This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

I mean REALLY, do you think this TOTALLY ILLEGAL activity would be tolerated in Melinda Katz’s Forest Hills, de Blasio’s old Park Slope or other “certain” communities, yet here in Jamaica/Southeast Queens, auto body shops have illegally taken over our streets and sidewalks with junked and unlicensed cars right under the nose of elected officials and the community board while the precincts here do NOTHING about enforcing the law.

On Saturday (7.16.16) driving North on Merrick Blvd Jamaica, beginning at about 108 Ave to Liberty, the right hand land of Merrick, which is used by MTA buses (and other vehicles) was completely blocked by about 8 vehicles from the auto body shops, which made for a very dangerous situation and made traffic a mess.Traffic was backed up due to this and the situation was dangerous. Ironic that two police officers were having their patrol car washed at the car wash right in the center of it all, totally oblivious to the blocked lane, the dozens and dozens of unlicensed and junked cars on Merrick & the side streets and completely blocking many parts of the sidewalks (which is for PUBLIC USE). In other words the auto body shops are using public streets and sidewalks as their own personal business area on a completely very busy boulevard and NYPD has done nothing on this ILLEGAL ISSUE and elected officials have as usual turned a blind eye. I filed a complaint on 311 and still yet have seen a response to it.

For years I (and community activist Pamela Hazel) have complained of these lawless shops which block lanes, put their junked and unlicensed vehicles all over nearby streets and sidewalks (ILLEGAL), yet no type of enforcement is taking place, NONE. WE do not want our community turned into Willets Point (which seems to be happening) and we want ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS. This is a problem with most of these shops all over our community. This is not only a aesthetic issue BUT a SAFETY ISSUE.

While I did not have my camera at the time, I have several photos below showing what takes place every single day in this community, while NO ONE does anything.

I mean BLOCKING AN ENTIRE RIGHT LANE ON BUSY MERRICK BLVD. It does not get anymore blatant as that and I wonder who among the powers that be are being paid off to look the other way and not address a chronic ongoing situation because YOU ALL know that this issue IS NOT BEING ADDRESSED or properly taken care of. More instances of not giving a shit about communities of color to allow an issue like this to fester for years and get completely out of hand, even at the expense of public safety. So much for Vision Zero in Jamaica/Southeast Queens. And time for excuses are over, plus you all have run out of them by  now.

I could imagine if I or Ms. Hazel place our cars up on the sidewalk in front of our homes.

By the way, I saw more tractor trailer trucks parked ILLEGALLY on our streets, one right on Merrick Blvd and Douglas Ave in front of a NO PARKING SIGN, right south of the LIRR Tunnel.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 111Garbage & Cars6.18.16 107Garbage & Cars6.18.16 105Garbage & Cars6.18.16 079Garbage & Cars6.18.16 075Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068Garbage & Cars6.18.16 067Garbage & Cars6.18.16 061Garbage & Cars6.18.16 060Garbage & Cars6.18.16 013Garbage & Cars6.18.16 115Garbage & Cars6.18.16 120Garbage & Cars6.18.16 058Garbage & Cars6.18.16 070Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 015



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