I mean what more can I say about this ghetto asshole douche bag that I have not said many times before. BUT who are the assholes that keep voting for do nothing black gangsta politicians like Wills. Another reason SE Queen is so fucking ghetto, ghetto leaders like this boy cunt.

Christ folks, you are paying for this penis head’s salary. I mean this is who you want representing you. Says much about the SE Queens residents.

In the article below Wills said “I look forward to being vindicated by a jury of my peers in the county that I serve.”

Jury of your peers, you mean this crew.wills-peers

What a DICK!Ruben Wills sign


From New York Post:

Judge threatens to jail councilman after he shows up late for court

An irate judge threatened to jail a Queens councilman Tuesday after the embattled politician arrived 26 minutes late to his court appearance.

Ruben Wills, who is headed to trial on charges related to the accusations he stole more than $30,00 in taxpayer money, offered no excuse for his tardiness.

“I will issue a warrant for your arrest, and the case will go on,” warned Queens Criminal Court Judge Ira Margulis.

“When I say 2 o’clock, I mean 2 o’clock,” he seethed. “This is the last warning I will give you.”

Margulis even went so far as to say he might “consider a bail application” from prosecutors if that is what it would take to get Wills to court on time.

Wills appeared relaxed and unfazed at the prospect of jail as his lawyer Steve Zissou spoke to the judge in chambers.

A trial date was set for Jan. 9. Wills will return for preliminary hearings Nov. 30.

“I am innocent,” Wills said. “I look forward to being vindicated by a jury of my peers in the county that I serve.”




TRIBEJamaica just cannot get its shit together, no how, no way. WHY???

What made me think about this for the umpteenth time, was last night while  listening to one of the all time perfect albums, Jamaica’s A Tribe Called Quest “The Low End Theory” and watching an interview with Q-Tip, one of the smoothest rappers ever on Bloomberg Politics. There are some good albums, some great albums and in the upper echelon of music, masterpieces, albums perfect from beginning to end and “The Low End Theory” ranks up there with Stevie Wonder’s “Songs In the Key of Life”, Steely Dan’s “Aja”, the underrated personal “Here, My Dear” by Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson’s commercial “Thriller”,  and Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” to name a few.  And while A Tribe Called Quest’s newest and final albums, 18 years from their previous, is a fitting tribute to St. Alban’s Phife Dawg, who died this past March, cannot compare to their masterpiece, they still show 18 years later why they are the most influential rap/hip hop group EVER, bar none and they are from Jamaica. Plus they put today’s and even past hip/hop folks to shame. While I really liked their new double album, “We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service“, it does not quite have the flow of Low End Theory and at times seems to be a little all over the map, but even that, it puts today’s folks and folks from the past 20 years to shame.


Which brings me to my major point. Sure, they did a street naming ceremony for Phife here in Jamaica, BUT why did they have to wait till he died. This major influential group who sidestepped the hardcore loud gangsta rap (and so overrated genre) choose to go in the opposite direction with smooth grooves, mellow samplings and intelligent lyrics and with Phife and Q-Tip leading this ship, how could they go wrong. A Tribe Called Quest is PERFECTION. So why didn’t Jamaica showcase not only this amazing homegrown group, but all the other major rap stars from the area and the major iconic jazz legends who lived in the area of St. Albans/Addesleigh Park. I mean, no one in Queens can touch this history and sorry Brooklynites, but as far as rap/hip hop, South Jamaica is royalty (Pharoahe Monch, Onyx, Lost Boyz just to name a few). Toss in the amazing history of Jamaica (Rufus King, Roy Wilkins), the most land marked buildings in all of Queens (20 plus) and you have one hell of a hood, that should be showcased to the max, but is not. And let’s not forget the talented artists in this community. I mean we should have great amazing murals all over instead of decaying buildings and garbage.

In his interview with Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann, Q-Tip, talked about the power that people have in communities and how they should be holding our elected officials accountable because “they work for us, we pay their salaries”. ( I have said this for years.

