times ledger 2I have no problem with the media PROPERLY reporting on all issues in our borough, but not when one like the Times Ledger does not report on MAJOR quality of life issues affecting our borough and corrupt Democratic officials in Queens who do relatively nothing BUT yet reports daily at least 10 times a day on “hate crimes”, etc that are a small percentage of all the problems in this poorly run borough. AND when it does report on other issues such as illegal conversions, illegal truck driving, illegal garbage dumping, corruption, a failed Vision Zero, the dumping of homeless shelters in the borough, it gets reported once, with no in-depth reporting, no grilling of leaders or politicians, no follow up stories, it just pushed to the bottom of the new cycle.

I am just an ordinary citizen who writes a blog, works a full time job, yet I do more in depth coverage of issues affecting my community with facts, documents, photos, videos, etc while you folks actually get paid to do this and you fail at it. Facts are screwed up, misinformation, spelling errors and wrong photos.  What a fucking irresponsible RAG posing as a journalistic media outlet, when in fact it is just a part of the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine. The same goes for the Queens Tribune, Queens Press and well, the Queens Courier seems to be a high school paper, but then I would be insulting high school newspapers which have higher integrity and better reporting.

Hey Times Ledger:

Nothing wrong with reporting a “hate crime”, but it seems every day, your rag reports about 10 articles on this subject, even though statically speaking these incidents are a very small percentage, especially in Queens. In the meantime BIG ISSUES that have not been properly addressed like all the many corrupt elected officials in Queens (and especially Southeast Queens) who are not properly servicing their communities and constituents as far as the many quality of life issues goes unnoticed. The ghettoziation of Jamaica Queens, much caused by lack of proper services and ignored by most politicians including Borough President Katz does not get reported. Misuse of funds does not get addressed. Corrupt city agencies like DOT, DOB & DHS goes on and on with little reporting. Illegal truck driving and illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks which has been happening for years does not get properly reported. Thug auto body shops in Jamaica on Merrick Blvd which has turned that major street into a junk yard with junked and unlicensed cars parked on public streets, sidewalks and in front of people’s homes DOES NOT GET REPORTED EVER nor are questions asked why this continues. Tons of illegal conversions, again, not properly reported. A poisonous waste facility in downtown Jamaica (Royal Waste) does not even get touched, even though the contaminants in the ground and in the air are high , plus right across from a city park (Detective Keith Williams Park) and near many homes & apartment buildings, including a NYCHA Senior apartment building NEVER gets reported, even though Jamaica has one of the highest rates of asthma. I could go on an on.

But instead this rag paper posing as “journalism” does not even bother to cover the IMPORTANT issues that affect the majority of people and instead every day posts at least 10 articles on this minor issue. Yes, it deserves some coverage, but 10 times a day since the election.

BE RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST instead of the rag you are and the right arm of the crooked Democratic Machine here in Queens. Start doing in depth reporting on these issues and start asking questions to the so-called “leaders” as why they continue over and over again and are not getting properly addressed or fixed.

So if you want to know what is really going on in this borough and read FACTS and indepth reporting, put Queens Crap and Progress Queens on your daily must read list for what is actually going on. Both have broken stories several times before any other outlet has and does in-depth reporting and follow-ups.times ledger 2


From Times Ledger:

NYPD investigates homophobic death threat received by Van Bramer


Just days after the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force launched an investigation into a homophobic death threat received by City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside), the openly gay Council majority leader led more than a thousand protesters across the Queensboro Bridge to Trump Tower Saturday. Van Bramer said he received the threatening e-mail Nov. 17, a day after more than 700 community members packed the Sunnyside Community Services center to discuss president-elect Donald Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric and what to do about “things which have been explicitly promised and threatened by Trump and Pence.”

Vice president-elect Mike Pence has stood against expanding rights for gay and lesbian couples and his support for electro-shock conversion therapy as treatment for gays has outraged the LGBT community. Van Bramer’s office sent out an e-mail blast Nov. 17 reminding his constituents of the march and a half hour later, he received the threat just after 3:30 p.m. from an unknown source, according to the NYPD.

“Rest of the people from Queens do not agree with your homosexual lifestyle, so get the (expletive) out of this country you (expletive) traitor” the e-mail read. “I will keep a close eye on your every moves so that when it’s time to execute traitors, I will try my best so that you(r) name is included in that list of traitors. Execution is the penalty for a traitor, that is the Law Of This Land!”

The e-mail’s author called the 700 attendees at Wednesday’s town hall in Sunnyside communist socialists and threatened violence and damage to property during the march. An NYPD spokesman said there have been no arrests and the Hate Crimes Task Force investigation was ongoing.

Van Bramer said last Friday morning that he was was not afraid and his #QueensResponds march would not be cancelled.

“This is not normal or acceptable, but we will not back down. We still plan on marching tomorrow and fighting the racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic demagoguery of Donald Trump,” Van Bramer said Friday. “Queens is the most diverse county in the country, and we know that our differences make us stronger. We will fight for these values every single day, no matter what. I am not scared and I will not back down. Too many are at risk. We must all stand up and peacefully resist.”

As they gathered for the march at Dutch Kills Green at the base of the bridge, Deputy Inspector John Taravaglia and officers from the 108th Precinct arrived to escort Van Bramer and the protestors into Manhattan, not to act as bodyguards. There had been several phone calls during the week between Van Bramer’s office and the precinct, and it was concluded the turnout would be quite large, the commander said.

“The hostile e-mail that was received by Council member Van Bramer occurred after we had begun to plan for the event,” Travaglia said. “It was considered in our preparation and planning as well as all of the other threats that face us as a society today. The 108th Precinct gave assistance to the event organizers to provide the marchers with safe passage from their point of origin in Queens to their destination in Manhattan. I must say our walk was uneventful and peaceful with a lot of cars honking and waving at us over the bridge. There were no issues or incidents to report and I commend the organizers for their extreme cooperation with the 108th Precinct.”

Van Bramer thanked his constituents for participating in both the town hall meeting and the march and he urged them to get involved with numerous organizations that took part. He is also planning more meetings, actions and activities.

“Thank you for your passion, determination, and love for your neighbors and out country,” Van Bramer said. “Never forget that you are powerful, and when we all come together as a community, what we can do to change the world for the better is limitless.”

Reach reporter Bill Parry by e-mail at bparry@cnglocal.com or by phone at (718) 260–4538.

Updated 8:07 am, November 25, 2016



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