Asshole Steven Banks, City Chief Social Services said at the meeting that the borough’s current number of sheltered homeless is at 8,500 living in less than 5,000 units.

SO WHY DO WE NEED ALL THESE HOMELESS SHELTERS and Hotels turned to homeless shelters and why does Jamaica have over 20 shelters when there are not huge numbers of homeless in Jamaica to begin with. Well we know the reason for all the shelters in Jamaica, but the leaders will not say it. BECAUSE Jamaica is a community of color and we all know that all kinds of shit get DUMPED in communities of color and by Democrats (which I belong to) no less. Yet places like Forest Hills has none. Now if every single neighborhood in Queens took an even share, no neighborhood would be bombarded by shelters, shelters that tend to house people from Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. As usual Queens gets dumped on and our major asshole Borough President, Melinda Katz has stood by silent. And is seems the only Greater Jamaica elected official at this meeting which was silently slipped under the rug so that constituents could not attend, was Councilman Richards. No Miller, no Wills, no Comrie.

With Hillary all set to win this election, if Democrats do not do the job they need to do, they will find themselves in the same position as the fractured Republicans.

By the way, I wonder just how many homeless shelters are right near Mister Banks. Wonder how many poisonous waste stations like Royal Waste are in Mister Banks hood. How many drug clinics like Lab Corp on Hillside Avenue and 175th, which has problematic people every single day there from all over the city, including many from Long Island.

You know what Banks and Mayor Dumbo, if you are going to talk the talk, then FUCKING WALK THE TALK.

Keep dumping shit in communities of color just as long as lily white people like Banks and deBlasio don’t have to seem them in their hood.

Funny that is took a mostly white community, Maspeth, to bring this whole homeless bullshit out into the open, while for decades Jamaica has been a dumping ground for shelters that house very few people from the Jamaica community.

FACT from website Coalition for The Homeless: “Data provided by the Department of Homeless Services show that in 2015, family shelter entrants originated mostly from a few areas of the City. The zip codes from which the largest number of families became homeless are in the South and Central Bronx, Brownsville, East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant.”

Well, Jamaica is NOT listed in those zip codes yet has the most homeless shelters in all of Queens. As usual Jamaica gets fucked majorly in the ass without lube while the do nothing leaders just watch.

Of course with years and decades of stagnant wages, jobs shipped overseas, shitty paying jobs, attacks on unions, the hollowing out the middle class and Republicans/Democrats holding our system hostage by doing nothing has all helped to contribute to this situation which has become BIG BUSINESS, yep, Homelessness is the new big business.

Coming to a neighborhood of yours soon.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Banks faces borough’s leaders to review the state of homeless in Queens

The man in the middle of the political firestorm about placing more homeless shelters in Queens, city Social Services chief Steven Banks, prepares to make his case before the Borough Board.


The man who tried to convert a Maspeth hotel into a homeless shelter, setting off two months of protests that still continue, and rented rooms in other hotels around the borough without alerting officials came to Queens Wednesday night.

Human Resources Administration Commissioner Steven Banks, who oversees the Department of Homeless Services, accepted an offer from Borough President Melinda Katz to review the state of homelessness in Queens at Borough Hall. In a second floor conference room, packed with elected officials and community board leaders who represent neighborhoods that have been shaken by attempts to convert hotels into shelters and the practice of renting rooms at hotels for homeless families and individuals, without providing notice to the same leaders.

Banks, a former community board member in Brooklyn, spoke of the legal and moral obligation to shelter the homeless, at one point noting, “Today, we reached 60,000.” He said the shelter system was at capacity and as the city phases out cluster-site homeless shelters, 3,000 units in 260 privately owned buildings, because they are beyond repair, DHS has no other choice but to rent vacant hotel rooms.

“If a family comes to us in the middle of the night, we have to find a place for them and that’s where the hotels come in,” Banks said. “But New York has been renting commercial hotel rooms since the Lindsey administra­tion.”

He explained it was new policy to provide 30 days notice to community leaders when the city wants to convert a hotel into a full shelter, but such notification for renting hotel rooms is not new. Banks explained, however, that he understands the challenges it creates for local leaders to not have prior knowledge when DHS rents rooms for the homeless, and he promised that would change.

He also said the borough’s current number of sheltered homeless is at 8,500 living in less than 5,000 units. Then it was time for the question-and-answer part of the evening.

“There are 22,000 empty or vacant units in public housing right now,” Community Board 5 Chairman Vincent Arcuri said. “You could use them to house the homeless instead of wasting $189 a night at the Holiday Inn Express.”

CB 5 represents Maspeth, where so much of the drama unfolded in the last three months with rallies each weeknight and road trips to protest other communities that have shelters.

Banks disputed the figure saying, “If you can show me where they are, I’ll be the biggest advocate of using them.”

And then came the first tense part of the meeting. As he explained the way housing worked in the past, Banks said, “LaGuardia had something Bill de Blasio does not.”

“Brains!” shouted Arcuri to laughter and more shouting, which caused Katz to restore order. “A federal partner,” Banks said, when things quieted in the conference room.

And then City Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) had his chance to speak.

“For us in southeast Queens we’ve been dealing with this issue since way before de Blasio came to office,” he said. “To say it’s a de Blasio issue is disingenuo­us.”

Richards said close to 40 percent of all shelters in the borough are in southeast Queens and that it was about time everyone did their fair share.

“It’s very unfair for one community to be saturated with the majority of the problem,” he said. “Historically these things have been placed in communities of color and now that they are being placed in places that historically aren’t there’s an uproar and protests and that’s the thousand pound gorilla. And I had to put it out there.”

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) stared at the conference room table with her arms crossed as Richards spoke. He had already left the room when she had her chance to speak and it was the tensest part of the evening.

Crowley said Banks was moving people out of clusters and into hotels.

“My community in Maspeth has been very hostile to DHS,” she said.

“Tell me about it they’ve visited me twice,” Banks said.

“Cause you lie,” she said.

“Excuse me, you use that word a lot,” Banks said. “One of the reasons they accuse me of lying is because you keep making the point that we’re kicking people out of clusters and putting them in hotels. For everyone in this room, this is not the policy of DHS or the city.”




  1. Welcome Back, Joe. If Jay-z can and Harry Potter can return why not?

    Weasel Banks, or Asshole as he’s called here, makes a very interesting point that actually struck a nerve with the righteous raucous crowd in there. the necessity of a federal partner. Which means that future inquiries should be made to HUD secretary Julian Castro.

    But what about this particular hotel, basically a flophouse for hipshit frivolous spending twits, which is getting developed despite it’s landmark status and what was once genuine affordable rent-stabilized housing.



    I don’t know what happened to the former tenants, but wouldn’t a better use of that property, if the general plan is to build bigger and denser, would be a tower with 100 percent legitimate affordability. Instead of this glorified upscale SRO frat house. It would actually be in scale considering a lot of tower development has happened there recently.

    It seems that the glut of hotels being built in manhattan and brooklyn are being built to continue the arrested development of this spoiled generation and the ones in Queens are being built specifically to put the homeless out of sight and out of mind to protect them.

    If Banks were truly a caring liberal, he would resign his position, but that would mean giving up his 6 figure salary and maybe his tony brownstone on his pretty brooklyn block.


  2. Glad to see you are back Joe, to many things are going on in Jamaica queens and surrounding areas. We all need to fight for queens because it is going down fast. I agree this shelter/hotel thing is way out of control now. No neighborhood in Queens is safe anymore. It pains me to see the end result of all these shelters.


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