Did not take long for the first murder of 2017 and of course it took place in the shitty dirty SE Queens. Some papers state Ozone Park, others like The Daily News states South Richmond Hill, but it does not matter it is all part of the shitty ghetto SE Queens.

Two brothers were shot, the one fatally after a botched robbery as the brothers came from a notorious problematic club in South Richmond Hill, The Underground, which residents have said should be closed because of constant problems and fighting. Of course it is problematic, it is ghetto SE Queens.

Well, now we have our first murder and it did not happen in Jamaica, but hey, there is a whole year for misbehaving ghetto hood rats.

Ghetto savages – Mirror – HOLD IT UP.

Welcome ghetto 2017.


From The Daily News:

Queens man fatally shot, brother injured in NYC’s first homicide of 2017


Ricky Kalisaran, 31, was fatally shot during an apparent attempted robbery on Monday, police said.

In the first homicide of the new year, a gunman killed a 31-year-old Queens man early Monday during an attempted robbery and shot the victim’s 24-year-old brother in the back, police said.

The botched robbery left Sunny Kalisaran, 24, hospitalized without the knowledge that his older sibling, Ricky Kalisaran, 31, was dead, friends said.

The perp shot the siblings in front of a building on 124th St. near Liberty Ave. in South Richmond Hill at about 3:25 a.m., officials said.

A co-worker of the survivor said the brothers had spent Sunday night at The Underground Lounge, a club on 123rd St. near Liberty Ave., about a block away from the crime scene.

Nine wounded, two dead in seven separate violent incidents

They were walking toward their grey Infiniti when the robber approached them and demanded their valuables at gunpoint.

The brothers refused and struggled for the gun, sources said. The gunman shot them, then an accomplice pulled up in a dark sedan and they fled.

se-queens-shooting2Police said a gunman killed a 31-year-old Queens man early Monday and shot his 24-year-old brother in the back.

(Danny Iudici/for New York Daily News)

Five blocks from the murder scene, at 103rd Ave. and Lefferts Blvd., they crashed into another car before fleeing onto the Belt Parkway, sources said. No one was injured in the crash.

Paramedics rushed the men to Jamaica Hospital, where Ricky Kalisaran died of a chest wound. Sunny Kalisaran was in serious but stable condition, officials said.

No one has been arrested. Neither man was immediately identified.

The co-worker said he believes the target was Sunny Kalisaran because he was wearing a flashy gold chain.

“He’s told me he used to go to different clubs, people (tried) to rob him for his chain, his jewelry,” said the co-worker, who asked to be identified only as Martin, 36.

se-queens-shooting3Sunny Kalisaran, 24, was hospitalized after the shooting.

“This place right next door, The Underground, is very dangerous. Every time it’s open, there’s always some shooting, fighting going on. I don’t know why they don’t shut it down.”

Another local resident agreed, saying she had to call the police numerous times about fights outside the club.

“We’ve been waking up to many fights before,” said Jennifer, 30, who declined to give her last name.

“I’ve lived here since I was 3, and I’m 30. Every day you hear someone from this neighborhood is passing away, and it’s so sad, it really is.”

City figures show that people have called 311 at least 19 times since 2010, making 11 noise complaints and three gripes about underage drinking at the club.

The incident follows a violent weekend in the city.

(Danny Iudici/for New York Daily News)

Martin said Sunny Kalisaran, who is married with a 1-year-old son, is at Jamaica Hospital.

“He’s in critical condition,” he said. “We were trying to talk to him but he’s not responding.”

Martin worked with Sunny on Friday, and said they spoke about an upcoming staff holiday party and wished each other a good weekend.

“This news is shocking to me,” he said. “He’s a very sweet guy, cool. I still can’t believe it. He’s very friendly, he makes a lot of jokes.”

Martin said his colleague buried his father last year, and the death of his brother will be a hard blow.

“He’s not the person (to be involved) in no violence or crime. He goes to work every day, he goes home to his family,” he said.

“We’re not taking it good, so imagine him. He just buried his dad, now he gotta go and bury his brother now — plus he’s got a newborn son. It’s sad.”


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