You want to talk about attracting tourists, you can start with our amazing history, our major rap/hip folks who came from here and the jazz icons who lived here. Any other city will be playing this up BIG TIME. But as usual Jamaica has dropped that bar.  Instead they focus on the ghetto crap third world Jamaica Avenue and all the shitty retail like tons of 99 cent stores, numerous beauty supply shop, nail salons and some of the most awful retail around (although if you look, there are some gems, especially some of the nicer hip/hop clothing stores), but just like the ghetto Jamaica Colosseum Mall, Jamaica Ave is CRAP. How about a Hip/Hop art/museum to showcase folks like A Tribe Called Quest.

Too bad the leadership in Jamaica is like The Ave…………………….FUCKING CRAP.


Would be a good time if you have not been to Rufus King Park since they revitalized it. It actually is a beautiful park now, unfortunately some of the low-class ghetto trash still toss their litter in it, especially near the soccer field. Bad Mexicans, BAD MEXICANS! Clean your damn act up.

Too bad our do nothing elected officials will make an appearance. They fuck up everything. Of course bullshit will be flowing from their mouths.


Rufus King Park Tree Lighting and Caroling Event

December 10 @ 6:00 pm

Cultural Collaborative of Jamaica with Friends of Rufus King Park, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, and other Rufus King Stakeholders will host their annual tree lighting and caroling event following indoor activities at Grace Church (beginning at 3pm).

WHO:     Jamaica Center BID in Partnership with Cultural Collaborative Jamaica, invites the media, and the Queens community to the Rufus King ParkCommunity Tree Lighting Ceremony, located at the corner of the Rufus King Park on 153rd Street and Jamaica Avenue, Saturday, December 10, 2016.
WHAT: The Jamaica Center BID and Cultural Collaborative Jamaica in partnership presents “The Rufus King Park Community Tree Lighting Ceremony.” The tree lighting ceremony signals the start of a holiday season filled with fun and festive entertainment on the lawn of the Rufus King Park. Come view the tree measuring 18 feet in height adorned with lights, and decorative ornaments, with this year’s special guest host Ralph McDaniel’s, media, Hip Hop pioneer, and recently inducted in the Smithsonian African American Museum for his 1980’s ground breaking show Video Music Box, entertainment by: Queens Elite Marching BandDJ Mike Baril, of MediaMakersNYC, and Kid Rapper, J-Boy, from Jamaica Queens, with special attendance from Council Member I. Daneek Miller, New York State Senator Leroy Comrie, and Council Member Rory Lancman.
WHERE:  Front lawn of The Rufus King Park – 153rd Street and Jamaica Avenue
WHY:      The Jamaica Center BID and Cultural Collaborative Jamaica joined forces in this years Community Tree Lighting Ceremony to build a larger audience, and promote the diversity of culture in Downtown Jamaica.
WHEN:    Saturday, December 10th – 5:30pm – 6:30pm


The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Folks in Jamaica who care about the quality of life issues, including the “dumping” of dozens of homeless shelters in the community should attend this. This is the kind of thing that so-called leaders like that idiot Rev. Charles Norris Sr. should be promoting, especially considering that yet another homeless shelter of single men (many parolees) is being proposed above the House of Prayer Church (91-20 146 St) right next door to a day care center and the LIRR Sutphin Blvd Station, like we don’t have enough deadbeats hanging out in that area. This “storefront” church is in cahoots with the Forest Hills “For Profit” group, Transition One LLC. Notice that this proposal is not taking place in Melinda Katz’s hood of Forest Hill, but the Jamaica community yet again.  See

Pass this along to those interested and care about this community, which is already a ghetto mess and being turned into a homeless encampment.

CB 12: No shelter next to daycare site 1


Invite to Attend Press Conference on Homeless Crisis – Saturday, 12/3 , 2pm

As part of the continuing efforts to ensure that the City develops effective procedures to address the homeless crisis, a rally and press conference will be held on Saturday, 12/3, 2pm at Steven Banks’ (DHS Commissioner) residence in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

I would appreciate your forwarding this notice to your members and let me know if you would like to make a speech at this press conference. If your organization wishes to issue a statement or have quotes included in the Press Release, please forward to my attention.

