Teddy and Trash7.17.16 018Teddy and Trash7.17.16 022With the exception of St. Albans Park, all of the Jamaica parks are a disgrace. Roy Wilkins & Baisley Pond Park always have litter all over them, even though there are several garbage cans, but that is how ghetto trash treats everything, with no respect. Captain Tilly Park above Hillside Avenue is a garbage mess thanks to many of the low-class Bangladesh folks who live in that area, like your home country was not a garbage dump as it is, you had to spread your slob behaviors to this side of the world. Rufus King Park has improved somewhat after the renovation, but the North Side known as the Mexican drunk/homeless area needs improvement. BUT the smallest park of them all, Major Mark Park, is a total disgrace that Parks & Recreation can barely keep up with due to the slob folks in that area, the huge amount of homeless that make that their home and then the druggie folks who frequent the drug testing place, Lab Corp, a block away, where we import slobs from all over Queens and LI as well. You can all say what you want about this language, but the bottom line it is REALITY and TRUTH.

The photos were from Sunday (7.170.16). What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday is a totally garbage strewn park courtesy of the low-class slobs. Amazingly this morning (7.18.16) it was totally clean except for that homeless person with the big sign, whom, I guess this is his home. But by noon-time, I am sure it will be a Jamaica ghetto mess.

Ironic that this park was named after a veteran,  Major John W. Mark, who lost his life fighting for the U.S. Army in World War I. And what an appropriate way to honor him in this “New America”, where folks have shit all over this park and his honor……….and AMERICA.

Low-Class ghetto fucks (many some third world immigrants) BUT the crooked Southeast Queens Dems want that vote, so nothing will ever be said.

Teddy and Trash7.17.16 017Teddy and Trash7.17.16 023Teddy and Trash7.17.16 016Teddy and Trash7.17.16 015Teddy and Trash7.17.16 014Teddy and Trash7.17.16 013Teddy and Trash7.17.16 012Teddy and Trash7.17.16 010Teddy and Trash7.17.16 009Teddy and Trash7.17.16 007Teddy and Trash7.17.16 008


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