The people have spoken fair and square, no matter what one thinks and I know this is hard from the Democratic Liberal NYC folks (and I am one of them)since many of them live in a bubble that many Republicans live in. USA is not NYC (hell NYC is NOT NY) and NYC is NOT the center of the universe. And speaking of Queens, if Democratic rule was so good, why has so much of Queens turned into a shit hole third world country, I mean they have been in power for decades, Southeast Queens being a perfect example.

Sure I wanted change via Sanders, but between the choice of an actual adult (with issues of her own) and an dangerous egomaniac who probably does not know there are two Paris cities in the world, I choose to go with the status quo adult. Yes, Donald was half right, the voting system was not rigged, but the political system has been rigged for decades by the likes of dynasties like the Bushes and the Clintons, where good paying jobs went to other countries, Wall Street tanked an economy and still got bailed out and not one head honcho went to jail, in fact no one did. And so the majority of people spoke up, especially the white working class, that included both uneducated and educated white people.

The talk over the years about jobs being shipped overseas, many of that from Bill Clinton’s disastrous NAFTRA, the barrage of illegal immigrants, the many new immigrants who just refuse to assimilate to this country and feel that the country needs to assimilate to them (nowhere more apparent than voting polls with so many damn other languages or Hillside Avenue, which resembles a dirty third world country). This all pisses people off big time, especially when those people have lost jobs, homes, etc., while the rich (ironically like Trump) get richer and richer.

While I was shocked about the results last night, I can’t say I was surprised or did not see it coming. People wanted to blow up a system that had failed them for decades, even if that meant voting for a demigod. Originally coming from the Steel Town of Pittsburgh and watching my small hometown I grew up in go from a thriving small town USA where people without a college education could get a good job working the steel mills (many of my family & friends), buy a house, a car or two and put their children through college if they choose to and then slowly watching it by the early 80’s becoming a depressed ghost town and seeing some of those working men in their 40’s & 50’s working at a 7-11. And this was a narrative all over this country. BUT BUT BUT, let’s not overlook another factor, racism, which no doubt played a major factor as well.

You can only push people down so far and eventually there is a limit and we saw that limit last night.

Both Republicans and Democrats will pay the price for letting a huge majority of people down for decades.

Now what happens if Trump does not do good on his word of “Making America Great” again. He is a wild card and we still do not want his actual policies are, who exactly he really is (I mean he was a Democrat and Pro-Choice not that long ago).

We have entered new and uncharted Territory and only time will tell, if this is what needed to happen or not.

As Betty Davis said, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” OR a bumpy new era in the USA.

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