So many people bitch and complaint about issues in the Jamaica community, yet very few do anything when it comes to standing up for what is right. You all vote for the same crap elected officials over and over again who do so little for the community, people like Meeks, Comrie, Wills and Cook, I mean many of you don’t even bother to come out and vote. You complain to each other, yet most do not pick up a phone or send an email to those elected officials on a regular basis on the same damn issues that they should be focusing on and doing something about locally (I am not talking big issues out of their control) or file numerous 311 complaints. Issues like illegal garbage dumping, illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal overnight parking of huge tractor trailer trucks, which still continue under the LIRR tunnels in downtown Jamaica, illegal parking of vehicles on Merrick Blvd and surrounding streets/sidewalks by auto body shop that have turned that area into a junk yard and has been going on for decades and so many other quality of  life issues that local elected officials can do something about but choose to ignore, say nothing and do nothing. But have some lame street naming ceremony and the clowns are out in full force smiling for the cameras, like they just cured cancer. Heavy lifting these clowns know nothing about.

So instead of just complaining to yourself,  DO SOMETHING, instead of criticizing someone as “racists” because you don’t like what he says or because he speaks the damn truth about this community, some of the people in it and the do-nothing/crooked elected officials, then write your own damn blog, JUST DO SOMETHING, like coming out to protest yet another damn homeless shelter in this community which is making it look like “Homeless Hotel Village” as opposed to BP Katz’s bullshit of Jamaica being an “Airport Village” or “Tourist Destination”, which we know is ALL BULLSHIT.

So do nothing and expect more of this coming to your local neighborhood.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica


From Michele of Community Board 12:

Greetings Everyone

I hope that your spirit is high in this season of love.

I am reaching out to you for your support in this fight to stop the owner from building the hotel on 115 Avenue & Guy R Brewer Blvd.
The best gift we can ourselves is to preserve our community for our future generation.

One hour is all we need to protest.
Let’s brave this weather and win this fight.  Dress warm!

Peace and Love,


Community Board 12 Member



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