I guess I hit a real nerve with a some folks in the Jamaica community, who have taken to Facebook to criticize my observations of TRUTH & REALITY in this community and then you wonder why the community is the way it is. Sure using terms like hood rat, etc, doesn’t help, but that does not take away from the real issues in this community.

Some folks in Jamaica just don’t like to hear the TRUTH & REALITY of a community in turmoil. I guess tons of garbage, crooked & do nothing elected officials, shootings, killings (4 just this past month), crime and other nonsense are just okay for a community. Dumping everything from 22 homeless shelters to a poisonous waste transfer facility (Royal Waste) is totally fine in a community of color. Ask yourself if a white community would tolerate such nonsense, so why here.



I noticed your shitty weak blog come across my iPhone a few time on Facebook. The community of Jamaica is not impressed and we never will be. You went from a blog (I won’t give you the title of being an official blogger especially cause your writing is trash and you hop on information news papers and other website post) that has a personal war with sanitation ,politicians and churches but now you finally cross the line to talk about my friend Niheen Donigan, you don’t know him but this post is not about him and his defense lets get at you. Joe you been at this from April of 2013 trust me you will not get any more recognition then this so be proud you caught my eye. Your sad attempt to bash the community of lesser and unfortunate people ends. What a desperate display of your simp ways to not understand the community at hand . No cares about your navy history Joe, what a way to start a narcissistic “blog” about me it Joe . Who are you to talk about the people Joe. When I check Joe you are currently an atheist and a “libertarian” .So Joe when do we care about what other people live and what they do . Who targets a church that brought housing and business opportunities to Jamaica Joe? What do you contribute to the community Joe? Why do you care so much about people that congregate in front of a store Joe? Aww Do we scare you Joe? People do it in other areas Joe so it is not ok to do it in Jamaica? Like you posted on one of your blogs Joe if you can’t afford to live here don’t come here. Joe if you don’t live the conditions here don’t live here. Take your ” blog” off the internet you are using up good web space, and thinking that being vulgar just to get a point across is a joke with that remedial level of writing. You have a “blog” and no one cares you will never make it pass a queens Local Ass. This is the most your name will ever be said Joe.

Shaine GrantI knew that blog was familar. i saw that shit a few years back. pussy talking bold like that because he’e behind a computer
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  1. Go, Joe, go. You must be doing something right. As H.L.Mencken said: it’s so-o-o much fun to go into the barn at night and scare the animals.


  2. Is there an app you can download somewhere to translate this crap that came from FB posts by some of your fans?
    I could’nt understand a damn thing that any of these people wrote.
    A 2nd grader with a proper education has greater facility with the English language than these idiots.


  3. Y’all are in denial! Its the fkn truth. Jamaica has a lot of potential that has been squandered by politicians and low lives. I was born and raised here and I can validate. My parents got the eff out of dodge back in the late 80’s, but they kept their first house in Jamaica I came back to go to St. Johns University. But I am embarrassed to say I originate from here, and so is TRUMP. No love for the hood thugs and losers. Let the gentrification begin for Real change. Too much money being lost and I hate not having services the rest of the city takes for granted. As far as I’m concerned Joe is shining the light on reality, you roaches live in the dark and want to remain there. Change or be changed. PEACE


  4. Its the FKN truth, Born and raised here for 36 years. I can testify. You roaches just want to keep this area crappy. But let the Gentrification begin, too much money being lost and potential squandered. Even TRUMP didn’t want to say he was from here. I’m embarrassed when i have to say it.


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