them to the facts that New York is not suffering an epidemic of police abuse and that the NYPD is scoring absolutely remarkable reductions in crime.

June was the tenth month in a row with fewer than 100 reported shootings in the five boroughs; shootings overall are down 20% since last year. The first six months of 2016 saw just 161 murders, 11 fewer than over the same period last year.

Police are empowered to search people and places without warrants under specific circumstances — for example, after making an arrest.

In other cases, cops may conduct searches after asking permission to, say, reach into a jacket pocket or look in a car trunk. The individual is free to say no.

The Council bill would have forced cops both to ask an explicit okay for a search and to explain that people may refuse.

Setting such an explicit legal standard would open cops to endless charges of unlawful activity. Far better to let the NYPD adopt guidelines that achieve the same ends without tangling the department in a blizzard of claims over who said what.

This should be the death-knell for the Council’s overreach in police affairs.

In the closing days of the Bloomberg administration, it created the position of NYPD inspector general to monitor police procedures.

So far, the first person in that position — Philip Eure — has released agenda-driven reports. One, his analysis of so-called broken windows policing, was egregiously misleading.

Then the Council tried to decriminalize offenses such as public urination. In the end, the NYPD retained major discretion over quality-of-life offenses and the “free-to-pee” movement petered out.

Under forthcoming NYPD guidelines, officers will affirmatively request consent to conduct a voluntary search. Citizens will be told that they can decline. No big deal.

In other words, Bratton will have time to develop policies that reflect real-life experiences — instead of mandates from politicians who have no insight on how crime-prevention works.



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