From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

The garbage was cleaned about three weeks ago; just before Thanksgiving, remember!    Now Key Food Super Market has found a new way of disposing of it’s garbage. Where else, James Fobb’s neglected property; at 107-58 164 th. Street Jamaica Queens.

This morning around 8:40 I was summons to the area by a neighbour/supporter. She said, that some one from Key Food Super Market was spotted throwing piles of brochures on the private property.


As I was clicking away, I noticed a regular sanitation truck and a sanitation car. I spoke to Mr. Dawson, who was very sympathetic to the plight. He said that he heard of the situation and was there to post another fine. However, he said that sanitation lot cleaners have to clean the private property, not the regular sanitation employees. He was singing to the choir.


This perpetual plight is due to nothing else than “lack of law enforcement,” in the black neighbourhood. Remember Katz, who said, ” if elected as borough president, I will hit the ground running.”

Well, the only things running at Fobb’s property are the two legged and four legged animals. How could these so-called leaders justify their blatant disregard for this black neighbourhood. Oh yes, because the black people keep voting them into office.

Wait there is hope, the Trumpians are ready to go to task. In the meanwhile, Boranian you are a paid employee at Katz’s office. Please call sanitation AGAIN to clean this mess AGAIN. Also, remember that Key Food is responsible for the actions of it’s employees.

You can embark on the dumb excuse, claiming that no one knows who threw piles and piles of Key Food brochure at the site.
Who else has access to the abundance of those brochure, flyers, and packages.

Please do your job, you are well paid.

P.Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice


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