Buses will be available at the Maspeth Holiday Inn at 1pm to travel to Brooklyn. Please let me know if you or any of your members are interested in taking the bus.

Date: Saturday, December 3rd

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Windsor Terrace Brooklyn

Buses: Holiday Inn, Maspeth, 1pm


Sally Wang


And no this is not a racists comment as some will say, but before I even read the article, I said to myself, probably a couple of black males in their 20’s or 30’s wearing hoodies and low and behold the police described the culprits as “black males between the ages of 20 and 30, both wearing black hoodie sweatshirts and blue jeans.”

Sharon Floyd-Wright who lives in the house with her husband Henry Wright, a states correction officer, managed to strike one of the men in the head with a hammer before they fled, police sources said. Hopefully, she cracked this hood rats skull wide open.

Yep, the usual Jamaica ghetto hood rats. And the powers to be want to stick more and more homeless shelters in this community. NO FUCKING THANKS, we already are filled to capacity with ghetto hood rats like these two scumbags who shot good upstanding hard working people of this community.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Two shot in Jamaica home invasion

Police were seeking two suspects who shot two people during a home invasion attempt in Jamaica Sunday evening. One of the wounded was a state corrections officer, police said.

Officers responded to a 911 call of two people shot at 6:56 p.m., police said, at a home near the corner of Mathias Avenue and 166th Street. When police arrived, they found an unconscious and unresponsive 58-year-old man with several gunshot wounds to the torso. They also found a 52-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the shoulder., and the New York Post reported she managed to struck one of the suspects with a hammer before they left the scene.

EMS workers responded to the scene and took both victims to Jamaica Hospital, where they were listed in critical condition.

Police described the two suspects as black males between the ages of 20 and 30, both wearing black hoodie sweatshirts and blue jeans. The two suspects forced their way into the house and shot both victims, police said. After opening fire, one suspect fled east on Mathias, while one fled westbound.

Police said no arrests had been made and the investigation was ongoing.

Reach reporter Patrick Donachie by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4573.


From New York Post:

Corrections officer and wife shot during home invasion

A state corrections officer and his wife were shot by two invaders in their Jamaica home Sunday evening, cops said.

The men broke in just before 7 p.m. and pumped five slugs into the torso of Henry Wright, 58, and another into the shoulder of his wife, Sharon Floyd-Wright, who struck one of the men in the head with a hammer before they fled, police sources said.

The two were rushed to Jamaica Hospital and were expected to survive. Police were still seeking the two gunmen late Sunday.

“[Wright] wasn’t dressed — he was wearing boxer shorts, no shorts” said neighbor Mario Farez, 34, who witnessed the aftermath. “She wanted to go with him in the same ambulance but they wouldn’t let her.”

The suspects are described as men in their 20s, wearing black hoodies and blue jeans, and a canvass of local hospitals was underway to identify them Sunday night.

About a dozen members of State Corrections and NYPD gathered in the ER at Jamaica to show their support for Wright as he underwent surgery late Sunday.

His neighbors told The Post that he had lived in the Queens home “for years” — and that someone apparently broke into the house a few months ago, as well.

“He’s a good dude,” an anonymous friend said. “This was his wife’s father’s house. S**t is crazy, man.”


