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hillside-garbage12-4-16-011hillside-garbage12-4-16-008You live in your community and some of you work it in, so treat it with respect, show some fucking damn pride for a change instead of making it a garbage dump and then some of you will complain that your area is getting “gentrified” or the knew ghetto term I am seeing lately “colonization”. If you all took care of you damn communities (and this really goes out to the communities of color) then you would not have to worry about developers swooping in and taking over.

So for your 2017 resolution instead of worrying about shit you have no control over like Trump being president or other shit out of your hand, think LOCALLY and take care of your community. That means stop throwing fucking damn litter out of your parked cars onto streets and sidewalks, clean up in front of your businesses & homes (especially some of those slob third world businesses on Bangladeshi Avenue (Hillside Ave), stop putting up with bullshit caused by hood rats and report nonsense that goes on your block, file numerous 311 complaints with quality of life issues instead of either just ignoring it and expecting someone else to do it,  hold your damn asshole elected officials responsible (they were put into office, make them work for their paycheck) and start putting some better people in leadership positions as opposed to the same old ghetto gangsta politicians who do jack shit for the community.

JUST have some damn pride and respect for you community instead of constantly turning into some third world low-class ghetto mess, which is what Jamaica is. I mean just look around, you don’t see predominately white communities looking like this, that is because those communities have pride and respect for where they live.

Folks, it is your community and because of where we live,especially in Jamaica/SE Queens with low-class ghetto folks, slumlords and shady businesses doing whatever they want, you must be vigilant and file 311 complaints, OFTEN. If you can take photos, better and then send them to your asshole elected leaders and write to agency commissioners on line. You can also send me (cleanup.jamaica_queens_ny@yahoo.com) your photos/problems with locations and I will post them on my blog. Some 311 complaints like illegal conversions and unsecured fences, allow you to upload photos.

Remember you can be anonymous if you wish, but I suggest not to, but that is your choice.

So use this and pass this information on to all concerned citizens who WANT TO TAKE BACK THEIR COMMUNITIES & STOP THE BULLSHIT. Stop being a damn walking stereotype.

So instead of whining about “gentrification” or “colonization”, take care of your fucking community. Take some damn responsibility for yourself instead of blaming everyone else, unless you want to be:

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Here is where to do that for some of the various quality of life issues.

  1. Broken, uneven or damage sidewalk: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/faq/423/how-do-i-report-a-broken-raised-or-uneven-sidewalk


2. Abandoned vehicles/trucks parked too long with plates or without plates: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/989/abandoned-vehicle


3.  Illegal conversions & houses ( I had DOB shut down two in my area and watched as the riff-raff were all escorted out): http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/1891/illegal-building-conversion-or-occupancy-complaint


4. Garbage complaints from overflowing cans, uncovered garbage cans, household garbage in public cans, dirty sidewalks, illegal posters, garbage strewn vacant lots, etc: http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/dsny/contact/complaints.shtml

Sutphin Garbage

5. Unsecured Fence: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/1651/fence-complaint


6. Illegal Truck driving on residential streets: https://www1.nyc.gov/apps/311universalintake/form.htm?serviceName=NYPD+Traffic+Truck+Route+Violation


7. Continuous playing of music from Ice Cream Trucks while parked: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/3019/noise-from-ice-cream-truck


8. Various Noise Complaints from churches to neighbors: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/faq/323/does-nyc-have-noise-rules


9. Report Vacant “Zombie” Homes: http://dfs.ny.gov/


You should also write a complaint on line to the various department’s commissioners AND OFTEN. Easy to do, I do it all the time, when I file a 311 complaint. Here are the various commissioner’s.

  1. Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg (sidewalk & road conditions, illegal truck driving complaints, businesses blocking sidewalks with merchandise displays, cars, etc ): http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/contact/contact-form.shtml


2. Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathyrn Garcia: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildos.html


3. Department of Buildings Commisssioner Rick Chandler (shady construction, illegal conversions, fences falling down, storing commercial vehicles on residential property) : http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildob.html


4. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mailnypd.html


5. Department of Environment Protection Emily Lloyd (noise like ice cream trucks & churches, noisy manhole covers, hazardous materials, air quality from polluting waste stations in your area): http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildep.html


6. Mayor’s Office (ALL ISSUES) : http://www.nyc.gov/html/static/pages/officeofthemayor/contact.shtml

Of course, you should know who your elected officials are and community board and email them or call them as well.

