While I commend Charles L. Norris, Sr (who I think is a clown who can’t be taking seriously, I mean he was the one who welcomed back crooked former Senator Shirley Huntley when she was released from prison), his Marcus Garvey boycott is a powerful tool that the black community just does not utilize for many issues (plus all walks of people buy way too  much crap anyway), but why is he focusing on police shootings in this area, which very few are unjustified (Sean Bell, the most outrageous unnecessary shooting/killing in Jamaica’s history), but that was a decade ago). Most are justified shootings because knuckleheads were involved in well, typical knucklehead behavior (carry a gun and pulling out, etc). I mean come on folks, let’s keep it REAL. BUT why are all these clergy (and there are a shitload of them) not going much further. I mean how many black on black shootings happened just this year alone, how many killings happened just this year alone. How many in the past 6 years.  Why ignore this bigger problem within this community. AND why continually ignore all the issues in this community that cause such violence. The lack of proper services, the corrupt do nothing behavior of the local elected officials, the conditions of many neighborhoods which are just plaint total filth and garbage, most of South Jamaica, a perfect example. What about that. I mean look at the continuous dumping ground at 107-58 164th street, the James Fobb vacant house, which has been turned into the most disgusting eyesore on that block and that community and nothing is being done about that despite TWO churches right near by, Amity Baptist Church  (just two blocks away) and  Community Church of Christ. Or what about the almighty Floyd Flake whose church is just a few blocks away from a notorious drug dealing area, where shootings and killings take place, plus that garbage mess in front of his small parking lot on the west side of Merrick Blvd or all the thug auto body shops which have turned Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point with all their junked and unlicensed vehicles all Merrick, plus sidewalks and all the surrounding sides streets.fobb-garbage-nov16-jpg2

I mean here are all these quality of life issues that continually are being ignored and not properly addressed and with no solutions for relatively simple problems and all these clergy have NOT stepped up to the plate for decades. Hell one church, House of Prayer Church (91-20 146 St) is in cahoots with a for profit organization to put a shelter that will have 30 single men, many parolees) on the 2nd floor of that church, which is right next to a daycare center. Talk about total irresponsibility and not giving a shit about the community, which is already overrun by dozens of homeless shelters, many which have caused so many issues due to the folks in them.

So if you are going to do something church leaders, just don’t pick the “emotional hot button” topic that is not a major problem in this area and go about half ass, why not go a full 200% and tackle all the symptoms that cause issues such as shootings, violence and killings. Otherwise you are failing this community just like the black local elected officials have done for decades.comrie-miller-hyndman-jpg2


From Queens Chronicle:

SEQ Clergy Trying To Stop Unnecessary Police Shooting

A Personal Perspective

Some Southeast Queens Clergy for Political Awareness members are no longer just preaching the refrain that “Black Lives Matter;” they are now asking the African-American community to say it loudly and proudly through the power of their disposable income.

The group, under the presidency of Bishop Charles L. Norris, Sr. is launching what they’re calling, a period of “selective buying.”

“It’s not a boycott,” the good bishop emphasized. We’re not saying, ‘Don’t buy.’ We’re saying ‘buy less.’ Black Enterprise magazine says that African-Americans spend $1.3 trillion per year, so let’s hit them in the pocketbook.”

So how does buying less get police to stop taking Black lives? According to the bishop, the intent is to make corporate America feel the impact of the Black dollar on their bottom line. Black buying power in the negative is expected to motivate the retailers to bring pressure to bear on the matter of the unnecessary deaths of Blacks during police encounters.

“This may help to convince corporation presidents, CEOs, major clothing, food outlets and other entrepreneurs to speak to governors, mayors, chiefs of police to positively speak to patrolling officers about the ongoing murder of African-Americans,” they say on a flyer bearing the heading “In an effort to stem the tide of police murdering our relatives.”

The group also wants better training for officers handling the mentally disturbed; as those encounters frequently end in tragedy as well. The “selective buying” process will begin this year on Black Friday and run through Dec. 1, 2017.

The also says that when a shooting occurs the officer or officers involved should be put on unpaid leave with the loss of his or her gun and badge and if found “not guilty” at trial, then their job, along with retroactive pay and all other privileges and benefits restored.

The organization is trying to make this effort an inclusive one and is inviting other organizations and individuals to sign on.

“The killings have gone on with no justice for too long,” said Norris. “This is not a silver bullet solution. It will take time. Let’s persevere and be patient.

Selective buying as Norris describes, will encourage shoppers to still get what they want, just less of it and that will still make an important statement.

“If a lady was going to buy six pairs of shoes, she can by two pairs,” he explained. “If a man was going to buy two suits, just buy one. This is how we get their attention.”

Your lips to God’s ear, Bishop!



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