Somewhat off the subject of Jamaica, but not really. After reading this year of several things that have taken place in our country, I just had to piece some of them together and comment.

Can you imagine if President Obama when he was first running for President, had Obama University, which was not really a University and ripped off people,made tons of money & had over 3000 lawsuits against for it OR if a dozen or so females came out to say that they were sexually harassed by him or he was in an Access Hollywood video clip where he stated  “grab her by the pussy” or other negative shit. Do you really think he would have become President or even made it in the primary election let alone the general. BUT asshole Trump has done just that, plus does not even have half the intelligence of our President and yet he is the Republican Nominee and is pretty much running almost neck and neck with Hillary Clinton.

Can you imagine if several Black men came to a George W. Bush rally bring rifles in a state where you can carry. How do you think that would go over, BUT that is exactly what happened at a rally in 2009 with President Obama, when several white men came carrying rifles (

Can you imagine if a militia of black men stated that they were going to patrol polling sites on election day with guns in tow in white areas to make sure that no voter fraud takes place, which by the way voter fraud is extremely rare BUT that is exactly what a group of white militia group plan on doing (

Can you imagine if a group of black men took over Federal land with guns and then where taken to court and were acquitted by a jury BUT that is exactly what happened with the Bundy crew ( Hell, I don’t think it would have ever went to trial to begin with if it were black men or allowed to go on for as long as the Bundy crew did.

Can you imagine if Trayvon Martin had been a white teenager from an affluent family and had been killed in cold blood by George Zimmerman.

During the crack epidemic of the 80’s and my little steel mill home town was hit hard as was many places, many black communities were devastated and very little was done about it, BUT today and especially in suburban white areas, Opioid addiction has exploded and the majority of the people affected our white, yet, we hear much about this addiction and what is being done about it. In fact if you go near the corner of 175th Street & Hillside Avenue at the Lab Corp, every morning you will see large number of white people (the most you will see in Jamaica), many from Long Island, hanging out waiting to go to this drug place for their addiction, most which are from Opioids. Hell they even have a prescription which you see commercials for on TV to deal with constipation brought on by Opioid addiction. Do you really think that these white areas would be allowed to deteriorate like black communities did during the crack epidemic.

Some serious food for thought and subject matter that does not really get discussed by our so-called leaders and our elected officials. Yes, sure some of the people in communities like Jamaica do cause issues and problems, BUT, these communities also do not get the proper services like white communities get, these communities quality of life issues tend to be swept under the rug as opposed to white communities and black communities (as well as lower economic communities) tend to have every bit of shit dumped in them like dozens of homeless shelter to poisonous waste transfer stations like Royal Waste right smack in the downtown area and near homes and apartment buildings. Do you see any of that crap in Forest Hills or Mayor Dumbo’s Park Slope.

But with the hollowing out of the middle class, where more and more middle class people and many whites move down the totem pole into the lower economic class and more and more angry white man spout off about job loss (and mistakenly see Trump as their way out), it will not be long before many communities across this country will begin to resemble Jamaica. Ironic, but these angry white men (and women) of Trump have much more in common with some of the lower class black people than they think, it is just their viewpoints and their racism tend to get in the way of seeing that.

Just some food for thought before I write about some other shooting or killing or other bullshit that you know will happen in Jamaica in the coming weeks.



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