Call me racists some of you folks if you want, because I don’t give a shit, but the typical black young ghetto hood rats with hoodies, reeked havoc again in Jamaica, robbing and brutally attacking a 27 year old man, that left him with a broken eye socket.

And I am sure these hood rats are from Jamaica and probably South Jamaica, the capital of ghetto hood rats.

YEP, living in a predominate black community SUCKS!!!! Although I should be more specific, African-American community.

Get your fucking shit together folks. And people complain about Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants. The problem is with many of the young African- Americans in communities like Jamaica.

The article below states “They are all described as black and between the ages of 19 and 22.” OF COURSE, were you expecting Asians.

Piece of advice: NEVER NEVER NEVER move into a predominately African-American community. It sucks every which way you turn it.

More Jamaica hood rats running wild. What a fucked community that breeds shit like this.

More Jamaica hood rats running wild. What a fucked community that breeds shit like this.


The Daily News:

Three men brutally attack, rob subway riders on E train in Queens

hood-ratsCops released photos of two of the suspects in the brutal beatings.

Three men brutally beat and robbed two straphangers on a subway train in Queens, police said Friday.

The assailants attacked their victims, both men in their 20s, on board a moving E train as it pulled into Jamaica Center station around 3 a.m. Friday, cops said.

The trio violently beat the two men and stole their iPhones, before fleeing from the train at Jamaica Center station, according to officials.

The two victims suffered injuries to the face, and were treated at a nearby hospital, cops said.

The 25-year-old man was left with a broken eye socket, a broken nose and bruising, and the 27-year-old man suffered a bloody lip and a swollen face.

Cops on Thursday released surveillance photos of two of the suspects. They are all described as black and between the ages of 19 and 22.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.




  1. There’s an expression: ‘nothing good ever happens at 3 AM’.
    This is true pretty much anywhere and everywhere, but one of the worst possible places to be at 3 AM on a Friday (did the writer mean Saturday morning?) is Jamaica Station: here are a few reasons:
    – it is the end of the line: everyone has to leave. During rush hour, there is protection in the large numbers: not so much at 3 AM.
    – if you emerge after rush hour, all the dollar vans usually lined-up at the exit are gone, and you find yourself in an empty wasteland: if you wanted a visual definition of the expression: ‘they roll-up the carpet after sundown’, Jamaica Ave is the place.
    There is no store, no restaurant, no bar: nothing is open, you are totally on your own if run into any trouble.
    I’ve asked the 103rd many times why there isn’t a cop in sight, after seeing a woman exiting the station with me one night ~ 10 pm hassled by a guantlet of these fucks leaning against the wall, from the station to Jamaica Ave.
    If you have to take one of the many buses heading north across the street, you will be in almost total darkness: there is almost no lighting there.
    Complaints on this issue were made over a year ago: the result?
    Damn nothing. This is Jamaica, after all.


  2. In a predominantly black neighborhood most crimes will be committed by back people. Who is commiting all the crimes in Charlestown Mass? White people. Get your shit together bigot!


    • Wow, it took no time to hear the tired old standard “bigot” when a person speaks reality of the community they live in. I am talking Jamaica, not Massachusetts, so stop trying to distract from the topic, which are the conditions and quality of life in a predominately black community, Jamaica. Stick to the subject, but if you want to bring up Massachusetts, I don’t think the whole state has as much crime, shootings and killings as the community of Jamaica Queens. People don’t like when a mirror is held up and they have to face the truth about their community.


  3. I agree. I’ve been here in Jamaica for 12 years coming out of Clinton Hills Brooklyn. The blocks are the absolute filthiest ever, trash all over. People just don’t care about the neighborhood. Fortunately haven’t had any safety commuting problems but I’m so sick of getting off the E train after my 2nd (Part -Time) job , having to pass the 10-12 young men shooting dice, selling God know what ??? At Jamaica Center EVERY NIGHT!!!! and you wonder where are the policemen??? Right downstairs walking the platform.


    • We need more people like you voicing your opinion on all this bullshit instead of calling out people as racist because of all the crap that goes on in this community of color. Of course those saying that don’t want to see the community cleaned up, then they will not be able to engage in their criminal behavior and bullshit. Don’t care if people are hurting in this community or whatever, there is NO reason to trash it and make it look like shit, regardless if do nothing elected officials like Comrie and others continue to do nothing.


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