No cute homeless story about some little girl with a teddy bear, just more of the problematic homeless situation that is blowing up in this city due to complete incompetence of this Mayor, this administration and the Department of Homeless Services. From problematic run homeless shelters that get dumped into certain areas like Jamaica to the warehousing of the homeless like cattle led to the slaughter. In the meantime, the homeless are not being properly helped, communities are deteriorating from an  influx of these disgustingly poorly run shelters which effect the quality of life in communities and lower property values to having some of the walking dead homeless terrorize neighborhoods. And let’s not forget the takeover of the really bad smelling homeless not only on the subway platforms but in the subway cars as hard working tax payers go to work with the horrible smell, not to mention the unhealthy situation caused by these folks, including BED BUGS (NYC has the worse bed bug situation in the country). AND this, especially to all you loud mouth far left liberals who are always sticking up for the homeless as long as you don’t have to see them in your hood or have tons of shelters dumped into your community, is why most people do not want the homeless and shelters in our communities, especially single men shelters. They are poorly run, dangerous and now drug dealing places, which have fucked up communities big time.

Yesterday I posted a story on yet another hotel turned homeless shelter on Jamaica Avenue in the downtown section without a certificate of occupancy where the city was literally trucking in homeless through the back door so no one would see ( JQ LLC of the blog Impunity City had this comment on that situation.

I like how they ship the destitute to the back of the hotel as a truck would ship freight, this is literally the shipping and warehousing of human lives.

City sanctioned obfuscation. And as that quoted distressed homeowner illustrated, this is to devalue the town for plundering by the oligarch property barons. The oldest and heinous trick in the book.

REBNY is in control of this state now. The homeless just bring down the market rates of their members ugly glass tumors/towers, so you got to keep them hidden.

Our officials, as with other cities, think that towers and coffee shops eradicate abject poverty. This is not going to turn out well for anyone, even the stupid frivolous spending demographic they are trying to attract.

Winter is here, expect crime to rise. You can’t stay in your condo crawlspace and order everything online forever. And there are lot of bitter people, displaced, disenfranchised, and desperate on the streets 20 floors below. The NYPD is too busy protecting Trump and his properties and producing pop-up agitprop for our corrupt mayor.

The chickens will come home to roost because of this insidious city planning and developer collusion.

It’s already happening.

YEP, no cute little homeless girl with a teddy bear here folks.cute-homeless-girl

Just the dangerous unstable homeless that make up a large portion of this population coming to a neighborhood near you.

Your typical homeless crazy.

Your typical homeless crazy.












The Daily News:

Man suspected of selling heroin, cocaine at Manhattan homeless shelter arrested, four others nabbed for drug possession

drug-dealing-homelessThe NYPD arrested four residents of the Bellevue Homeless Shelter on drug possession charges, including one man who allegedly had 39 bags of heroin and 67 bags of crack cocaine.

(Richard Harbus for New York Daily News)

A Manhattan homeless shelter has quietly been a hotbed of drug busts, with police making at least four arrests in the last week, the Daily News has learned.

The revelation comes as the NYPD plans a major announcement about shelter security on Friday.

Cops busted four residents of the Bellevue Men’s Shelter for drug possession on Tuesday and Wednesday, police sources said.

An undercover sting at the E. 30th St. facility also led to the arrest of a 63-year-old man for possession with intent to sell last month, authorities said.

drug-dealing-homeless-jpg2Heroin abuse in city shelters is on the rise, officials say.

(FotoMaximum/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Gilberto Sosa had 39 bags of heroin and 67 bags of crack cocaine when narcotics investigators executed a search warrant there on Dec. 1, sources said.

Though officials wouldn’t reveal what they’re announcing, sources said the NYPD is expected to take a larger official role in shelter security.

In March, Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD to begin retraining security staffers at the city’s shelters, as part of art of a broader city plan to reduce violence in a system that houses nearly 58,000 residents every night.

drug-dealing-homeless-jpg3Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD in March to retrain security staff at homeless shelters.

(Christie M. Farriella for New York Daily News)

De Blasio’s order came as the News revealed the contents of hundreds of internal reports detailing horrific violence in the city’s shelters.

Deven Black, 62, a homeless former teacher, was nearly decapitated in a grisly slaying at an East Harlem shelter last January.

Weeks later, Rebecca Cutler, 26, and her three children were viciously attacked in a Staten Island hotel turned homeless shelter by her jealous boyfriend. Cutler, 1-year-old Ziana and 4-month old Maliyah died. Miracle, 2, survived.

In April, police found 55-year-old Marcus Guerreiro strangled and slashed to death in a room at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter. Police charged ex-con William Smith, 53, with his slaying.


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