Doc Dealer

Most of us know that so many of the doctor’s offices and clinics in Jamaica and SE Queens are bullshit scams and drug dealing joints and Dr. Emmaunel Lambrakis, was going full ghetto drug dealing at his offices in Jamaica & Astoria by selling oxycodone by the case, which by the way the USA has a major opiod addiction that is out of control.

Ironic that his Jamaica office at 175-61 Hillside Avenue is right across the street from the crappy drug addict clinic, Lab Corp, which many of the clients there are addicted to opiods. So grab a handful at the Docs, grab a slice at Benny’s next door and cross the street to head over to the drug clinic, Lab Corp, to get yourself better, yeah better addicted.

Only in Jamaica and SE Queens, the shithole of NYC.


From Queens Courier:


A doctor who owns and operates medical clinics in Astoria and Jamaica was arrested for writing thousands of “medically unnecessary” prescriptions for oxycodone over a 5 year period, according to federal prosecutors.

Emmanuel Lambrakis, 69, sold prescriptions from his clinics at 175-61 Hillside Ave. in Jamaica and 32-76 31st St. in Astoria starting in January 2011. He wrote approximately 17,000 oxycodone prescriptions at one of his clinics, resulting in the distribution of nearly 2.4 million oxycodone tablets, which have a street value of at least $48 million.

According to U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, Lambrakis wrote 30 or more prescriptions for 30-milligram oxycodone pills in a single day. The doctor charged $150 in cash for a “patient visit,” where he would normally see several patients in the same examination room.

Lambrakis would “perform simple, perfunctory body manipulations” like rotating arms and legs and would barely speak to the patients, the criminal complaint said. He would then give out prescriptions for 120 or more 30-milligram tablets.

“Although licensed as a doctor, as alleged, Emmanuel Lambrakis was a prolific and dangerous drug dealer,” Bharara said. “He allegedly pumped medically unnecessary oxycodone pills into our communities, feeding the addiction of countless people.  This arrest is a critical part of our overall fight against the devastating opioid abuse epidemic.”

Lambrakis was charged with one count of conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute oxycodone.  If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

“Drug dealers selling scripts for money give doctors a bad name,” said Special Agent in Charge James C. Hunt. “The dismantling of a modern day opium den masquerading as a medical clinic in the heart of Queens shows the result of law enforcement collaboration.  The investigation identified that Emmanuel Lambrakis allegedly diverted oxycodone pills to New York City streets enabling the one thing law enforcement, communities, and health professionals are trying to avoid – opioid addiction and overdose deaths.”



  1. Fuck you he was a very nice Doctor he never sold any prescription to anyone only he would write a prescription was if had medical records showing injurys called a Mri and had a accident report this is really messed that u press ppl are trying to give him a bad rap it’s the drug dealers that gave this poor guy a bad name he was great person with a great personality May god be with him an I bet you that he will beat this case God bless u dr lambrakis


    • What does “nice” have to do with doing something illegal. The serial killer Ted Bundy was described as very pleasant and friendly, but has nothing to do with his crimes.

      So tell it to someone who gives a shit. OH and a VERY BIG FUCK YOU to you asshole. Ironic that you use the word God in the same paragraph as Fuck. You religious crackpots make me laugh, such hypocrites. LONG LIVE ATHEISM and GOD IS DEAD.


  2. The Greek Doctor Club is run by a vitamins witch doctor. If Greeks trojaned their eurobudgets, do you trust their food hygiene, caique shipping, quisling lawyers or olive witch doctors? Doctors like Lumvraquez get their clients phony disability pensions in Greece, then the USA, and a couple of other countries while they are on their way here.


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