So now that we will have  a new president who made tons of racist remarks on the campaign trail, puts a major racist on his staff (white nationalist Steve Bannon) as chief strategist, divides the country in so m any pieces, I guess NYC should have a mayor who does the same.

Dumblasio’s top advisor, Lincoln Restler, shown in the photo below, should be immediately FIRED for any lack of judgement. Do you think he would be taking a photo, if the sign said “Fuck Blackness” or “Fuck Islamness”.

What is wrong with this guy, who should have known better.

I guess we truly are in for a long dark period in America and having deBlasio’s top advisor posing for this photo splashed all over Facebook just adds to the dangerous environment we see unfolding in Trumpland.

Welcome to Civil War II.


From Queens Crap:

De Blasio’s top adviser exhibits serious lack of judgment

Lincoln Restler, fauxgressive extraordinaire, and senior adviser to Mayor de Blasio, didn’t see any problem posting this photo on Facebook. It’s beyond stupid, especially coming from a member of an extremely well to do white family.

Does it scare anyone else out there to have people like Lincoln Restler advising the mayor?



  1. What color is that fucking douchehag, Lincoln, you stupid fucking hipshit? And why didn’t those two older fauxgressives tell her to take down that divisive sign.

    Lincoln Restler is a trustfund baby, by the way. He is the seed of rapacious investment firm and energy trader. And entered politics under the tutelage of one Vito Lopez. This worthless parasitic prick is also behind the homeless warehousing plan.

    And it obviously clear the loathsomeness and the rising fringe in both political party supporters. If these folks don’t accept this election and that pitiful excuse of a man that won, that’s fine, that’s why we have freedom of assembly. But they have to watch their own if they want any credibility or be right on the issues and tell stupid cunts like Lincoln’s stupid friend there to dump that sign.

    Little Lincoln seems to think that the use of vitriol and hate is okay since Trump campaigned and won with it, so it’s fair game. Also that he thinks bad publicity is good duplicity is the law of the land. This guy needs to be put down and sent back to his room without supper and video games.

    JQ LLC


    • WELL SAID. What’s right for the gander is NOT right for the goose. Turmoil and chaos ensues with this type of thinking. I thought liberals were above this, but some are proving as bad as some of Trumps “deplorables”.


  2. I meant bad publicity, although duplicity is more apt being the two-faced hypocrites these deplorable people are.

    Those idiots are the rest of the Restler family by the way. Love and anti-whiteness and all. This family are mongrel hatemongers, craven coattail riders, neoliberal scum and 1 percenters to boot. They think if provoking and inciting people worked for Trump it will work like gangbusters for liberal thinkers too.

    Has this made the mainstream news media yet? Or maybe even that lame ass Gothamist yet, the go to site for LCD clickbait?

    As of this time, No

    JQ LLC


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