I don’t get it, what is the point of this fucking article. What is the exact point. Yes, police do shoot people when they are deemed to be a threat (though as we know even if they are not a threat, including dogs), but again, what is the point. The majority of these shootings they list below were from knuckleheads doing shit they should not have been doing.

Why not do a story on how many asshole civilians, especially in areas like Jamaica, do fucking stupid shit like carrying illegal guns with them or pulling them out or other stupid shit that folks in such neighborhoods do. How about those statistics if you want to be fair and balanced. We all know that criminal activity in certain communities are way out of hand (and we know that sometimes, some police do stupid shit as well, especially in those particular communities, which are plagued by criminal activity).

But AGAIN, what was the fucking point of this story. Should police use harsh language when someone is approaching them with a gun. It seemed to me to be more a subtle anti-police article than anything else.

Here is a  bit of advice to civilians: STOP DOING STUPID SHIT and then maybe you will not get shot at by police or arrested. How about trying that.

I have never been shot by police nor has anyone I personally know (friends and family members).

JUST STOP DOING STUPID SHIT, then you won’t find your ass getting shot, arrested or put in jail. WHAT A CONCEPT, being a law-abiding citizen.


From DNAInfo New York:

Police-Involved Shootings in 2016 Already Outpace Last Year’s Numbers

By Aidan Gardiner | July 20, 2016 7:49am

NEW YORK CITY — There have been more police-involved shootings in the first half of this year than there were during all of 2015, according to NYPD statistics.

Police opened fire 42 times from January 1 through July 17, 2016 — including during 22 “adversarial conflicts” with suspects including Jermaine Johnson, who was shot and killed by police in East Williamsburg on Sunday after attacking bystanders he believed were federal agents, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

That’s up from a total of 38 police-involved shootings in all of 2015, about a 10.5 percent increase.

Police also fired their guns accidentally seven times, used their guns against themselves twice and fatally shot eight animals, including a pit bull that belonged to a dancer for Madonna.

Police fired their weapons three times “to summon assistance” in what the department calls an “intentional discharge – no conflict,” according to an NYPD spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman didn’t have further information about these shootings, which are “extremely uncommon,” and are the first of their kind in more than a decade, according to the NYPD’s 2014 Annual Discharge Report.

“Because of the rarity of this type of discharge, it is not regularly tracked in the annual report, but is addressed on an as-it-occurs basis,” the 2014 report reads.

The number of 2016 shootings, while greater than a year ago, remains in line with historic lows for the NYPD, which had 127 police-involved shootings in 2006, the highest point in the past decade.

The police department releases its shooting numbers in an Annual Firearms Discharge Report. The report for 2015 is due out some time in the fall, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

NYPD officials said the department doesn’t keep track of incidents in which officers are fired upon.

The 2016 police-involved shooting incidents include:

► Jan. 26: NYPD officers fatally shot Julian DeJesus, a rapper and father of two, who they say was approaching them and wouldn’t drop a knife in his hand.

► Jan. 28: Police shot and wounded a man who’d just robbed a Midwood cellphone store with three other men.

► Feb. 15: An officer shot a man who claimed to be high on Angel Dust when he shot his gun in the air and then pointed it at a woman and her small dog.

► Feb. 20: Police wounded Jamal Funes, 34, during a shootout in Bed-Stuy after he pulled a gun on them and rammed a marked NYPD squadcar. Two officers were wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

► April 17: Officers fatally shot Maryland native George Tillman as he reached for his gun against their orders.

► April 19: Police officers shot a man in the hand when he tried to pull a gun on them as they arrested a suspect in another crime.

► May 4: Police shot and killed a pit bull that mauled another dog to death in Inwood, police say. A transit officer exiting a subway station saw the dog finish attacking the smaller dog and then turn on a man before he opened fire, officials say.

► May 8: Police shot a man twice in the chest as he charged them with a dagger in Bergen Beach.

► May 11: NYPD officers shot Ramell Lockwood, 34, who then shouted “I’m ready to die!” as they took him into custody. Lockwood was running red lights in Queens Village when police pulled him over. A sergeant leaned into the car and Lockwood hit the gas, so the sergeant hopped in with him to avoid being dragged. Lockwood crashed into a wall and got out of the car where officers shot him.

► May 18: Police shot and killed a knife-wielding man in Midtown after he menaced a cashier inside the Food Emporium grocery store on Eighth Avenue and West 49th Street, officials said. Gary Conrad, 46, was escorted from the store by staffers before pulling out a knife and threatening NYPD officers, officials said. At least one police bullet grazed a tourist from California.

► June 19: Responding officers fatally shot Rashaun Lloyd, 25, when he pulled a gun on them.

► July 4: Off-duty NYPD Office Wayne Isaacs shot and killed Delrawn Small, 37, after he approached the officer’s vehicle during a road-rage altercation in Brooklyn just before midnight, police said. Video shows the officer open fire as soon as Small approached the window. The officer has since been stripped of his gun and badge.

► July 11: Police shot and killed a burglar who pointed a gun at an officer in Gravesend after robbing a house nearby, officials said.

► July 14: Detectives shot and killed a pit bull, Stonny Boy, that belonged to a dancer for Madonna. Kamar Stewart initially ordered the dog to attack another man June 25. Detectives visited Stewart’s East New York home July 11 with a warrant for the earlier assault. Stewart again ordered the dog to attack so the detectives shot it dead.

► July 17: Police fatally shot Jermaine Johnson in the Cooper Park Houses in East Williamsburg after he began shooting at them. Police had responded to the scene after Johnson began threatening multiple people with a knife, saying he thought they were federal agents who were after him.




  1. It’s clickbait. DNA info is a shit website. The equivalent of those free dailies that litter the subways and sidewalks.

    When they are not compiling meaningless stats they are “breaking” “stories” on “hot and hip” areas, which is useful for rental and housing market speculation and slumlord gouging current and prospective tenants.

    For me, if anything these stats prove, besides the occasions when cops do over-react, is a prevailing sense of fear from the cops and citizens and impunity amongst the lowlifes (it doesn’t help to have a corrupt mayor and a jaded incompetent police commissioner) and that crime is rising, despite the rosy press releases the city puts out.

    Even in pretty LIC

    And I wish they stop memoralizing Michael Brown too. His last day alive he behaved like a stupid dick. If that cop didn’t react like he was a zombie from the Walking Dead, maybe he could have just wounded him and have him detained from a hospital and tried him in court eventually. But we know where we are at now.


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