Another comment from an individual whose insight and perspective I respect much. In fact this individual finally has a great blog, Impunity City. Check it out: https://impunitycity.wordpress.com/

Again this comment on Marcia Coxum totally idiotic and confusing “perspective” deserves it’s own post, just to show how shady Coxum and Queens Press are and just another extension of the corrupt dirty Queens Democratic Machine. By the way Marcia, I don’t see Jabba The Hut throwing his name in the ring for mayor. ONE, outside of the Dirty Southeast Queens, no one knows this douche and his do nothing work for almost a decades (unless you count photo ops and street naming ceremonies). TWO, he is dickBlasio’s bitch and sure does not have the balls to stand up to him. But then Comrie at this point, does not even know if he has balls, I mean when was the last time he saw them, 1962.

AND now on to the next insightful rebuttal on Coxum’s bullshit. KEEP THEM COMING FOLKS.You may just get your own post for it.

BUT before we get to that, one reader GeorgeTheAtheist poses a question which is a ONE OF THE BIG MYSTERIES OF LIFE:

Joe, could you or your readers help me on this? I always wondered how a guy as fat as Leroy Comrie can take a shit without breaking the toilet? Or maybe cracking the flange bolts or loosening the wax ring (causing a flood). Or maybe he craps by squatting on a sheet of newspaper and then wrapping it up throws the turds into the garbage can? (A so-called “flying toilet”.) I mean how on earth does he accomplish this daily event? And furthermore, how does he reach behind those humongous ass cheeks to wipe himself clean? Maybe ‘for better or worse” wifey Marcia is called in at that point to lend a hand? Does his bathroom have a bidet? A garden hose? A power washer?

Well Georgie, I think they have a raffle for all the folks that have voted for him over the years and just think he is the best thing since sliced bread and each winner gets the honor of getting in their and doing some major clean-up. Think of it as “giving back”.

Asshole leaders. The same shit over and over in different positions.

Asshole leaders. The same shit over and over in different positions.


From JQ LLC:

“So yes, Avella and other Democrats should challenge the Mayor. It will make him a better candidate and a mayor should he win a second term”
Marcia “Mrs. Leroy” Comrie


That is a confusing editorial by Miss Comrie. She managed to turn a critique of Mayor Big Slow Shit Show’s ass backwards policies and wound up endorsing him. And for someone who thinks Avella committed an act of party sedition because he decided to legislate with republicans, which last time I checked is supposed to be your sworn duty when elected and then maligns Albanese, who at least has a slight legacy in our ignored borough, is being hypocritical and betraying to her own party affiliation by trying to demean, discourage and devalue their ambitions and their right to run for mayor.

There seems to be a mission to keep our current corrupt mayor in control by certain establishment dems, and by Ms. Comrie’s poor writing, to keep the status quo alive. Let it be known that she, her husband and the rest of the electeds in the dirty southeast of Queens do not want any progress, change or even slight improvements at all for the area’s environment and security.

Besides, once the Blaz is indicted, Letitia James will take over, so maybe Ms. Comrie can take solace that a black person will be in city hall, fucking racist.

From Queens Press:

Senator Avella Wants To Be ‘Mayor Avella’

A Personal Perspective

Well it was bound to happen. State Senator Tony Avella (D-Bellerose) plans to challenge Mayor Bill de Blasio in the race for mayor next year.

Avella, a member of the State Senate’s Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), has filed papers to run for mayor; and will reportedly make a formal announcement on Sunday, Dec. 19.

The former City Councilman who represented Council District 19, has always marched to the beat of his own drum — to the chagrin of party leaders and colleagues, such as then-Councilman de Blasio. His joining the IDC has also stuck in the craw of Senate Democratic leadership. Every Democrat who joins the splinter group diminishes the mainline Democrats’ chances to regain control of the Senate.

Leaving the City Council in 2009 after two terms, Avella in 2010 took on entrenched Republican senator, Frank Padavan for the 11th Senate District and won; and in 2014 he successfully defended his seat against former City Council Colleague and Public Advocate, John Liu.

Liu was himself a candidate for mayor in 2013 and was among those who lost the primary to de Blasio. Tony Avella, to put it bluntly, doesn’t care about being liked and is therefore, not well liked by the powers that be. But his constituents clearly like him.

There is at least one other known Democrat who has also said he is running. Former Councilman and a mayoral candidate himself last time out Sal Albanese plans to throw his hat in the ring again.

And although de Blasio has made many missteps as mayor, he is so well known that defeating him in a primary will not be a cake walk. Neither Albanese, who lives in Brooklyn; nor Avella, a Queensite, are exactly exciting and new.

Fortunately for them, neither is de Blasio, whose bi-racial family was appealing to the very ethnically mixed City of New York. That’s old now. Even Dante’s famous afro has been trimmed down (not that he couldn’t regrow it, but who’d care now? Very few people, one imagines).

The Mayor has also not made a major dent with the homelessness problem. In fact, it has reached crisis proportions. Add to that, the Administration for Children’s Services is in the hot seat even as we go to press.

ACS Commissioner Gladys Carrion stepped down earlier this week after her agency failed to protect two children this fall alone from their abusers of months if not years. The overwrought commissioner said in a press conference that it is better for her wellbeing that she steps down.

Her wellbeing! How about the wellbeing of the two little boys who died because the system failed to act in their behalf? As she said through her sobs, no child should have to die. Yes, we agree with that, Ma’am; and we are glad you are stepping down so that we can start afresh. We’re praying it never happens again.

These things, if nothing else, will haunt the Mayor throughout the election cycle. He’s man enough to take responsibility for these failures, but while saying, “The buck stops with me,” is a refreshing change, it doesn’t change anything.

So yes, Avella and other Democrats should challenge the Mayor. It will make him a better candidate and a mayor should he win a second term. Meanwhile, Avella’s chance of becoming mayor is debatable at this time.


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