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Way before Trump even ran for President, the dirty Southeast Queens has been CRAP thanks to corrupt do-nothing local elected officials, four awful Queens Borough Presidents starting with Donald Manes and a “Tale of Two Cities” mayor who keeps that motto going. BUT let’s all get together for this kind of crap and make up problems, when their are already REAL problems in the dirty SE Queens area that needs addressed.

Can you imagine what could actually be accomplished if politicians locally actually focused on the big main quality of life issues as opposed to bullshit street naming ceremonies, press conferences on Jamaica Ave getting paved and bullshit like this on of all things, fucking religious shit, where SE Queens has tons of crap worship places that do not even pay taxes. I mean are we really living in the dark ages that we need to believe all this religious mumbo jumbo like it actually serves some real purpose. Funny how the communities with the most houses of worship, especially crap store front ones are the worst communities when it comes to quality of life. Think about it.

Senator Sanders stated this “Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to do the things that God has called us to do to make a difference in our community.”

You mean like actually doing something about REAL quality of life issues, like addressing them and actually solving and fixing them. That certainly would be stepping out of your damn comfort zone, ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKING.

MIND-BLOWING, but not in a good way.

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Image result for religious bullshitImage result for religious bullshit


From Queens Times Ledger:

Borough’s faith-based communities discuss election

Pastor Darryl James (l), Rev. N.J. L’Heureux, Jr., state Sen. James Sanders and Professor Matt Meyer took part in Sanders’ clergy breakfast this month.

It remains to be seen what impact Donald Trump’s presidency will have on the faith-based community, but the moment serves as an opportunity for religious communities to unify and not be overwhelmed by anxiety. The advice came during a community clergy breakfast held by state Sen. James Sanders (D-Far Rockaway).

“Whether Trump is the best thing the world has ever seen or the worst thing that the world should never see, be prepared,” Sanders said during the breakfast held last Friday at Christ Pentecostal Temple in Jamaica.

Other speakers at the event included Pastor Darryl James of Grace Episcopal Church, Rev. N.J. L’Heureux Jr. of the Queens Federation of Churches and Professor Matt Meyer of the Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project.

L’Heureux called for calm in the election’s aftermath, saying he had confidence in the strength of the U.S. Constitution and the gradual pace of government, which could curtail the Trump policy proposals he had found disquieting. James called on community members to commit to action within their own neighborhoods.

“Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to do the things that God has called us to do to make a difference in our community,” James said.

The panelists also addressed the rise in hate crimes since Trump’s election, with L’Heureux asserting that Trump had not been the cause of instances of xenophobia but exacerbated issues that had long existed.


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