Teddy and Trash7.17.16 022Teddy and Trash7.17.16 023Totally appalling that the smallest park in Jamaica (and probably Queens) is one of the most filthiest and garbage strewn parks considering it’s size. Sure, it is easy to blame the city and elected officials, but I know for a fact that Parks & Recreation clean Major Mark Park on a daily basis, but when you  have homeless living in this park, when you have a big drug testing lab across the street which is jammed packed every single day with people from all over, including Long Island who show little respect for this community, when you have residents here who show even less respect for the community they live in, well, then it becomes MAJOR GARBAGE PARK.

Every morning I walk pass this park on my way to the subway and am so appalled by the sight of this and how so many people have so little respect for a community. People talk about holding elected officials accountable, how about holding people accountable for their behavior. HOW ABOUT THAT. I mean look at these damn photos.

If you heard that magnificent speech by President Obama last night at the DNC, it is up to the people to decide the government they want and it is up to the people to want to make a change and when elected officials are put into office, including Democrats, it is up to people to hold them accountable. The dirty Southeast Queens politicians should have listened to that speech well, including NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and Public Advocate Letitia James, who were in the audience.

But in the meantime, this park, named after a WW I war hero Major John W. Mark, is a disgrace to his honor and a disgrace to the community and speaks VOLUMES about Jamaica, the people and the politicians. It shows a lack of respect for not only Jamaica but the United States of America, but then many have no idea of the man whom this park was named after nor do they even give a shit.

Teddy and Trash7.17.16 017Teddy and Trash7.17.16 009Teddy and Trash7.17.16 007Teddy and Trash7.17.16 008Teddy and Trash7.17.16 014Teddy and Trash7.17.16 013Garbage & Major Mark Park 017Garbage & Major Mark Park 018Garbage & Major Mark Park 003Garbage & Major Mark Park 003

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches


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