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Old age is the new “youth”. When my cousin who was 78 died, my mom at 90 going soon on 91 said, “My, he was young”. Yes, age is a number, and though us baby boomers have our aches & pains that we don’t always bounce back from quickly like we did, why we might fall asleep watching a night time TV show or movie and have to watch it about three times, while we may no longer be “idealist” (that is for the young) we have become “realist”, while us men may need to take the magic blue pill every now and then, we still are the top dogs and we plan on staying on top till the last baby boomer breathes his or her breath.

David Bowie, who died in January at age 69, put out an amazing album, “Blackstar”, two days before his death. Leonard Cohen, who just recently died at 82, had just put out his last album “You Want it Darker”, the amazing Sharon Jones (of the Dap Kings), who battled for three years pancreatic cancer and died last month, continued to tear up the stage up to her death that would put a healthy Beyonce to shame (and used no back-up dancers) put out their first Christmas album, “It’s a Holiday Soul Party” in 2015. Prince, another great one we lost this year, continued to tour and put out albums right up until his death. Bruce Springsteen, one of the most prolific song writers, at 67 performs amazing 4 plus hour concerts (hell you can’t put two of today’s folks to perform 4 hours combined). David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) at age 70 put out a great album this  year, “Rattle That Lock”. mary J. Blige, a youngster at 45, has 13 albums to her credit, including 2016’s “Strength of a a Woman”. The Rolling Stones, whose youngest member, Ronnie Wood, is 69, just the other day put out their best album in decades, the blues covers, “Blue & Lonesome”. The baby boomer musical performers don’t need fireworks, special effects or tons of back-up singers (all to hide today’s folks weaknesses and not make you feel bad for paying $200 for a concert ticket). And before Beyonce over talked about “Formation”, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and Gill Scott-Heron were doing this many times over and much better. And while much of the music playing on radio today is crap, you need to look underground and across the ocean to find really good musicians because there are some good young folks out there. It just is that the airwaves are filled with mediocre talent who you can’t tell one person from another and it all sounds the same like it was made by a robot, well which pretty much is, with the same old producers on everything and with a click of a button to make Brittany Spears sound, well, the best for her is below average, even with computers.

Donald Trump, still unqualified to be our president, at 70 mopped the floor of youngsters like Mark Rubio, who is decades younger than Trump. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton could put youngsters to shame with their grueling campaigns. Joe Biden is talking about running for President in 2020 at the age of 78 and he would be one hell of a president.

We still have the power. See if the Republicans will attempt to privatize Medicare or Social Security, the baby boomer will not tolerate it. Some of the best TV shows today are not about youngsters and while most of today’s movies are crap (half are animation, the other half comic books), baby boomers are still a force on the big screen. We are not like our parents, who had a hard time adapting to change. We have smart phones (not me, I think cell phones are dumb), we are tech and social media savvy. Myself, I am shy two years of 60 and did not bother with Facebook, Twitter or blogging, till I started Clean Up Jamaica Queens and then ran with it. I still don’t have a personal Facebook or Twitter page (I don’t feel the need to post a photo of me on Facebook sipping a Cappuccino at Starbucks or any other inane shit that nobody really cares about except the person posting that crap). Jamaica resident & community activist, Amy Anderson, born in the old Immaculate Mary Hospital, over 70 and still taking care of her block and giving do nothing elected officials her piece of mind.

So Madison Avenue, stop with your idiotic stupid commercials about adult diapers, sit-down bathtubs and other crap you are attempting to shovel down our throats because we are NOT being put out to pasture. And stop making actors in commercials talk to us like we can’t hear or are first graders. We see right through your shit and cannot be bought off as easily as Millennials or the younger crowd (not to say that all Millennials and young folks are whiny little self-indulgent brats walking around in a coma lead around by their cell phones and talking about how many fake friends they have on Facebook while watching brain dead shows like Keeping Up With the Whore Kardashian Family or the House Bitches of Atlanta).

