Image result for trump the dictatorYes, we have two of the most unpopular nominees in the history of our country running for President, but Trump is NOT the vote for change, that change was with Bernie Sanders, so the most grown-up responsible vote is for Hillary Clinton.

A vote for Trump is a vote:

  1. turning women’s right back decades. The end of Roe vs Wade can surely happen with a Trump vote, plus extremely conservative judges on the Supreme court, which could really continue suppression of voter rights and even more money in politics via Citizen’s United.
  2. Russia. Trump’s relationship with Russia is that of a puppet being pulled by the master (Putin). Putin maybe a mad-mam, but he is way more cunning and more  intelligent than Trump.
  3.  Fascism. Trump will run this country as a Fascist dictator, he has already spoken about jailing political opponents, which is what dictators do, he has already stated the election is rigged (well, if he won, is the system still rigged), he hates media that criticizes him on FACTS so say goodbye to freedom of the press and look for a state sponsored news media like banana republic countries.
  4. a bad economy and more. He will NOT bring back jobs, especially manufacturing jobs.
  5. A conniving major LIAR. He has continually flat on LIED on almost every issued despite the facts at hand, which he totally claims are false.
  6. Pollution. You think we have a problem with climate change, just wait. Kiss the environment good-bye.

AND there are many many more that can be added to the list.

So even before you go to the polls, think about our democracy and freedom. And wait to Rudy Giuliani gets to be head of the FBI.

No doubt this country’s political system needs a shake up, but it does not need to be destroyed, which is what a Trump presidency would mean. Think about your children and your grandchildren’s world under Trump. Yes, Hillary is not perfect, but I would sleep a whole hell of a lot better knowing she is in office than an egomaniac narcissist whose strings are actually being pulled by others.

And for you who do not go out and vote, that is a vote for Trump.

And for you white uneducated voters, let’s get real, do you really think a selfish billionaire really gives two shits about you, REALLY.  Under a Trump presidency, your life will be even worse, pretty much all of our lives will be worse, except for the 1%, they will flourish like never before.

Watch Matt Damon’s “Elysium” to get a sneak peak of the future.

Image result for trump the dictatorImage result for trump the dictatorImage result for trump the dictator


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