We are officially becoming the third world country of NYC.

Funny, with all the crap and bad shit going on in Queens, we never once hear a peep out of the unethical mouth of Queens BP, Katz. Probably, because, she has long sold her soul to the devil, like most of SE Queens elected officials have and Rev. Floyd Flake.

Anytime I get to take a pop shot at a faux “millionaire” religious leader like Flake, I take extreme pleasure in it and hopefully piss off a bunch of his mindless sheeple followers.

Now remind me, was Jesus moved by money?


From Queens Crap:

New Elmhurst Math : 4=40 or the DESTRUCTION of ELMHURST

Submitted from Elmhurst:

“Many of our Queens neighborhoods are being transformed from lovely residential communities to overcrowded and ugly suburbs. Overdevelopment, destruction of historic landmarks, continual building code violations at construction sites, etc. Elmhurst is no exception. THIS HAS TO STOP!

Greedy developers are taking advantage of outdated NYC zoning regulations and transforming Elmhurst into an overcrowded and overdeveloped suburb. Of course they don’t care since they won’t be living here! Just take a look at a sample of these past Elmhurst sales and conversions:

These are just a sampling of what is happening to Elmhurst. So why are we writing this article? As you can see from the above examples, 4 one family homes were destroyed and the new replacement buildings became 40 families → 4 = 40 !!!!

Here are the problems created by uncontrolled overdevelopment:

Shortage of street parking
Overpopulated schools
Overtaxed Public Transportation
Subway & Buses
Strain on Public Services / Infrastucture
Sewer & drainage
Police / Fire / Ambulances
Traffic congestion
Destruction of neighborhood character
Loss of historical homes

So what can we do? For starters, we are forming an organization to inform Elmhurst residents of current events – both good and bad. We will work with the NYC agencies to develop a more current plan for urbanization. We will study the impact of overdevelopment and be a neighborhood watchdog. We will help the residents with complaints (building, sanitation, traffic, etc.) and be their voice to the authorities. We will work with the local civic groups to coordinate activities.

We will be a voice for preservation and protection of Elmhurst!

We will also be publishing a new Elmhurst newsletter to inform the community of ongoing and future developments. They will be distributed through the Newtown Civic Association (next meeting on Monday, Nov. 28 at 8pm). We will have articles on past, current and future events, research on historical sites and most importantly, the preservation of Elmhurst.”


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