So, take a sit Millennials, we AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE.

Yes, as I get older I realize a couple of things:

  1. Youth is wasted on the young.
  2. YOU are responsible for you own behavior and your own outcome in your life story.
  3. What people think or say about you, does not fucking matter.
  4. It’s all bullshit and the meaning of life is “you die”. Think about that one.

Now youngsters, go back to your cell phones, post a photo of you sipping a Caramel Light Frappuccino on Facebook or Instagram or whatever other kind of new shit is out there to show how self-indulgent you are, whine about “cyber bulling” and being so politically correct that if you say “rose colored glasses”you find that racist for using the word colored, complain about assaults against Muslims by others yet say absolutely NOTHING about the treatment of Muslim women by male Muslims (for fear you may be called “racists”) and thinking if you use Pandora (so lame) that you are in charge of picking your music.

Oh and young white liberals who live in Brooklyn Heights or other areas like that, you don’t get to make a comment about my rants living in Jamaica, until you fucking pack up your Louis Vuitton luggage and move to Jamaica,  because you are SO CLUELESS and living in your little white liberal bubble. But it “makes you feel good.”

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The Daily News:

STASI: Joe Biden is the latest pol to show us that running for President is an old man’s game


Joe Biden suggested he may run for President in 2020, when he’ll be 78 years old.

(David Dermer/AP)

Old is the new black.

Joe Biden has just announced that he’ll probably run for President in 2020. Talk about hindsight — or bad sight — being 20/20. Old Joe (really old) will be 78 when he enters the White House — if, of course, he can beat that whippersnapper incumbent Donald Trump who’ll be a mere kid at 74.

Bernie Sanders, who achieved rock star status with youngs during his presidential campaign, did so at 75. The age of the majority of his supporters? Between 17 and 29. Too bad some of them weren’t old enough to vote for the oldest man on the planet, er, ballot, because he was a great candidate.

Hillary is 69 and Trump is 70 — and both have massive numbers of followers who range from half their ages all the way up to and well past them.

So much for the experts who think it’s millennials who set the standard and make the trends for everything that is and ever will be. Screw that!

boomers2Donald Trump proved the naysayers wrong as he won the White House at age 70.

(John Minchillo/AP)

In fact, while we’re at it, screw all those idiot advertising geniuses who think that people over 35 are too busy minding their bladders to waste time or money on anything but Depends. These blockheads must be getting their information from clueless pollsters and TV “experts” who were wrong about everything. They were gas bagging while senior citizens snuck in and took back the world.

It’s well past time they got their heads out of their glasses and looked up at the real world.

boomers3Bernie Sanders, 75, was a breakout candidate who was especially popular among young people.

(Nati Harnik/AP)

The millennial experts were especially wrong about 70-year-old Trump, who they said didn’t have what it takes to compete against younger candidates. Right. He destroyed all 9,000 younger candidates who ran against him — without getting out of breath.

If you’ve ever been on a presidential campaign, you know it’s months of 20-hour non-stop days and nights in every kind of weather, endless grueling speeches and appearances, no rest, and sleep just a memory of something you once did. It’s enough to destroy a 25-year-old, let alone people in their 70s like Trump, Sanders and almost-there Hillary. Except for a brief bout with pneumonia — which probably would have killed a younger person — Hillary was always refreshed and on top of her game.

boomers-4Hillary, 69, was always refreshed and on top of her game.


Remember how Trump reduced 45-year-old Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who looked like they’d gone 12 rounds with the Klitschko brothers when he was done with them. Bernie, too, withstood it all and never looked like he’d taken a punch, and neither did Hillary. Until she lost, that is.

One thing’s for sure: If 70-year-old Trump keeps doing the stuff presidents are not supposed to do — like calling world leaders without diplomatic approval — and making it work like the experts say it absolutely positively can’t, he’ll definitely be the 74-year-old on the ballot in 2020. And his opponent might be 78-year-old Joe Biden.



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