One of the videos below has South Jamaica’s Rodney Reed speaking making very good points. Reed is citing FACTS and showing much concern for the community, yet the Jamaica sheeple did not vote for Reed when he was running against do nothing crooked Jamaica Assembly Member Vivian Cook, who did not even have the courtesy to show up for a debate against Reed. I certainly did not see Cook at this event speaking out…… . Sure elected officials are a problem, but so are sheeple in this community who vote against their own interest and keep putting the same shit in office all the time expecting different results.

A big problem is most people do not give a shit and do not stand up against shit in their communities, hence why these elected officials like dumblasio do what they do.


From Queens Crap:

Saturday, October 29, 2016

De Blasio will go to ridiculous lengths to malign his constituents and protect his donors

From the Queens Chronicle:

Comptroller Scott Stringer on Thursday called for empathy toward the homeless population in Queens and elsewhere, but added that the mayor’s policies are not working to solve the crisis facing the five boroughs.

Stringer, who is reportedly considering a primary challenge against Mayor de Blasio next year, spoke in front of hundreds of people concerned about the placement of single men at the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth, as well as the 60,000-plus people in the shelter system.

Toward the end of the Q&A session, a homeless couple with two small children living in a Brooklyn shelter told Stringer of the deplorable conditions they’ve lived in — including a lack of privacy, curfews that inhibit them from keeping jobs and mouse droppings in their unit.

“The shelter system is not working for us,” Alan Diaz, the husband, said.

Stringer told Diaz his office would work with the couple to remedy their situation. A member of the Juniper Park Civic bought dinner for the family and the 50/50 raffle winner donated their winnings to the Diazs.

Asked about the comptroller’s remarks on the mayor’s policies, mayoral spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Davis said in an emailed statement “Scott Stringer is courting a group advocating for kicking women and toddlers onto the street, using White Lives Matter as their protest song. He should be ashamed.”

Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, called Worthy-Davis’ statement “slanderous” and that he has consulted his attorney.

Henry Berger, counsel to the mayor, said in an emailed statement, “We are entitled to present facts and to express our opinions. Neither provides a basis for legal action.”

The video produced by the Mayor’s Office has audio of a “White Lives Matter” chant as protesters earlier this month demonstrated outside the Bellerose Inn, which is being used as a homeless shelter but is in the process of transitioning people inside there to other locations. A Chronicle reporter at that rally did not hear the chant and some said the city may have added the audio to make the protesters seem racist.

Here are some of the speakers from the event. I can totally see them at a Klan rally, can’t you? (end sarcasm)

Who is trying to divide the city?

Mayor de Blasio.

Who is working toward bringing it together?

The people.


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