Don’t let the phrase “supportive housing” fool you, it is pretty much a term for permanent homeless shelters for the mentally ill, homeless and then the very low-class folks.

Like Jamaica does not have enough supportive housing, homeless shelters, bottom of the barrel slobs, ghetto hood rats and other problematic people, we have to have more here. A 7 story, 44 unit supportive housing is going up in the downtown area at 88-39 163rd Street, which is only a few blocks from the big homeless shelter on 89th Ave, The El Camino, which has been problematic since it opened up there with garbage, bad behavior and other nonsense from the population that lives there and the Monica House in the next block of the El Camino.

According to the article, thirty-three of the units will be designated for patients of the organization’s mental health program and 11 will rent at below-market rates to individuals from Queens.

Great, just what the area needs more mentally ill people living here, walking around like the walking dead and below market rate apartments to individuals from Queens, not even Jamaica, but all over. The apartments are all studios (471 square feet), telling me that these will all be single men (or women), more than likely homeless and mentally ill. Notice this is not going into Forest Hills or Rego Park or Long Island City. Now if this is properly run, proper security, okay, but I don’t trust these places, especially if they are like the shit load that is already here and run poorly and problematic.

GREAT REVITALIZATION. More crap in an already crap community that the powers that be brag about revitalizing. It is called the great Jamaica Bamboozled Three Card Monte Game.

So where is Community Board 12 on this or even the local ghetto black gangsta politicians on this. SELLING YOU ALL OUT, that is where. Number one “hot neighborhood” of 2016 my ass.

Perfect time to leave this shitty area.



Reveal for Seven-Story, 44-Unit Supportive Residential Building Planned at 88-39 163rd Street, Jamaica

supportive-housing Upper portion of 88-39 163rd Street. Rendering via Transitional Services for New York.

The nonprofit Transitional Services for New York (TSINY) is set to break ground on Friday on a seven-story, 44-unit residential building at 88-39 163rd Street, in downtown Jamaica. Thirty-three of the units will be designated for patients of the organization’s mental health program and 11 will rent at below-market rates to individuals from Queens, DNAinfo reported. All of the units will be studios and should average 471 square feet apiece. The latest building permits indicate the new building will measure 28,210 square feet and rise 65 feet to its roof, not including bulkhead elements. Long Island City-based Amie Gross Architects is the architect of record. Completion is expected in spring 2018. A 5,266-square-foot, two-story house on the site was demolished in 2013.

supportive-housing-2Vacant 88-39 163rd Street. Image via Google Maps.



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