Trucks6.19.16 014Trucks7.30.16 006trucks and garbge7.9.16 003trucks and garbge7.9.16 002While not as bad as last year with the illegal truck driving on 170th St between Jamaica & Hillside Ave (a completely residential street with families, children and a home to a senior citizen apartment building) where it was not unusual for a hundred plus trucks to come through the entire day and evening (DOCUMENTED FOR YEARS), the trucks are slowing making their way back since the enforcement has slowed down. Royal Waste continues to have some of their trucks come through as well as private waste trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks and occasionally the big dangerous tractor trailer trucks from early morning to late evening. A few weeks back an elderly man with a cane had his legs crushed by a tractor trailer truck on 168th Street just a few feet from the 103rd precinct. Can you imagine what would happen on 170th if a child (which many live on this stretch) was crossing this street and one of these trucks could not stop in time. But then they are not white middle to upper middle class children like Melinda Katz’s kids, so they are not a priority. And they call themselves Democrats for the people. Really, what people? Certainly not here in Jamaica.

While the 103rd precinct does their best, they do not have enough funding to combat all that goes on in this community and they receive NO SUPPORT from local elected officials. BUT have a police officer here shoot a man doing something illegal, carrying a gun and acting like a fool and then the officials come out in full force. Yet, nothing from them on all these quality of life issues that have been getting ignored for years.

Now I don’t expect our local elected officials and community leaders (plus community board 12) to fix issues like unemployment or gun violence (that is Congress’s jurisdiction) and other issues not in their control. BUT illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking on streets by tractor trailer trucks, illegal placement of junked cars by autobody shops (which have turned our streets/sidewalks into junkyards), illegal garbage dumping, high weeds blocking sidewalks, illegal storage of commercial vehicles in residential areas, well those fall under local jurisdiction and that of city council, YET no one is addressing that here, hence the same old issues keep popping up over and over again. Does Melinda Katz’s hood and block have these issues? How about Gregory Meeks? How about deBlasio, the hypocritical so-called progressive liberal Mayor. Not too progressive and liberal when it comes to Jamaica and other communities of color.

Bushwalk2garbage and trucks7.1.16 013

This mess is ILLEGAL, storage of commercial vehicles in the Downtown area residential section.

This mess is ILLEGAL, storage of commercial vehicles in the Downtown area residential section.

But Katz and the others do nothing folks will constantly talk about Jamaica being the next “tourist spot” and the “transportation hub”, but the hell with the residents who pay their over-bloated salaries. And where is the media in regards to this screwed up system that cannot even solve a simple problem as large trucks driving illegally on residential streets, but you elected folks all want to take on unemployment and gun violence. YEAH RIGHT. Start with these damn trucks and auto body shops.

As Louis Flores of Progress Queens (one of a few media outlets exposing the bullshit) said:

In order to get to the truth, the system has literally had to turn on itself.

More and more, that’s the only way for us to find out what is really going on anymore.  Any kind of material transparency, accountability, or reform has to be escalated to this nearly-impossible level before anything material happens.
This is the most unreal thing I have ever read in the history of all the corruption that has gone on under de Blasio (so far).  DOI has been forced to obtain hot copies of documents from “other sources” before receiving them from the administration ?  Is that how “““““open””””” government is supposed to work ?  And then de Blasio openly lies about what is going on ?
Look at how de Blasio, representing the system, is fighting off any kind of transparency or accountability.  
Multiply this by LICH, by NYCHA, by the Board of Elections, by unmet Rikers reforms, by the City Clerk’s office, by 421-a, by J-51, by everything else that is being robbed, exploited, sold, raided, corrupted, watered-down, etc.  Does anybody know what is really going on in this city ?
The baseline to everything becomes :  What is really going on ??????
This system is out of control.
AND out of control is right. Major over development cramming more and more people on top of each other like some third world country. No proper infrastructure. Lack of proper enforcement from so many city agencies. Inept and crooked elected officials, especially at the local level, who will not even answer questions and respond to constituents they represent. Democrats posing as “caring progressive liberals” while their inaction on quality of life issues, especially in communities of color say something else. But then THEY don’t have to deal with those issues since they live in the other half of the “Tale of Two Cities”, because if they did, things would change and change fast. MAJORLY OUT OF CONTROL in this community, this Borough and this City.
Sutphin Garbage
Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

trucks and garbge7.9.16 004


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