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The local media in SE Queens is atrocious at times, if they are not sensationalizing a story with screwed up facts (Queens Courier), pandering to local politicians (Queens Press, which Senator Comrie’s wife works for) or criticizing local residents when they complain about justified glaring ongoing quality of life issues not being addressed (Queens Times Ledger),  not hitting hard enough because they are afraid to offend (Communities of Color),  they are just not digging deep enough or following up on stories like why NYPD and elected officials are not addressing properly “illegal truck driving on residential streets ” or “auto body shops and dealers who place their junked and unlicensed cars all over public streets and sidewalks” or hammering hard all the crooked do nothing elected officials in the dirty Southeast Queens and. Sure they are fine to get a little overview, but if you are looking for substance or in-depth no holds barred reporting on issues that affect us regular folks, then time to go to local blogs like Queens Crap, the granddaddy of focusing on local issues, Progressive Queens, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, New York Shitty, Newtown Pentacle,and Project Woodhaven  to name a few. My morning starts off with going right to Queens Crap.

Well now there is another blog to add to this list and one that I have been waiting for, since I have been following comments on various sites by this person for some time. Always on the mark, highly intelligent and well read, plus an affinity for pop culture, this individuals blog is now here, which began in November, although from reading his comments for some time now, it was just a matter of time:


which states “A weekly update on the myriad injustices and exploitations of sell-out elected officials, voracious multinational corporations, soulless manipulative lobbyist firms and individual craven corrupt recidividists with ruminations on culture decay and fond nostalgia.”

With a city that seems so out of control, where the inmates are running the asylum and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the Dirty Southeast Queens (which this individual coined), where local media rags like Queens Courier and Times Ledger just are not doing responsible in-depth reporting (with follow up) on the important issues of the day, where elected officials (both Republicans & Dems) have been feeding us bullshit for decades and where too many people are getting news from Facebook (Zuck should be ashamed of the whole ‘fake news” bullshit) and our next President, con man Trump, gets his news from “And I heard….” and is has a twitter addiction, it is great to be able to read another source that actually focuses on the issues at hand that affect our communities (and beyond) and tells it like it is with facts and reality and does not pander to elected officials or is afraid of rocking the boat. We are in dire times (which has been building for over a decade) and we can no longer count on especially local news to give us the REAL SCOOP and DIG.

BUT remember, it is good to read as much as you can from conservative to liberal and everything in between to get the whole picture and hear from those you may disagree with. Don’t just stay in your own little bubble.


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