  1. Find your community board: http://www.nyc.gov/html/cau/html/cb/cb.shtml

2. Find your City Council Member: http://council.nyc.gov/html/members/members.shtml

3. Find your Assembly Member: http://assembly.state.ny.us/

4. Find your Senator: https://www.nysenate.gov/senators-committees

5. Find your Congress Member: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/NY


Here are some media contacts if your issue is not being resolved.

  1. WPIX Help Me Howard: http://pix11.com/contact-help-me-howard/


2. WPIX Arnold Diaz: WhataShame@pix11.com


3. WPIX Greg Mocker: MOCKER@PIX11.COM


4. WPIX Monica Morales: monica@pix11.com


5. NY1: 212-379-3599. Also online at http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/contact-us.html. Choose CONTACT A SPECIFIC DEPARTMENT, NY1 for your assistance.




TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

Really, the City is working with Jamaica residents (and the Rockaways) to improve their health, while in the meantime, the poisonous waste transfer facility, Royal Waste, is smack in the downtown Jamaica area, surrounded by hundreds of homes/apartments and across from a public park (Detective Keith Williams Park). NEWSFLASH, remove this poisonous facility away from the downtown area and put it in an industrial area far from homes and people, I mean that would be a BIG way to improve health, considering that Jamaica has the highest rate of asthma in the city (and who knows the cancer rate) caused by such facilities and the diesel fueled waste trucks carrying their poison 24/7. I mean if this fucking city really cared, this would be top priority, but of course they don’t.

In the meantime, since you know the city is not going to do shit about this (mainly because it is in a color of community and and a lower economic area), follow these few steps folks:

  1. NO FAST FOOD, it is fucking poison.
  2. Fruits & Vegetables and NO, potatoe chips don’t count.
  3. Exercise. Christ, Jamaica Ave has four gyms just between 170th Street and Parsons Blvd.
  4. Stop SMOKING CIGARETTES. If you are going to smoke go 420 natural.
  5. Stop eating processed food, again, it is POISON.

If you don’t, you can use the coupon in the article below for St. Michael’s cemetery, which ironically was in placed in this article. How appropriate and how “ironic”.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.



From Queens Courier:

Photo via Flickr/NYCUrbanScape

Photo of housing rooftops in Jamaica, Queens.

A city agency is working with community partners in Jamaica and the Rockaways to help its residents “take care” of themselves.

The city Department of Health (DOH) has launched its new Take Care New York 2020 (TCNY 2020) initiative: a “blueprint for giving everyone the chance to live a healthier life,” according its website.

Taking into account both traditional and social health factors along with aggregated community input, the DOH released the program’s first annual report published this month. Identifying eight underserved neighborhoods citywide, the DOH selected one local stakeholder — known as a “planning partner” — from each area willing to collaborate for change. Planning is currently in the early stages.

In Jamaica, “unmet medical need” is top priority, and the planning partner is Public Health Solutions — a nonprofit, public health institute founded in 1957 which works to improve health through research, policy, capacity building, and direct service.

Far Rockaway identified an “unmet mental health need” as the top priority, and the planning partner is the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance — a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering residents and revitalizing the area.

Each planning partner was awarded a grant by the DOH earlier this year to use towards the health improvement process. Each group will “decide how they are going to address the priority, identify potential resources and develop a local action plan.”

The community-based organizations will work to achieve TCNY 2020’s four main goals: to “promote healthy childhoods, create healthier neighborhoods, support healthy living and increase access to quality care.”

The report also featured a list of the top five health priorities expressed by residents in each of the five boroughs. In Queens, air quality is the top priority, followed by high blood pressure, obesity, physical activity and unmet mental health need, in that order.

The community can join in on the #TCNY2020 conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


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Way before Trump even ran for President, the dirty Southeast Queens has been CRAP thanks to corrupt do-nothing local elected officials, four awful Queens Borough Presidents starting with Donald Manes and a “Tale of Two Cities” mayor who keeps that motto going. BUT let’s all get together for this kind of crap and make up problems, when their are already REAL problems in the dirty SE Queens area that needs addressed.

Can you imagine what could actually be accomplished if politicians locally actually focused on the big main quality of life issues as opposed to bullshit street naming ceremonies, press conferences on Jamaica Ave getting paved and bullshit like this on of all things, fucking religious shit, where SE Queens has tons of crap worship places that do not even pay taxes. I mean are we really living in the dark ages that we need to believe all this religious mumbo jumbo like it actually serves some real purpose. Funny how the communities with the most houses of worship, especially crap store front ones are the worst communities when it comes to quality of life. Think about it.

