Senator Tony Avella

Senator Tony Avella

If a city needs the swamp drained I can think of no other than the most corrupt city in the country, the big rotten apple. And with the worst mayor in history outside of Dickens, it is time for de Blasio (the hotel homeless shelter king) to be a one time mayor. So how appropriate for Senator Tony Avella to announce his run for Mayor outside the controversial Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth which was started the whole “anti-hotel homeless shelter” movement brought on by this boob mayor poor and bad homeless policies, which have blighted neighborhoods and make life even more miserable for the homeless, while providing no services or no way out but a viscous game of musical homeless shelters..

BUT it all depends on the NYC sheeple. For as intelligent and supposedly “with it” the people in this city claim to be, they have a bad habit of putting SHIT into office (de Blasio, Joe Crowley, the entire SE Queens, Queens BP Melinda Katz, former Queens BP’s Schulman & Marshall, the Vallone’s,).  I mean just fill in the blank of your favorite crooked corrupt elected official that keeps getting put in.

Queens folks tend to be pretty fed up with de Blasio and the breaking point was turning this borough into”Hotel Homeless Shelter Village”. Well Queens resident, you can help decided the next Mayoral Race. SENATOR TONY AVELLA FOR MAYOR. But if you are happy with the shit sandwich that dum Blasio served you, then by all means vote again for the “Dope from Park Slope”. Here is a clue, see how many elected officials from Jamaica & SE Queens endorse de Blasio (already Councilman Donovan Richards got behind him and Comrie, Miller, Wills, Hyndman, Meeks, Vanel, Cook will be lining up as well). When they do, YOU KNOW IT IS FUCKING TIME TO PUT DE BLASIO OUT TO PASTURE. Because really, what have those clowns mentioned really done for Jamaica & SE Queens, the worst areas in the borough and a hot bed of corruption, including some of the religious leaders like snake oils salesman, Rev. Floyd “Money Bags” Flake whose god is MONEY (I mean what would Jesus do, ask yourself that Flake cult followers).

Unfortunately I do no have much faith in the idiot population of NYC who talk a good game, but in the voting both they always pull the wrong dumb ass lever of more continuous SHIT.



From Queens Chronicle:

Avella announces mayoral run with a populist appeal

Posted: Monday, December 19, 2016 12:31 pm | Updated: 2:08 pm, Mon Dec 19, 2016.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) launched his campaign for mayor of New York City on Sunday with a vow to build policies, especially homeless policies, from the ground up.

“If we started a communication on every block, in every neighborhood, in every borough, I think we’d have a much better city,” Avella said.

More than 100 people gathered for the launch at a drizzly noon at Maspeth’s  Holiday Inn Express hotel on 55th Road.

The hotel has become a flashpoint for frustration with Mayor de Blasio’s homeless policies, which have placed many in hotels on a long-term basis and circumvented the process of gathering community input when siting shelters.

Avella said it’s time for the campaign consultants and lobbyists who sit at the table at City Hall to be replaced by the people.

“You cannot dictate from the top this great city,” the lawmaker said.

In his remarks, Avella also said he wants to make the city more affordable by capping water and sewer bills, create incentives to attract manufacturing, enact the Small Business Survival Act to protect against “exorbitant lease increases,” adopt a 2 percent property tax cap that exists elsewhere in the state and create a new tax protections for co-ops and condos, calling those “real affordable housing.”

Avella also said the city should improve New York City Housing Authority buildings, let neighborhoods approve local traffic controls, improve public transportation citywide instead of creating a Brooklyn-Queens waterfront tram, make CUNY tuition-free, and increase funding for senior centers and veterans.

On schools, Avella said he wants to properly fund school capital and expense projects and reinstate arts, music and afterschool programs.

When asked how he’d pay for his ideas, Avella told the Chronicle the city could raise revenue by adopting his previously proposed ideas on legalizing gambling. Avella has long supported legalizing sports and other forms of gambling.

“If we started a communication on every block, in every neighborhood, in every borough, I think we’d have a much better city,” he said.



  1. Please, he’s just another junky Queens/NYC politician. I stopped respecting him after he visited an ILLEGAL mosque in the basement of a Queens home even after local residents notified his office of the situation. Masjid Bilal in Queens Village is in the basement of a private two family home, has illegal basement bathrooms, and regularly holds classes for children in a basement with only one exit. The home above has been renovated to hold more than 2 apartments (there are 4 major doorways with doorbells and there used to be multiple mailboxes). On Fridays during prayers, cars are regularly parked blocking the sidewalk, fire hydrants, double parked, and all of the regular parking for residents is taken. The people walking to the Mosque have no respect for the homeowners, blocking sidewalks and throwing garbage on lawns (I always have to pick up after Friday nights and actually demanded that one couple pick up a bag of garbage that they threw on a neighbor’s lawn).

    AVELLA=DeBLASIO. Same crap, different face. Say a few nice things, pay a few “donations”, and you too can have a politician come and legitimize an illegal basement in Queens.

    Masjid Bilal’s facebook with Avella picture: you can clearly see this is a basement

    Stating that there are Daily Dars-e-Quran sessions, Quranic teachings for youngsters, Islamic guidance lectures for adults and the special friday Dhikr & Bayaan sessions held there:

    Google Maps showing multiple entrances (front, side under the metal stairs, door at top of multiple stairs, and door open in the back with awning),+Jamaica,+NY+11427/@40.7317403,-73.7384179,3a,75y,62.69h,90.13t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sUDU0BpCHEgwn2ZGxPulS0A!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c262251aa1e7d5:0x7b162eef1960b15!8m2!3d40.731803!4d-73.738135!6m1!1e1

    Mosque is entered through the door to the basement on the left of the building:,-73.7384544,3a,75y,62.69h,90.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sajtJiTh9WLmd3iEaCSP67w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    Prayer times:

    Department of Buildings:
    22 complaints, 3 DOB violations, 17 ECB Violations, multiple fines paid or “resolved”

    Illegal apartments- still there. Penalty imposed: $12,000 Adjustments: $-9,495.25. Fine paid $2,504.75 (FOR AN ILLEGAL APARTMENT THAT IS STILL THERE), second fine $8,000 Adjustments: $-6,330.17 Paid: $1,669.83

    Tenants using 5 gallon paint bucket to access REAR 1st FLOOR APARTMENT (Illegal apt): Penalty- $401.18

    Basement violation: Penalty- $600

    Had a tent up the whole summer for more prayer room- no fine:

    Illegal metal exterior stairs:


    • I am familiar with that Mosque situation, but that really is a Department of Buildings issue and they are the ones not doing their job. I can only speak about my personal experience with Senator Avella and it has been positive. Anything would be better than another term of de Blasio.


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