Jamaica subways are CRAP, just like much of Jamaica. Stations like Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd, 169th Street, Parsons Blvd are not only filthy, but tend to be homeless encampments and hangouts for the criminal element. Assaults, robberies and sexual harassment are not uncommon in these subway stations in the dirty ghetto.

So when you are riding in the ghetto stations, PAY ATTENTION.

Now I don’t expect the local elected officials to solve all of Jamaica’s problem, much of it is out of their hands and fall under the jurisdiction of our inept Congress, but that is still no excuse for local politicians to not do all they can at the local level to help improve some of the quality of life issues which is under their control, but yet they do not even do that, instead focusing on how much they can steal from tax payers and how much they can get from real estate developers. Have they done anything about illegal garbage dumping, illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks. Have they done anything about thug auto body shops turning our streets and sidewalks into junkyards. Have they done ANYTHING that would NOT be tolerated in neighborhoods like Forest Hills or Park Slope. These are issues that they DO have control over, yet their concern is what to wear at some ribbon cutting ceremony or what non-profit or religious organization they can get involved with to funnel money for their own personal gain.

Folks like Queens Borough President Katz, Senator Leroy Comrie, Congressman Gregory Meeks and others seem to be more interested in the welfare of tourists and making Jamaica a “tourist spot” (as if that would happen) and Jamaica residents be damned. They all seem  to be more concerned with tourism than improving the environment for the people that have lived here all their lives and who pay taxes that pay for these awful elected officials bloated salaries.

I guess they are unfamiliar with the other half of Public Service, you know the SERVICE part, service to the community and to the constituents.

At the local level here in Southeast Queens and many parts of NYC, these Democrats are what gives Democrats a really bad name. I mean to see some of that crooked crew (Joe Crowley, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Letitia James) at the DNC was appalling considering how they treat our communities in NYC, which goes totally against what was being said at the convention.



From The Daily News:

Cops hunt man who attacked another with cane in Queens subway station


Subway cane beatingThe suspect in the video was last seen wearing a du-rag, a blue shirt and blue jeans, according to cops.

Cops released video on Friday of a man who beat another with a cane in a Queens subway station on Tuesday, officials said.

The 24-year-old man was approached by the suspect inside the mezzanine of the Sutphin Blvd. and Archer Ave. subway station in Jamaica just after 1:30 p.m., police said. The suspect then hit the victim in the head and body with a cane, before fleeing.

The victim was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was treated and released, according to cops.

The suspect is described as black and a heavy build, police said. He was last seen wearing a du-rag, a blue shirt and blue jeans.

Cops bust homeless man who pushed 69-year-old down subway stairs

Cops ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls are confidential.

Man dozing on Queens subway platform arrested for .22-caliber handgun

subway gunSleeping on a subway platform in New York City is not the brightest idea if you’re carrying a gun.

(Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

Rule No. 1 for criminals: Don’t fall asleep in the subway if you’re carrying a gun.

Eson Ruiz, 21, learned that one the hard way and wound up behind bars, sources told the Daily News on Tuesday.

Ruiz was dozing on the platform at the Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer station on the J line, when an MTA dispatcher came across him about 1:45 a.m. Sunday, sources said.

The dispatcher called police, and when two cops responded, one saw a bulge in Ruiz’s waistband, according to the sources.

It turned out to be an unloaded, .22-caliber Llama semiautomatic.

Ruiz was on probation for possession of stolen property and was wanted on two bench warrants, one from Brooklyn and the other from Nassau County, court records show.

He was charged with weapon possession and ordered held at Rikers Island in lieu of $28,000 bail.

Ruiz has been arrested 17 times before, mostly for drug possession. He was arrested last year in a robbery with a handgun in Queens.




  1. Recently had to take the J back to Jamaica from Brooklyn late last Sat.
    The platforms and mezzanine at the Parsons/Archer last stop are maybe the biggest/longest in the entire MTA system. and not one cop was in sight.
    Once you reach the street, you are greeted by a line of jitney vans, with their drivers blocking the sidewalk, yelling for riders.
    Who the hell the others are, just lining both sides of the sidewalks like some gauntlet, who the hell knows, but they don’t seem to be up to any good.
    The line of vans seems to attract other knuckleheads who double-park, opening doors to blast people coming out with their ‘music’.
    The lighting on that corner sucks: there are dark spots in too many places.
    I saw people lined up for buses, across Jamaica Ave further north on Parsons, who were standing in total darkness: the McDonalds on that corner has multiple outside lights that are broken, and it looked like a city streetlight was out.
    Because there is NOTHING of interest on Jamaica Ave in that area: decent restaurants, maybe a brew-pub, the street becomes a deserted wasteland after ~ 8 pm: it’s hard to imagine a dense, urban downtown in NYC that ‘rolls up its sidewalks’ after dark, but this is the reality here.
    The only people you see are those forced to use this station to make the van/bus connections to return home from the city, and it seems that the MTA, the DOT, and all these ‘Business Improvement District’ people we’re hearing about in the news every day, could care less about the real conditions that commuters have to endure here..


  2. I forgot to add – althouth I’m sure JM has posted this in the past – that there is a DOT Downtown Jamaica Feedback/Interactive Map that seems to work pretty well: it allows comments/suggestions to be flag exact problem locations on a street map: interesting to see how many people have cited many of the complaints discussed here for years:


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