While I did not vote for Trump and cast my vote to Clinton (I like many others wanted Sanders in that  position), just because I felt he was not qualified for the presidency and used my brain to vote as opposed to my heart & emotions, the bottom line is that Trump won fairly & squarely (as opposed to Bush against Gore). And while the popular vote went to Clinton, we have to accept the system in place of the Electoral, which it is time for that archaic system, which is a way to control elections, to end. Bottom line, Clinton lost, because she has never really been able to connect to working class people like her husband did (or Obama), not enough Clinton voters either did not come out to vote or voted for third party candidates or voted for Trump. Trump, even though he ran a campaign that included way too much hate and idiotic things, he ran a better campaign that reached and touch the majority of people, especially the non-college white working class people who were Democrats for so long but felt that the Dems tossed them away.

Yes, people are angry, people are upset, people have no idea what will happen now. And yes it is totally legal to protest (PEACEFULLY, not like some third world country), but what exactly are people protesting, a fair and honest election, no they are mad because it did not go their way (especially the young and the millennials), but you know what, that is how life goes, which many of you will find out as you get older. Save your protests for when Trump is actually in office and attempts to repeal Obamacare with either no plan in place or a worse plan in place, protest when he attempts to waste time and money deporting 11 million illegal immigrants (who should have never been in this country in the first place), BUT at least wait to see what happens so your protest will actually have a focus or some legs to stand on, not because boo-hoo, my feelings are hurt and I did not win. Just wait. And you know what, Trump will be my president, even though I did not vote for him and think he is unqualified, just like Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Regan, Carter were my presidents, even though I did not vote for some of them. This is how Democracy works, there are winners and there are losers and the more you accept that, then you can move on to the next phase and do something to see things change. Things like, run for local office, a very important first defense in many communities, many of you can start in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, where seats are filled with tons of do nothing and crooked Democratic (and Republicans) elected officials and I use Jamaica & Southeast Queens as an important example. I mean look at the conditions in SE Queens for not just years, but decades, under Democratic rule by do nothings and crooked folks, who could care less about the people and community they serve ( Meeks, Cook, Scarborough, Wills, Huntley, Smith, Comrie, Miller, Springer, Flake, etc). A community of garbage & homeless shelters on every other block, crime, shootings, killings, unemployment. I mean with York College right in the community, you would think these elected officials would work with the college to come up with some type of training program to put people in good paying jobs and then place them in the community (if any of you would attract companies, like what should have happened with Jet Blue which went to LIC) where they can help better it and their lives. But these elected officials in this community and other similar communities seem to be more interested in keeping people down and dependent on welfare, food stamps, etc.  So young folks, especially people of color, toss your name in the hat against these dinosaur elected officials who have become so out of touch with the people, which brings me to  my next point, Trump.

Trump hit a nerve with a huge population of people, people who have lost good paying jobs, who have to work two shitty jobs and still have a hard time taking care of rent (let alone owning) and their family. AND if Trump wants to heal this country and get ALL people back together, his first priority and something he has said during his campaign, JOBS and this country’s awful infrastructure (which now resembles a worn torn third world. country). That should be priority number 1, not repealing Obamacare, not the mass deportations, but JOBS and good paying jobs.

Trump is a successful businessman, yes he has had failures, but overall he is a successful businessman and a shrewd  one who does know the “art of the deal”. So let him take  a shot at it. He likes to build things and create, let him loose and see. From the shitty third world airports in the country, like LaGuardia, to the horrendous hell hole rat like basement Penn Station to the falling apart roads and bridges to the slowest train system (Amtrak) in the world. Other countries have high speed trains that get you from one place to another in no time, while one can actually die taking Amtrak from New York to California. I mean no where do we see the screwed up, deteriorating infrastructure but in the richest city in the country, NYC,  and supposedly the finance capital of the world. The infrastructure here SUCKS. Do you realize how many good paying jobs a project like this can create, do you know how much better off many of those people’s lives would be with those jobs, you know how much better off our communities will be. Crime is not an issue but a symptom to a bigger issue, the lack  of good jobs and proper services in communities. When everyone is working (well most everyone) and working good paying jobs that allow you to own a home, own a car, put your children through college, etc, these people are happy and don’t have to rely on “handouts”,  the communities thrive, the economy does well for everyone (not just a few) including the rich. We become a better society when everyone is working good paying jobs.

So Mister Trump, BUILD, BUILD, BUILD like no other person in that position has done before and make the Republican controlled government do it. I mean most of the Republicans have you to thank for putting them into office, otherwise, many would have been kicked out. SO BUILD, bring our country together for a common goal.

And young people, do more than protesting, put yourself in elected positions in your communities. You are the future of the country. So you want a better country, become a true public servant,  where you can actually make change. Toss out the dinosaurs, the elites, the do nothings, the crooked, the lobbyist ass kissing politicians. BE BETTER.


Me personally, my own life does not change if Trump is in office anymore than when Obama, Bush2, Clinton, Bush 2, Regan were.  If the country and the world falls apart in the future, I will more than likely not be here for that. BUT, you young folks will be. AND some of you out there, your children and grandchildren will.



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