Sutphin GarbageNYC & Queens will survive a Trump presidency, not matter how gloom and doom that thought is and we will. What we can no longer continue are local elected asshole politicians like Daniel Dromm and many others with their anit-Trump rallies and cries pulling at the heartstrings and emotions of misinformed people and misdirected information or lack of information (caused by Democrats, Republicans and the irresponsible media like Times Ledger), while politicians like Dromm, NYC City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Senator Leroy Comrie, Councilman,  I. Daneek Miller, Councilman Ruben Wills, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Assembly Member Vivian Cook, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Public Advocate Letitia James , Joe “bullshit” Crowley and our illustrious not really progressive Mayor focus on this as opposed to focusing on things at home here in New York City and especially Queens (The Third World Borough), which has gone down hill year after year due to incompetent, corrupt and do nothing elected officials who love to play the game of “LOOK OVER HERE”, while picking your pockets of hard owned tax dollars and not doing a damn thing about the chronic horrible quality of life issues that go unaddressed from illegal conversions and illegal garbage dumping to illegal truck driving on residential streets to over developed & underserved neighborhoods like Jamaica. Since I have been in Jamaica for 6 years the same old issues go unaddressed and not a damn thing is being done about them (all documented on this blog, certainly not by the Times Ledger). Regardless of Trump, Obama, Clinton or whoever is president, local issues NEED to be addressed by local leaders and the President of the United States has for the most part, nothing to do with that. Obama or Trump have nothing to do with Jamaica’s garbage problem or the trucks driving illegally on residential streets or the illegal conversion of so many homes/apartments and any number of quality of life issues that have not been addressed. BUT it all has to do with our local elected officials who have played a major con game that would make Trump proud.

So BRAVO BILL KREGLER who wrote the below letter in the Times Ledger about focusing on LOCAL ISSUES instead of anti-Trump rhetoric which takes focus away from our local issues and away from our negligent elected officials, most who are Democrats. While I am not a Trump supporter nor did I vote for the major con artist clown (show me Trump if you can fix our horrible infrastructure in this country which has not had a bridge or highway built in 40 some years), you are right on the money on fixing our local communities which have fallen into third world status, while elected officials like Dromm DO NOTHING except stir up emotions (and votes) but could care less about communities, constituents or the awful quality of life in Queens (by the way NYC has the worst infrastructure of any place in the USA, no NYC is NOT the greatest city in the world). And media outlets like this rag, Times Ledger, does not help either with their lack of in depth reporting and follow-up on major important quality of life issues that continue to go down the drain. Most recently I said this about the Ledger:

Hey Times Ledger: Nothing wrong with reporting a “hate crime”, but it seems every day, your rag reports about 10 articles on this subject, even though statically speaking these incidents are a very small percentage, especially in Queens. In the meantime BIG ISSUES that have not been properly addressed like all the many corrupt elected officials in Queens (and especially Southeast Queens) who are not properly servicing their communities and constituents as far as the many quality of life issues goes unnoticed. The ghettoziation of Jamaica Queens, much caused by lack of proper services and ignored by most politicians including Borough President Katz does not get reported. Misuse of funds does not get addressed. Corrupt city agencies like DOT, DOB & DHS goes on and on with little reporting. Illegal truck driving and illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks which has been happening for years does not get properly reported. Thug auto body shops in Jamaica on Merrick Blvd which has turned that major street into a junk yard with junked and unlicensed cars parked on public streets, sidewalks and in front of people’s homes DOES NOT GET REPORTED EVER nor are questions asked why this continues. Tons of illegal conversions, again, not properly reported. A poisonous waste facility in downtown Jamaica (Royal Waste) does not even get touched, even though the contaminants in the ground and in the air are high , plus right across from a city park (Detective Keith Williams Park) and near many homes & apartment buildings, including a NYCHA Senior apartment building NEVER gets reported, even though Jamaica has one of the highest rates of asthma. I could go on an on.

But instead this rag paper posing as “journalism” does not even bother to cover the IMPORTANT issues that affect the majority of people and instead every day posts at least 10 articles on this minor issue. Yes, it deserves some coverage, but 10 times a day since the election.

BE RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST instead of the rag you are and the right arm of the crooked Democratic Machine here in Queens. Start doing in depth reporting on these issues and start asking questions to the so-called “leaders” as why they continue over and over again and are not getting properly addressed or fixed.

On a side note: When I criticized the Times Ledger recently on an article, some brain dead sheeple hiding behind “anonymous” had this to say:

anon28 from Queens says:
If this is such a “rag” newspaper, why to you read it?

Tom from Queens says:
A white person complaining that racism isn’t important – what a surprise.
to which I responded to the above brain dead and misinformed:


I read & watch many different types of media outlets, because I like to see what is out there and get various points of view, which is what most people should do, regardless of what I think of them. As far as the comment about “racism” isn’t important, I never stated that, you came up with that unsubstantial theory. I said that producing the same type of stories about 10 times a day while pretty much ignoring other important issues that affect many others and communities is irresponsible journalism. Learn to read and comprehend what you read. By the way, I love how some people feel that racism is only perpetrated by white people. It is universal and if you have read recently the hate crimes that have taken place, the perpetrator has been of various races and against various races.


But of course that probably went through one ear and out the other, since there is nothing in between those ears.

From Times Ledger Letters:

Focus on local problems, not Trump


I attended the hastily put together rally in Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights Dec. 9.

It was sponsored by City Council member Daniel Dromm and titled “Unity Trumps Hate.” Though it did not have a permit, the rally started off as a call for unity but then transformed into an anti-Trump forum. Dromm told of a story where a 7-year-old girl began crying when she mistakenly thought Donald Trump was going to visit her school. Dromm said the reason why the girl was upset was that she believed she would be deported. Of course, the crowd of about 200 ate this up like a free meal. What it did show was that kids as well as their parents were being mislead about the facts.

This continued to gravitate into more anti-Trump rhetoric. To have this hate rally on Veterans Day was also lost on the crowd and not a word mentioned of this day.

Dromm should focus on the problems of his district and less on stirring the emotions of people to hate. First clean up Diversity Plaza, which is nothing more than a pigsty. The filth from the thousands of pigeons and their droppings to the loitering vagrants have brought crime to the area and lowered the quality of life. Stop calling the people opposed to the Pan Am Shelter racists and address the lack of transparency and communication between City Hall and your constituents. Respect and follow the vote of your community board of not wanting bike lanes along Queens Boulevard that have seriously impacted the community.

Donald Trump is the president-elect, so get used to it. Allow him the same opportunity that Barack Obama was given when he was elected president. Work with Trump to turn this country around and make America great again.

Bill Kregler


Posted 12:00 am, November 26, 2016



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