Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

If I was going to get any kind of response in regards to the rampant and decades long illegal parking of junked/unlicensed vehicles all over Merrick Blvd, the surrounding side streets and other places in Jamaica by auto body shops/dealers it was going to come from the hardest working precinct in NYC, the 103rd precinct. Community Board 12, local elected officials like Comrie, Miller and the other do-nothings, including BP Katz and her cronies taking up space in Borough Hall will continue to remain silent on WHY this has been allowed to happen for years and decades going all the way back to stooges like Archie Spigner and Comrie in all his 12 years as Councilman. At least the 103rd gave me an update of what is going on.

For those who are not familiar we have now have at several precincts, including the 103rd, the NCO program (the Neighborhood Coordination Officers), where the same officers (usually two) are assigned to a specific section of the community every day to focus entirely on quality of life issues and to get to know the community and people. While last year we had “The Untouchables” under the leadership of Sgt. Cedillo, who helped both myself and community activist Pamela Hazel on many issues, unfortunately, that was not a “official” program and that group of officers would be pulled off quality of life issues at anytime to focus on emergencies and bigger crimes, eventually pulled away altogether. So now we have a more focused version of “The Untouchables” know as NCO ( The officers assigned to my are are Officers Sclafani and York, both who I have been in touch with several times since the program began.

They hit the ground running, tackling any left over illegal truck driving on my street, going as far as having a huge flashing temporary sign at Jamaica Ave/170th Street for a month, warning trucks to use the truck route 168th Street and not 170th. When the sign was not facing 170th which I felt would be more effective as opposed to the east part of Jamaica, and mentioned that, the officers contacted me quickly telling me that the sign would be moved the next day and it was. They then spent a month warning truck drivers and actually contacting some of the trucking companies who were major culprits and then after that started their ticketing. While I don’t expect to never see a truck again on my street (those guys will always attempt to skirt the law) and the 103rd is not at my beckon call to take care of just my issues, there has been a significant reduction, just like there was last summer before the program as Detective Costa was always on this issue.

As far as this awful rampant auto body shop fiasco which has turned our streets/sidewalks into junkyards, Office Sclafani, responded”

“Good Morning,

  Myself and officer York have spoken to the auto body shops located within our sector which is the Van Wyck to 175 street and Hillside Ave to the train tracks, we advised all those shops that any vehicles that did not have plates on them (correct plates of course) and are located on the street will be towed.  Also we mentioned to the businesses that no vehicles are allowed to be placed onto side walks, any vehicles that are located on sidewalks will be ticketed.  I also forwarded the email to the NCO’s that are in charge of the sector that covers Merrick Blvd.  Starting tomorrow we will be making rounds to ensure that those vehicles were moved.  I will also reach out to the truck company regarding the email about 170 street.  Thank you and have a good day.”

PO Sclafani 103 Precinct

Now as far as the elected officials, I have NOT ONCE in all the years I have been reporting this issue (as have Pamela Hazel), not one of them have responded as to WHY this has been allowed to happen in the first place and then allow to fester to epic proportions. YET, these clowns like Comrie and corrupt going to jail soon Councilman Wills, make more money than NYPD Officers. Officers who protect our community, who help to keep us safe and who put their life on the line every single day, especially in a hell hole like Jamaica, where they have to deal with so much bullshit and so many bottom of the barrel people who make life miserable and still have to hear anti-police bullshit (next time something happens to you, don’t call NYPD, call one of the hood rats roaming the neighborhoods) . Talk about injustices, corrupt Ruben Wills makes more money than our officers and all he has down is steal money and do bullshit photo ops. And our asshole Mayor had the nerve to speak anti-police rhetoric awhile back and the do nothing city council members had the nerve to give themselves a 32% raise, 32% for doing practically nothing, while NYPD got a paltry 1%. Hell, the do nothing politicians can’t even answer a constituent’s simple question. And don’t even get me started on the money wasted on the Public Advocate and the Queens Borough President, both who have done pretty much nothing to improve quality of life in our borough. In fact have you noticed how quiet Katz has become, not a peep out of her with all this dumping on homeless shelters in our community. And as far as Tish goes, her ass has never been out to Jamaica on any of our issues, except her appearance to stump for Comrie when he was running for Senate, damn talk about a conflict of interest with the Public Advocate.

So a BIG thanks to the 103rd precinct, Detective Costa and Officers Sclafani and York for all they do in our community and giving me an update.

So if you do not know your NCO’s in your area, get to know them, because we know the deal of contacting your elected officials. You have a better chance of getting an answer from Trump. And speaking of Trump, while I did not support him, did not vote for him and think he was a poor choice for President, plus don’t think much most Republicans, I get it, especially seeing all the dead weight do nothing Democrats in this city and especially the black Democrat political gangsters of SE Queens, who have done very little to nothing about quality of life issues, but talk a good bullshit game.

As Trump would say “You’re Fired”, that is if the people of Jamaica finally wake up to the realization that you are being screwed big time by these clowns.

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