While I commend Charles L. Norris, Sr (who I think is a clown who can’t be taking seriously, I mean he was the one who welcomed back crooked former Senator Shirley Huntley when she was released from prison), his Marcus Garvey boycott is a powerful tool that the black community just does not utilize for many issues (plus all walks of people buy way too  much crap anyway), but why is he focusing on police shootings in this area, which very few are unjustified (Sean Bell, the most outrageous unnecessary shooting/killing in Jamaica’s history), but that was a decade ago). Most are justified shootings because knuckleheads were involved in well, typical knucklehead behavior (carry a gun and pulling out, etc). I mean come on folks, let’s keep it REAL. BUT why are all these clergy (and there are a shitload of them) not going much further. I mean how many black on black shootings happened just this year alone, how many killings happened just this year alone. How many in the past 6 years.  Why ignore this bigger problem within this community. AND why continually ignore all the issues in this community that cause such violence. The lack of proper services, the corrupt do nothing behavior of the local elected officials, the conditions of many neighborhoods which are just plaint total filth and garbage, most of South Jamaica, a perfect example. What about that. I mean look at the continuous dumping ground at 107-58 164th street, the James Fobb vacant house, which has been turned into the most disgusting eyesore on that block and that community and nothing is being done about that despite TWO churches right near by, Amity Baptist Church  (just two blocks away) and  Community Church of Christ. Or what about the almighty Floyd Flake whose church is just a few blocks away from a notorious drug dealing area, where shootings and killings take place, plus that garbage mess in front of his small parking lot on the west side of Merrick Blvd or all the thug auto body shops which have turned Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point with all their junked and unlicensed vehicles all Merrick, plus sidewalks and all the surrounding sides streets.fobb-garbage-nov16-jpg2

I mean here are all these quality of life issues that continually are being ignored and not properly addressed and with no solutions for relatively simple problems and all these clergy have NOT stepped up to the plate for decades. Hell one church, House of Prayer Church (91-20 146 St) is in cahoots with a for profit organization to put a shelter that will have 30 single men, many parolees) on the 2nd floor of that church, which is right next to a daycare center. Talk about total irresponsibility and not giving a shit about the community, which is already overrun by dozens of homeless shelters, many which have caused so many issues due to the folks in them.

So if you are going to do something church leaders, just don’t pick the “emotional hot button” topic that is not a major problem in this area and go about half ass, why not go a full 200% and tackle all the symptoms that cause issues such as shootings, violence and killings. Otherwise you are failing this community just like the black local elected officials have done for decades.comrie-miller-hyndman-jpg2


From Queens Chronicle:

SEQ Clergy Trying To Stop Unnecessary Police Shooting

A Personal Perspective

Some Southeast Queens Clergy for Political Awareness members are no longer just preaching the refrain that “Black Lives Matter;” they are now asking the African-American community to say it loudly and proudly through the power of their disposable income.

The group, under the presidency of Bishop Charles L. Norris, Sr. is launching what they’re calling, a period of “selective buying.”

“It’s not a boycott,” the good bishop emphasized. We’re not saying, ‘Don’t buy.’ We’re saying ‘buy less.’ Black Enterprise magazine says that African-Americans spend $1.3 trillion per year, so let’s hit them in the pocketbook.”

So how does buying less get police to stop taking Black lives? According to the bishop, the intent is to make corporate America feel the impact of the Black dollar on their bottom line. Black buying power in the negative is expected to motivate the retailers to bring pressure to bear on the matter of the unnecessary deaths of Blacks during police encounters.

“This may help to convince corporation presidents, CEOs, major clothing, food outlets and other entrepreneurs to speak to governors, mayors, chiefs of police to positively speak to patrolling officers about the ongoing murder of African-Americans,” they say on a flyer bearing the heading “In an effort to stem the tide of police murdering our relatives.”

The group also wants better training for officers handling the mentally disturbed; as those encounters frequently end in tragedy as well. The “selective buying” process will begin this year on Black Friday and run through Dec. 1, 2017.

The also says that when a shooting occurs the officer or officers involved should be put on unpaid leave with the loss of his or her gun and badge and if found “not guilty” at trial, then their job, along with retroactive pay and all other privileges and benefits restored.

The organization is trying to make this effort an inclusive one and is inviting other organizations and individuals to sign on.

“The killings have gone on with no justice for too long,” said Norris. “This is not a silver bullet solution. It will take time. Let’s persevere and be patient.

Selective buying as Norris describes, will encourage shoppers to still get what they want, just less of it and that will still make an important statement.

“If a lady was going to buy six pairs of shoes, she can by two pairs,” he explained. “If a man was going to buy two suits, just buy one. This is how we get their attention.”

Your lips to God’s ear, Bishop!



