I have been in this community for 6 years and since I have been here, community activist and resident Pamela Hazel has brought up this vacant properly, the James Fobb house (107-58 164th St) for all that time and I am sure before that to our Democratic Jamaica elected officials like Leroy Comrie, when he was councilmember and now Councilmember I. Daneek Miller, plus Queens Borough President Present (Katz) and her predecessor (Marshall) PLUS community board 12. YET, this property,  smack in a residential area has been used as a dumping ground without any type of intervention. Various forms of garbage from some residents, construction materials and other assorted shit, literally, like that toilet in the photo which obviously came from porta John, have been dumped here for years and years.

Why hasn’t this property,which is known as a dumping ground, been fenced off completely, so that this does not continue. Why have the local Democratic elected officials like Miller and Comrie ignored this issue for all this time, yet want the votes of the Jamaica sheeple, who unfortunately give these do nothings the votes to keep them in office AND allow such dumping to continue smack in their neighborhood. Jamaica people, is this how you reward do nothing behavior from your public servants, by putting them into office over and over again, even though they cannot even handle a simple issue like this.

By the way TWO churches are just a few blocks from this garbage dumping ground. Amity Baptist Church (two blocks) and Community Church of Christ (167-04 108 Ave). Two churches and not one of these church leaders are saying anything about this or the sheeple who attend these churches. What happen to “cleanliness is next to godliness”, I guess that does not apply in ghetto South Jamaica.

You all know this has been a major problem ( and an unhealthy one) for years, yet you all have chosen to DO NOTHING as public servants. No wonder Trump will be in the White House, the so-called caring DEMS have failed for years and especially that is no more prevalent than in Black communities like Jamaica and Southeast Queens.




From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Blacks living in hell under the Democrats

The Democrats have fooled, failed and forgotten black folks for decades. The  garbage filled, abandoned garage is only one example. It has been the subject of complaints for years.

CleanupJamaicaQueens group first ventured unto the premises more than two years ago. That triggered the borough president to contact sanitation and the property was cleaned a few times. Prior to that, all the politicians told residents that they cannot enter “private property.”

However this community, Jamaica Queens is controlled mostly by black politicians. They come out in full force during elections; then they disappear.

Voters get very little for their loyalty. And so blacks are stuck in hell. Complaints to many problems go unnoticed and unresolved.

Nonetheless, my comrade, and I will continue to expose, expose, expose; because taxpayers pay the politicians’ salaries.

Boranian, you are in charge of constituents services at Borough President Katz’s office. Thus, you should have taken care of the  deplorable site months ago, but as usual, that’s not the reality.

Can you contact sanitation and take care of  this heart-wrenching, depressing, animal ravishing heap of garbage. This is no way that human beings should spend Thanksgiving.

Photos were taken today, Sunday November, 20th. Location, 107-58 164th Street.  Meanwhile residents are staying clear of the area. It is too nasty and unhealthy.

Take notice of the uncovered toilet.



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