Below was from Queens Crap, the ONLY media, that actually broke the whole homeless shelter fiasco in this city and especially in Queens and still continues to dig and dig and dig, which is what the other so-called media outlets should be doing, you know, their fucking jobs.

Yep, this asshole Mayor and this majorly fucked up city agency, DHS, really care about fixing the homeless issue………..SURE……………………..

Queens Crap:

DHS ok with making people homeless in order to house other homeless

From the Daily News:A faith-based Queens nonprofit is trying to boot low-income renters into the street in the midst of the holiday season — in the hopes of converting their building into a homeless shelter, residents told the Daily News.

The New York School of Urban Ministries in Astoria wants tenants out of the 46th St. building as soon as possible and has been using underhanded methods to speed up the process, residents say.

Pastor Peter DeArruda, the executive vice president of the ministry, sent notices out last month informing tenants they must vacate the building by Dec. 31.

City officials said they were approached about using the site as a shelter but scuttled any plans when they realized that there were long-term tenants in the building.

“We’re absolutely, positively not using this place,” said Department of Homeless Services spokesman David Neustadt.

This DHS is something else. They lured a young couple to NYC with the promise of free lodging under “right-to-shelter” and ended up killing their young children. Now they’re ok with evicting low income tenants so that they can stash their homeless there instead – until they get a phone call from a newspaper.


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