Senator Sanders stated this “Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to do the things that God has called us to do to make a difference in our community.”

You mean like actually doing something about REAL quality of life issues, like addressing them and actually solving and fixing them. That certainly would be stepping out of your damn comfort zone, ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKING.

MIND-BLOWING, but not in a good way.

Image result for religious bullshit

Image result for religious bullshitImage result for religious bullshit


From Queens Times Ledger:

Borough’s faith-based communities discuss election

Pastor Darryl James (l), Rev. N.J. L’Heureux, Jr., state Sen. James Sanders and Professor Matt Meyer took part in Sanders’ clergy breakfast this month.

It remains to be seen what impact Donald Trump’s presidency will have on the faith-based community, but the moment serves as an opportunity for religious communities to unify and not be overwhelmed by anxiety. The advice came during a community clergy breakfast held by state Sen. James Sanders (D-Far Rockaway).

“Whether Trump is the best thing the world has ever seen or the worst thing that the world should never see, be prepared,” Sanders said during the breakfast held last Friday at Christ Pentecostal Temple in Jamaica.

Other speakers at the event included Pastor Darryl James of Grace Episcopal Church, Rev. N.J. L’Heureux Jr. of the Queens Federation of Churches and Professor Matt Meyer of the Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project.

L’Heureux called for calm in the election’s aftermath, saying he had confidence in the strength of the U.S. Constitution and the gradual pace of government, which could curtail the Trump policy proposals he had found disquieting. James called on community members to commit to action within their own neighborhoods.

“Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to do the things that God has called us to do to make a difference in our community,” James said.

The panelists also addressed the rise in hate crimes since Trump’s election, with L’Heureux asserting that Trump had not been the cause of instances of xenophobia but exacerbated issues that had long existed.


A politician (Leroy Comrie) is chipped during Mulchfest in Queens, while another (Ruben Wills) awaits in the wings.
Now that local elections are over, what are you going to do with your useless elected official?The NYC Parks Department and the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) are offering two ways to “politician-cycle” your shitty elected officials: the DSNY’s annual elected official curbside collection program, and the Parks Department’s annual Mulchfest event.

Between Jan. 3, 2017 and Jan. 14 (weather permitting), DSNY will be collecting clean, non-bagged local politicians left on the curb, which will be chipped, mixed with leaves, and recycled into rich compost for the city’s parks, institutions, and community gardens, so that they may finally serve a useful purpose.

DSNY advises residents to remove all jewelry, coins and other accessories before putting politicians out for collection.

“Recycling gives useless elected officials a life way past their useless political life,” said DSNY Commissioner Kathryn Garcia. “The elected officials in our districts today will be turned into compost to give life to plants in our city’s parks and community gardens. We thank all residents for taking part in the program.”

If you want to take a piece of your recycled elected official home with you, the Parks Department will be holding their annual Mulchfest event where residents can bring their politicians to nearly 80 locations across the city to be chipped and turned into mulch — a bag of which participants can take home with them.

MulchFest will be held on Jan. 7, 2017 and Jan. 8, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those not able to attend MulchFest can use NYC Parks’ drop-off sites, which are accepting elected officials beginning Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016 through Jan. 8, 2017.

“MulchFest is one of the many annual events that I look forward to because it’s such an easy way to show our commitment to caring for parks across the city, while removing these eyesores,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver. “By repurposing politicians we provide plenty of mulch which serves to reinvigorate New York City’s urban forest. I’d like to thank the Department of Sanitation, GreeNYC, our sponsors, and of course the responsible community members who help support our mission to maintain sustainable parks and public spaces throughout the five boroughs.”

The drop-off locations throughout Queens include:

  • Astoria Park at 19th Street and Hoyt Avenue;
  • Captain Mario Fajardo Playground at Kissena Boulevard at Booth Memorial Avenue;
  • Cunningham Park at 196th Place and Union Turnpike;
  • Forest Park at Forest Park Drive and Woodhaven Boulevard;
  • Hunter’s Point South Park at LIC Landing Events Space at 51st Avenue and Center Boulevard; and
  • Juniper Valley Park at 80th Street between Juniper Boulevards North and South;

For a full list of Mulchfest chipping and drop-off sites across Queens and the other boroughs, visit www.nyc.gov/parks and search “Mulchfest.” For more information on DSNY local elected officials collection program visit www.nyc.gov/dsny, or call 311.

PS: There is a surcharge for extra large elected officials.