Now this is in Kew Gardens, a nice neighborhood, can you imagine in places like Jamaica and lower income communities and communities of color, forget about it, they would be allowed to rot and die in their buildings, which is pretty much what is happening in this building in Kew Gardens. Totally unacceptable. Notice that lack of any elected officials or city administration on this. And where is the Public Advocate. James should have been out there in person.

Perfect example of how this fucking asshole city (far from the greatest city in the world as many have said past and present) treats lower to middle class people, elderly and sick. You can damn well bet that if this happened in one of the glass towers in LIC or in Brooklyn, this would have been taken care of in hours and if not the there would have been plan B to take proper care of the people.

We all have to question why we continue to stay in a city that is so expensive, has the worse quality of life of any major city in the country, is filthy ALL OVER, over-crowded, a shitty subway system, awful roads & major congestion, extremely overly priced, super high taxes and not a damn thing unique that made this city unique in the days. Besides being super expensive it has become super bland with nothing to offer unless you are mega rich.

rotten apple


From Queens  Crap & WPIX:

Elderly and infirm residents are trapped in their building

From PIX11:Imagine you have no elevator service for a month and you’re a senior citizen or have serious health issues.

That’s what dozens of residents in a Kew Gardens apartment building are coping with.

“We do the best we can,” Sidney Tesher, an 87-year-old tenant of the Austin Street building, told PIX11. “Excuse me for being out of breath.”

PIX11 News reached out to the building’s management company, PSRS Realty Group, for comment, but has not received a response.

Nobody was working on the elevator when PIX11 was there. The realty group told residents in a sign in the building that elevator service will be restored on Jan. 18.


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