It is not safe for the elderly in Southeast Queens with all the damn asshole hood rats running around. Just last week, hood rat Richard Springer sucker punched 69 year old Eve Gentillon, putting her in the hospital where she had to have brain surgery.

Now finally a 4 month old video with two hood rats, Mathew Smith, who sucker punched 64 year old Patrick Gorman and his hood rat lady Elena Makarova, is surfacing. Just as the video of Gentillion being hit was disturbing, this video of Gorman being hit is just as disturbing. This horrific act which killed 64 year old Patrick Gorman, took place in Briarwood at the intersection of Queens Blvd and Main St. Until the other day, the suspects were named.

What the fuck is wrong with these people.

Both Springer and Smith are the epitome of the vile ghetto hood rat creature.


From The Daily News:

SEE IT: Video surfaces of punch killing 64-year-old Queens man after he accidentally bumped into his attacker’s girlfriend

Man punches 64-year-old on street corner
NY Daily News
Police released disturbing surveillance footage Wednesday showing the sucker punch that killed a 64-year-old man in Queens after he accidentally bumped into his attacker’s girlfriend on the street.Relatives and friend of victim Patrick Gorman are questioning why the video is only being released now — more than four months after his death.

“The video could have been released the last week in June or the first week in July,” said Bryan Gorman, the victim’s brother. “Between the time it happened and last week, it seemed like there really wasn’t much being done on it.”

The footage shows a man in a white T-shirt, who is suspected to be Mathew Smith, walking up behind Patrick Gorman on the corner of Queens Blvd. and Main St., just a block from the victim’s home, and knocking him to the ground with a single punch just after midnight on June 26.

Ex-con cuffed for allegedly sucker-punching woman, 69, in Queens

Police sources said investigators believe Patrick Gorman bumped into the man’s girlfriend and said “I’m sorry, excuse me,” — only to be punched out by the boyfriend.

The assailant coolly walked away with a woman, who is suspected to be Elena Makarova, in tow as Gorman flailed on the ground, the video shows. Gorman suffered head trauma and died about nine hours later at Jamaica Hospital.

The city Medical Examiner concluded last week that Patrick Gorman died from a combination of the punch along with complications from a stroke and a contributing heart condition. His death was ruled a homicide.

briarwood-killing-2Police suspect Elena Makarova (l.), 39, and Mathew Smith, 42, are the assailants seen in the video.

An NYPD spokeswoman said detectives weren’t sure until the Medical Examiner issued its findings on Oct. 29 whether the punch or the pre-existing medical condition caused his death.

Teen swipes purse from 85-year-old woman in Bronx

Cops then opened a homicide investigation, and sent out the video and a request for the public’s help on Tuesday.

Without the homicide ruling, the punch would have only been classified as a misdemeanor assault, the spokeswoman said.

Bryan Gorman, a Suffolk County accountant, said that after a meeting July 3, he hadn’t heard from detectives until last week when the Medical Examiner finalized the autopsy.

“It’s hard for me to say what the police should or shouldn’t have been doing,” he said.

The victim’s neighbors were dismayed by the delay in the release of the video.

briarwood-killing-3Patrick Gorman was killed in the attack.

“We need to know what’s happening and what to look for,” said Franklin Harris, 71. “The police should have released this video earlier. We need to keep these people off the street.”

“I was surprised it took so long. This happened in June — we’re in November now,” added neighbor Ted Latog, 72. “I talked to (Patrick Gorman) the night before. He seemed happy. He never expected this. We should know what’s going on here.”

Patrick Gorman, who lived alone and had no kids, relished going to baseball, basketball and hockey games. On the day of the assault, he had traveled to Baltimore to watch the Orioles play the Tampa Rays.



  1. When you’ve posted news of mindless thug shootings/murders in the past, some of your fans have replied: ‘you don’t know him…there’s more to the story…’ In this case that’s true.
    The NYDaily News story has it wrong: the attack was 4 months ago – in July – not 1 month – can’t think of another homicide case where they waited so long to release CCTV video.
    Watch it: see the ID/Badge lanyard around his neck?
    Wonder why there was no mention of his occupation in the NYDN article?
    It’s likely the thug works for the city, maybe Corrections.
    He had 22 yrs and ~ 75 lbs on the old guy, yet this POS was ‘brave’ enough to attack him from behind, even after he apologized for an accidental bump.
    This is what he proudly told the rest of the world on FB:
    “Dude thought it was ok to disrespect wifey while on the bus thinkin’ nobody was gonna pop up. Not gonna go into details but I had to smack’em to sleep…I kinda feel bad though cause of what he had to deal with last night on Queens Blvd…hahaha it was ugly lol”
    ‘Kinda feel bad’? Not likely: he was ‘laughing out loud’, and proud enough of his ability to maim and kill to tell all his FB ‘friends’.
    This sociopath wasn’t 16: he made it through 42 years of life, and yet he ‘had to smack’em to sleep’, ie, kill him, or do his best to try.
    When he’s prosecuted by the DA, this ‘disrespect’ will be used by the defense to mitigate the viciousness of what was a racist hate crime, and this animal will be out in less than 10 to enjoy his life again.
    It’s too bad this crime didn’t happen in Texas.
    Next time you hear one of the smooth-talking SE politicians start talking about the ‘school to prison’ pipeline again, think of this case.


    • I saw that badge on him in the video and though, they are just going to zero in on that and get the information. Does not make any sense why they waited so long to post the video. I was not even aware of this incident when it happened, I don’t remember reading about it.

      This was just plain horrible.


  2. “I was not even aware of this incident when it happened, I don’t remember reading about it.”
    You didn’t read about – like everyone else – because it simply wasn’t reported by any media outlet, period: it was ‘disappeared’, at least until now.
    Now that they’ve made an arrest the details will come out, but at the least this is yet another crime that shows the lie of DeBlasio’s ‘safest big city in the nation’ BS, and demands an answer from the NYPD as to why they sat on this so long.
    That particular part of Briarwood is pretty nice, so this was a surprise all around.


  3. “Rowdy teen girls attack woman, 74, on Coney Island-bound Q train”:
    ‘Assaults against people 65 and older have climbed by about 16% this year.’
    ‘Robberies of people over 65 are also up this year, by nearly 7%, cops said.’

    Looks like DeBlasio’s great ‘crime stats’ are continuing to fall right in line.
    This isn’t going to end anytime soon.


  4. These videos usually surface the day after or even during the day of the incident. I bet my stagnant paycheck that bag of dead dicks and dog shit is either a cop ,a c.o. at rikers or does a lot of security work for these high-falutin’ events that city officials arrange for every hour of the day.

    These are the new bad days people. Anyone anytime can snap for no reason or just for the thrill of it.


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