YEP, this is ironic, a soon to be jailbird crooked councilmember, asshole Ruben Wills, sponsoring a bill (which passed) for jails to give out absentee ballots for those awaiting trial (Although I feel EVERYONE should vote, including felons, who still cannot vote). Guess he wants to vote when his time comes.

This whole thing with Wills, who by the way looks like he has been scarfing down too many MacDonald’s burgers and Kennedy Fried Chicken with biscuits, is similar to his program a few years ago to teach men how to become better fathers, which that is ironic since Wills is a dead-beat dad behind on child support. See

This clown is MAJOR GHETTO and a MAJOR ASSHOLE and he represents Southeast Queens, OF COURSE he does, Southeast Queens is filled with ghetto, stupid ass, lazy, crooked and do nothing elected officials along with  many of the asshole church leaders, hence another reason Jamaica & Southeast Queens is a ghetto mess, besides the slob low-class ghetto folks who inhabit it. It is ghetto plantation politics folks by the shuck and jive crew.

Today’s operative word: GHETTO.


From The Daily News:

Jailbirds granted absentee ballots as they await trial under new City

wiill-prisonCouncilmember Ruben Wills sponsored the bill. He is currently facing indictment for several corruption charges.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

The City Council passed a bill Thursday to require jails to give out absentee ballots to would-be voters behind bars — sponsored by a City Councilman who might have to make use to it himself.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Queens), who is under indictment on a slew of corruption charges, introduced the measure to force the Department of Correction to distribute absentee ballots, as well as applications to get the ballots, and offer assistance filling out the forms for inmates who are registered voters.

In New York, people who are incarcerated on a felony conviction cannot vote, but those in jail awaiting trial or on a misdemeanor conviction can still cast ballots.

Although felons cannot vote in New York, people awaiting trial for misdemeanor can now exercise their constitutional right from behind bars.

(allanswart/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“Those individuals would be able to exercise their most basic right to democracy,” Wills said.

City Councilman Ruben Wills arrested again

The Council also passed a bill to require city agencies that already have to distribute voter registration forms to also assist people in filling out the section of the form that allows voters to become organ donors. That could help improve New York’s dismal organ donor rate, which is dead last among the 50 states, backers said.



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