I fucking mean is this how to revitalize a ghetto downtown area by putting a homeless shelter which will have 30 single men, some who will be parolees, and plop them right next to a daycare center, across the street from the LIRR and near the future big apartment development The Crossing? REALLY, are you out of your fucking mind.

Like our community and this particular area does not have enough homeless, bottom of the barrel folks, hood rats, dirtbags, welfare cases and just plain ghetto slobs, we need to recruit more of them. AND it figures that this may go above a black “storefront” church,  House of Prayer Church, who is in cahoots with the company facility this bullshit. And like we don’t have enough of these blacks storefront dirt-bag churches who pay no fucking taxes.

At least it got some fire under the asses of Community Board 12 Adrienne Adam and Yvonne Reddick, although Adams said once again will be ready to fight such a plan, and will enlist the help of elected officials should that prove to be necessary.

Enlist elected officials, really, you mean the do nothing SE Queens crew who allowed all these shelter to flourish to begin with years and decades ago. You would be better off enlisting the help of Fidel Castro, Florence Henderson and Leonard Cohen, they would all be better help dead than any of our live asshole politicians.

And how nice the organization proposing this facility, Transition One LLC, is a FOR PROFIT, like they really care about this community. I am sure Mousslin Lamour of this parasite group has several shelters on his block. By the way, Transition One address is 71-01 Austin Street in Forest Hills, home of Queens BP Melinda Katz.

Christ, in this ghetto community it is always 1 step forward, five back.

CB 12: No shelter next to daycare site 1

Another black dirtbag storefront church. Our community is overrun with black storefront churches, 99 cent stores, beauty supply stores and crap retail. The typical ghetto shit which makes communities fucking awful.


From Queens Chronicle:

CB 12: No shelter next to daycare site

Officials ready to go back to the barricades over homeless proposal


Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 10:30 am

Leaders of Community Board 12 have been beyond their breaking point on homeless shelters and supportive housing for more than two years.

Now they are weighing just how to approach a proposal to put 30 or more men up at a facility that would be built above a church — and next to a daycare center on 146th Street in Jamaica.

CB 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams and District Manager Yvonne Reddick confirmed this week that they have had sit-down meetings with the pastor of the House of Prayer Church at 91-20 146 St., and with Mousslin Lamour of the group Transition One LLC, which is proposing the facility.

It is located next to the Sunshine School, which offers a wide range of services including pre-K, for children ages 2 to 5.

It also is just over one block west of the Long Island Rail Road’s Jamaica Station and the JFK AirTrain.

Adams said they first heard of the proposal through a member of the board.

“Needless to say, we are very upset at the notion of a halfway house,” Adams said in a telephone interview on Monday.

Adams said the proposal would be a for-profit setup for veterans and parolees, all of whom she and Reddick were told would have to already be in some sort of program for services.

They were assured that all the men would have to be employed or attending school.

Lamour could not be reached for comment prior to the Chronicle’s deadline. Messages left in person at both the church and the Sunshine School were not returned.

CB 12 currently hosts just over half of the homeless shelters in Queens, and has between 30 and 40 percent of the borough’s homeless population.

Adams suspects neither the pastor nor Lamour was quite aware of what CB 12 officials have been dealing with regarding similar facilities since requesting a moratorium from the city in December 2014.

She said once again that they will be ready to fight such a plan, and will enlist the help of elected officials should that prove to be necessary

Reddick, who said CB 12 members also met with Pastor James Hans of the church, said she was not won over.

“I was very dissatisfied,” she said of both meetings. “This will be next to a daycare center if it happens,” she exclaimed. “We don’t know who they will be housing, who will be doing the screening. Who will decide who lives there?”

Reddick and Adams said they are not sure if either party yet appreciates the amount of regulation and paperwork that must be met before some type of shelter setup can be approved by the city.

Adams said she did not know if any paperwork has been filed with agencies such as the city Department of Buildings, which would have to approve any required construction.

A spokeswoman for the city Department of Homeless Services said Tuesday that her office had not yet determined if any applications have or have not been filed.