The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Folks in Jamaica who care about the quality of life issues, including the “dumping” of dozens of homeless shelters in the community should attend this. This is the kind of thing that so-called leaders like that idiot Rev. Charles Norris Sr. should be promoting, especially considering that yet another homeless shelter of single men (many parolees) is being proposed above the House of Prayer Church (91-20 146 St) right next door to a day care center and the LIRR Sutphin Blvd Station, like we don’t have enough deadbeats hanging out in that area. This “storefront” church is in cahoots with the Forest Hills “For Profit” group, Transition One LLC. Notice that this proposal is not taking place in Melinda Katz’s hood of Forest Hill, but the Jamaica community yet again.  See

Pass this along to those interested and care about this community, which is already a ghetto mess and being turned into a homeless encampment.

CB 12: No shelter next to daycare site 1


Invite to Attend Press Conference on Homeless Crisis – Saturday, 12/3 , 2pm

As part of the continuing efforts to ensure that the City develops effective procedures to address the homeless crisis, a rally and press conference will be held on Saturday, 12/3, 2pm at Steven Banks’ (DHS Commissioner) residence in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

I would appreciate your forwarding this notice to your members and let me know if you would like to make a speech at this press conference. If your organization wishes to issue a statement or have quotes included in the Press Release, please forward to my attention.

Buses will be available at the Maspeth Holiday Inn at 1pm to travel to Brooklyn. Please let me know if you or any of your members are interested in taking the bus.

Date: Saturday, December 3rd

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Windsor Terrace Brooklyn

Buses: Holiday Inn, Maspeth, 1pm


Sally Wang


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