We all know what a shit hole borough Queens is and it was not like that back in the day, but hey, welcome to the third world borough, where people do whatever the fuck they want, nobody seems to care, their is a lack of enforcement on decent quality of life issues and our elected officials are more worried about when the next photo -op street naming ceremony is going to be.

Of course a lot of the crap that goes on, goes on in communities of color (Jamaica), low-class overcrowded immigrant communities (Corona, Flushing) and low income & poor communities (South Jamaica), where all kind of shit goes on, the people don’t care, no enforcement and do nothing elected officials. I mean these communities at times look like junk yards with all the junked and unlicensed vehicles illegally parked all over residential streets and sidewalks (Merrick Blvd) and now add commercial trucks parked on residential streets and in drive-ways of homes. AND YES, it is illegal to place a commercial truck in a residential area and that includes in your driveway. My Jamaica residents and other SE Queens residents, you know you see this all the time and now you know it is ILLEGAL, so file a 311 complaint and hound your elected officials as well. Otherwise the community keeps looking ghetto, but then maybe some of you like that. I do have to say that the 103rd The Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO’s) have been really cracking down on the auto body shops on Merrick, but this whole illegal commercial trucks all over is still a big problem that is not being properly addressed as usual. Unfortunately this does not apply to taxi cabs, which is should, but they are not considered commercial vehicles and do not have commercial plates.

If you do have this issue of commercial vehicles parking where they should not, file a complaint at:

Lets just be real, the reason all this kind of shit happens, especially in Queens is because the bottom line there is a complete lack of any kind of enforcement on quality of life issues and all the low-class bottom barrel slob culprits know this and just continue doing it, because they know they can get away with it.

Welcome to another episode of Shitty Queens.





Garbage6.12.16 030

Garbage & Unlicensed vehicle.

Garbage & Unlicensed vehicle.

And notice this fucking truck up on the sidewalk and grass.

And notice this fucking truck up on the sidewalk and grass.





TOTALLY ILLEGAL. This is not even a driveway, this is just plop the truck up over the sidewalk.


garbage7.21.15 031


From Queens Courier:

Biz trucks in quiet area irk neighbor

Flushing man annoyed at commercial vehicles in his neighbor’s driveway


Posted: Thursday, January 5, 2017 10:30 am

A Flushing man wants two commercial trucks parked at his neighbor’s house to hit the road.

Manzar Karim is sick of commercial vehicles being parked in the driveway of a house at 33-55 159 St.

“There are two trucks,” Karim, who lives nearby, told the Chronicle. “There’s no warehouse, no shops, nothing, in about 30, 40 blocks. It’s a resident area, completely.”

The area is zoned R1-2A, a residential designation.

He spoke to the offices of Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) and state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) about the issue and filed a 311 complaint.

The building is being rented to a family by Feng Liu, who bought the house in October. He has been issued a ticket by the Department of Buildings for the vehicles, which he says are not parked at the house overnight.

“I recently acquired this property like two months ago and I leased it out to one family,” he said. “They own a moving company where they usually have a lot of stuff to move around but usually at night they rent a spot somewhere else for a monthly fee.”

The senator wrote the DOB last month urging it to look into the truck situation. According to Avella spokesman Conner Quinn, the agency has not sent a response yet.

Vallone’s office also reached out to the DOB before the ticket was issued and plans on following up if the problem is not solved.

“Commercial vehicles have no place in our residential communities and our office immediately reached out to the DOB to address this concern,” Vallone said in an emailed statement. “I will ensure the DOB continues to fine this homeowner and anyone else who illegally stores a commercial vehicle at a residential home.”

When the Chronicle went to the location on Wednesday, it saw two trucks parked in the driveway. One had the name Asiana Cargo on it — the name of a subsidiary company for a South Korean airline — and another has the name Man Bok Transportation.

“As far as I’m aware, our office hasn’t received any complaints about that situation,” Tony Cao, a spokesman for Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing), said about the commercial trucks being parked at the location.

A complaint from November 2016 made to the DOB says that the basement of the house was illegally converted into an apartment, which Liu denied. The status of the complaint is listed as active on the DOB website.

The tenants of the house could not be reached for comment prior to deadline.


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